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The 7 Best Office Chairs in Canada - Top 2024 Choices
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The 7 Best Office Chairs in Canada - Top 2024 Choices

|Apr 21, 2021

Whether the hours are part-time or full-time, there is a strong workforce for remote jobs in Canada. These occupations allow you to safely work from the confines of your living spaces. You can also set up your hybrid work from home schedule and perform tasks within a specific deadline. More than ever before, 2022 presents unique challenges to remote workers. Namely, how do you maintain a good level of comfort throughout the day?

What you need is the best office chair in Canada. There are plenty of international companies that serve remote workers. However, it also requires a full understanding of what it really means to be ergonomic. Here is everything you need to know about the best office chairs.

Why Your Office Chair Need to be Ergonomic

There are several reasons to consider the best office chair in Canada. First and foremost, you want a product from a local manufacturer, along with free shipping details. You don’t want to pay the expensive costs of shipping, especially if you run a tight budget in your household.

Secondly, an ergonomic theory is crucial to follow for remote work. Ergonomics refers to practical design in your work area. You must select the right chairs and desks for your comfort. There is a clear relationship between furniture and your work productivity. You need to create a comfortable work area.

Why Your Office Chair Need to be Ergonomic

When you buy an ergonomic chair or executive office chair in Canada, you gain access to several different benefits for yourself. Benefits of ergonomic office chairs can be seen below:

  • Lumbar technology to support your lower back area
  • Ergonomic chairs straighten the curvature of your spine
  • The more comfortable you are, the less likely you constantly readjust yourself

Where Can You Find the Best Ergonomic Chairs in Canada?

Where Can You Find the Best Ergonomic Chairs in Canada?

Before you buy the best office chairs in Canada, you need to know where to look. Picture yourself sitting in an executive office chair from Canada. Where do you go to find a high-quality product near you? The good news is there are several available. Whether it’s through Canadian branches or they offer free international shipping, the decision is in your hands.

Below are seven of the best office chairs for sale in Canada. Each product listing takes into account its strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, here are the seven best ergonomic office chairs in Canada in 2022.

1. ErgoChair Pro

The ErgoChair Pro is one of the more popular products from Autonomous. While they are based in New York, Autonomous delivers orders worldwide. Since it’s an office chair for sale in Canada, you can order one with free shipping. The ErgoChair Pro has two main priorities - reduce back pain and correct sitting posture. One of the major concerns remote workers have is back problems. Thanks to the high-quality manufacturer and materials, the ErgoChair Pro offers a desirable outcome for your work productivity.

ErgoChair 2

There are several colors to select, such as Evergreen, Red Apple, and Baby Blue. They also offer neutral variants in Black and White, All Black, and Cool Grey. As an office chair for sale in Canada, Autonomous allows shipment within two business days. You can use either Amazon or Google Pay during the transaction process. The same applies to other Autonomous products.

The ErgoChair is certified by BIFMA, along with other Autonomous products. This executive office chair in Canada ensures these chairs meet performance standards. These chairs are also safe to use, with minimal risk of potential damage. When you look for the best ergonomic chair in Canada, the ErgoChair Pro stands out with superior engineering.

2. ErgoChair Recline

Another product from Autonomous, the ErgoChair Recline delivers in adjustable set pieces. You have direct access to a headrest, armrest, and leg rest. With the help of these useful features, you can sit back and comfortably relax. The ErgoChair Recline is specifically designed to maintain balance while you perform these tasks. It is better if you combine this chair with a standing desk in Canada.


In terms of colors, the only available ones are All Black and Cool Grey. The ErgoChair Recline is finely woven from good-quality materials. As a result, the back of the chair provides a contour for your spine. While it remains one of the cheaper products from Autonomous, it still retains ergonomic practicality for its design and features.

Since this is an office chair for sale in Canada, the ErgoChair Recline offers a good deal with $30 off your next purchase. With a referral, you can also get $150 off. The affordable price tag is a bonus, along with cheap payments over time. Keep in mind the headrest and leg rest are completely optional. Otherwise, the accessible price range is meant to entice potential customers. 

3. ErgoChair Plus

If you want an office chair for sale in Canada, there is currently one available in the ErgoChair Plus. Autonomous offers an almost $200 price cut; all you have to do is pay for the product once. Despite the initial price tag, you get a several-year warranty in return. Should anything happen with this ergonomic chair, you can return it for a full repair.

kinn chair

The ErgoChair Plus has multiple stylish options to consider. You can select frames with neutral colors such as black, white, and gray. Meanwhile, there is a blue mesh that really stands out in your office space. In terms of interior design, the ErgoChair Plus is a good choice for those who prefer a modern work setting. It is one of the best standing desk chairs in Canada you must have.

High-quality materials are what make the ErgoChair Plus a good executive office chair in Canada. It uses advanced TPE, which provides an elastic effect to support your spine. There is also a fishbone design for the back and eco-friendly materials from recyclable products. The ErgoChair Plus promotes a healthier lifestyle with its ergonomic design.

4. AvoChair

The final Autonomous product on this ergonomic office chair in Canada list is the AvoChair. One of the best office chairs in Canada, its egg-shaped design makes it a unique choice for remote workers. Thanks to its sleek appearance, the AvoChair is quite functional in both comfort and support. Due to the foundational base, you can reliably sit for hours without any issue. The clean flowing lines on the back are directly inspired by outdoor nature.


There is an interesting selection of aesthetic choices with Suntan, Baby Blue, and Evergreen. There is also an All-Black variation of the AvoChair. Depending on your artistic vision, you can promote color psychology with these colors, such as the warmer hues of Suntan. If you want to play it safe, the All-Black color scheme is a good decision to make.

Overall, the AvoChair is quite the steal as an office chair for sale in Canada. Autonomous delivers with their multi-year warranties and monthly payments. You can enjoy the benefits of a budget-friendly shopping experience online.

5. Black Mesh Task Chair from Flash Furniture

Flash Furniture gives you a highly versatile office chair. It offers height adjustability, a 360-degree swivel, and materials from commercial-grade warehouses. Product specifications indicate good reviews all across the board.

flash furniture

There are several colors to choose from. These colors range from neutral tones like black and white to more vibrant ones like red, blue, and yellow. In terms of color variety, this is one of the best office chairs in Canada.

Flash Furniture does offer free shipping for its product. However, this ergonomic office chair in Canada should be noted the product does not work well with low-level desks. If you use a standing desk, you can prevent these problems with some height adjustment. You should also be mindful of a lack of durability.

6. Office Chair from Serta Chairs and Seating

Serta offers one of the best office chairs in Canada, mainly due to the high level of comfort. Their office chair might be on the more expensive side, but it offers premium-grade materials with high-bonded leather. The leather is a higher quality material, which maximizes a more comfortable experience while you work. Workers of all sizes can enjoy this chair since it supports over 400 lbs.

serta chairs

You should remain cautious with leather materials, however. While they are high-end materials, leather can be prone to scratching damage. There is also a limited number of colors to choose from this ergonomic office chair in Canada, which are black and brown. The good news is the chair has a decade-long warranty, so you can get it repaired in no time.

7. Ergonomic Chair from WorkSmart


WorkSmart has a Canadian branch that allows you to purchase their products. These include their ergonomic chair, another executive office chair in Canada. The lumbar support allows you to straighten your back and maintain a good posture. While it looks like a basic office chair you can buy, the ergonomic features are still reliable as any other.

Don’t Forget About Your Standing Desk

After you consider the best ergonomic chair in Canada, you should complement it with a standing desk. Most workers tend to hurt their backs through a lack of physical exercise. Without the room to do so, they end up sitting all day. To promote healthier living in the long term, standing desks serve as dependable furniture for your workspace.

In conjunction with ergonomic chairs, standing desks prevent you from sitting down all day. Indeed, you can alternate between sitting and standing thanks to preset height settings. Consider getting one for yourself, in addition to an ergonomic chair.

Get Yourself the Best Office Chair in Canada!

canada appreciation month sale

These are the best ergonomic chairs in Canada, each available with free shipping. Remote workers don’t need to worry about region-locked furniture since these stores have locations in multiple areas across the world. For the best office chairs for sale in Canada, consider these seven choices for your next purchase. You can make a notable difference in your work productivity!

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