The 9 Best Wood Desk Setup for Minimalist Lovers
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The 9 Best Wood Desk Setup for Minimalist Lovers

|May 24, 2021

Working at an office can be too dull and boring if you do not invest some time in planning your desk setup. You might have thought of various ways to revolutionize your desk setup by choosing different desktops that are available in the market. Out of the glass, wood, polymer, metal, etc., desktop surfaces that are available in the market, a wood desk setup can be a unique and sophisticated choice.

What Do You Need to Know to Set Up with a Wood Desktop?

Like many other users, you must be interested in getting hands on a wooden desk setup, but the question that first comes to anyone's mind is what are the basics for a wooden desk setup that they need to know? Well, office workers usually opt for this setup when they want to give a softer and more sophisticated look to their office. However, its use is not restricted to office workers only, as the gamers have shown a lot of interest in them lately, making wood desk gaming setup a preferred option for most of them who like enjoying minimalist setup.

What Do You Need to Know to Set Up with a Wood Desktop?

You know that the minimalist desk setup has become all the rave these days, so everyone likes to have the element of minimalism in their desk setup. Now, it is up to you whether you opt for a dark wood desk setup, a two-toned one, or a bamboo desk setup. The best thing about bamboo desk setup and other wooden desk setup is that they play a dual job of being aesthetically pleasing and being a durable choice for long-term use. So, when you are investing in one of these, you know you are signing up for a long-term partner.

Like any other ultimate desk setup, there are certain requirements while you plan the best desk setup for a wood desktop. To be more precise, these are the tools and certain considerations that you need to become more productive while ensuring that you follow a minimalist design for your office. To make things easier for you, we have first discussed them briefly below, so let's have a look at them.

Ergonomic Desk

Ergonomic Deskv

The basic requirement for any desk setup is an office standing desk. We always recommend standing desks due to the quality and flexibility they can serve you. Since here you are planning a bamboo desk setup, you will need a reliable bamboo standing desk. However, you can choose the wood type of your choice and simply opt for a DIY standing desk frame to customize your desk setup.

We usually prefer the Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Bamboo & Walnut desk frame due to its aesthetic looks and the fact that most influencers prefer using this beautifully durable desk. The best part is, you get a lot of room to place your basic accessories, so staying minimalistic and avoiding clutter is not a challenge here. The desk’s surface is so smooth that any office worker would love to have it, so such a desk is worth your money.

Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic Chair

Once you have the ergonomic desk, it is wise to invest in an ergonomic chair as well because ergonomic experts recommend only intermittent standing while you work. So that means a reliable seating surface is vital. Ideally, you should go for those ergonomic chairs that have a cushioned seat and come with a range of flexibility in adjustments. The Autonomous Chair Ergo can be a good example in this regard.



A monitor plays a key role when you plan a productive desk setup. You need a monitor to make it more convenient for you to manage tasks. Getting hands on multiple monitors is one way of becoming more productive while you plan your desk setup, as you get to avoid the hassle of shifting tabs. It is always better that you include a monitor arm as well.

You are required to affix the monitor arm to your wood desk setup. This layer makes it easier for you to adjust the height of your monitor screen if you change your posture while working longer hours. Always make sure that your screen is never tilted more than 20-30 degrees, as that can affect the readability of the text.

Docked Laptop

Docked Laptop

Laptops are a great choice for being on the go. You can always pair them up with a Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard to ensure you plan an ergonomic desk setup and there is no strain on your neck while you use them. You can add a laptop stand to your bamboo desk set up to place your laptop on a slightly raised surface to ensure your laptop’s screen is also in line with your eye level.

Noise Cancellation

The distant chattering of colleagues or the sound of clicks and typing can be too distracting while you work in an office environment. So, using noise cancellation headphones or white noise helps you build a better connection with your office setup. That’s why it is always better to invest in them.

These considerations are the basic ones that you need to make while you plan for your wood desk gaming setup or a simple office setup. But these are just the basics. So, the question that arises among most of you is what the best desk setup for a wood desktop can be? Well, we have shared some of the best desk setups for wood desktops below to give you an idea of what you can add in your workplace to get the most while sticking to the minimal desk setup. So, read ahead to dig deeper.

Best Desk Setups for Wood Desktop

1. Warm Wood Desk Setup

Warm Wood Desk Setup

The warm wood desk setup is one of the most lauded wood desk setups. You would have heard how Marco Baso has adopted this desk setup to give a soft, sophisticated look to his office setup while maintaining a minimalist desk setup. You can use a Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) Walnut and Bamboo desk or opt for the Autonomous Desk DIY frame variant to lay the foundation of your desk setup.

You can think of adding some decorative elements like Marco Baso has added a small desk plant or a bright desk lamp to ensure you stay productive. Good lighting is always suggested when you plan for such a desk setup, as it makes your documents and files more readable without putting any optical strain.

2. Whimsical Yet Sophisticated Desk Setup

A whimsical yet sophisticated desk setup can be a considerable wood desk gaming setup or an office workstation, where you can use the Autonomous adjustable bamboo desk to get a stylish look. You are required to keep the desk setup minimal when you are planning to stick with this idea. A unique way of adopting it would be to place your desk next to the window and enjoy the beautiful view while you work or play.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that your monitor screen should never face a window as that can put an unwanted glare on your screen that deteriorates your gaming experience and makes you more vulnerable to optical damage. To make this desk setup more whimsical, you can pop it up by adding some bright colored wall panels or frames.

3. Personalized Wood Desk Setup

Personalized Wood Desk Setup

What can be better than having a personalized wood desk setup? A personalized desk setup lets you add some flair to your desk setup and make it more personal. Since your workstation is the place where you spend most of your day, you often feel fatigued. You might even experience burnout but having that little element of personalization helps you stay motivated.

You can think of placing a few collectibles on your office standing desk or adding a shelf where you can place such collectibles if you have a corner wood desk setup. However, you should keep one thing in mind that clutter is never good, even if you are trying to personalize your desk setup. So, avoid overcrowding your desk setup.

4. The Matrix Desk Setup

The matrix desk setup can be taken as an example of a dark wood desk setup. If you are inspired by a monochromatic desk setup that is designed using a single dark color, preferably black or dark brown, this desk setup would be the ideal one. Such a setup allows you to think deeply and keep you more focused on your task. To maintain the monotonicity in the theme, you can opt to buy a black mouse and ergonomic keyboard.

5. Bright Minimalist Wood Desk Setup

Bright Minimalist Wood Desk Setup

A bright, minimalistic wood desktop setup is all that you will need if you are a fan of bright colors. You can think of adding a desk drawer in your DIY Autonomous Desk kit to place any extras. This will help you create more room for your work and light. So, your workspace will look bigger, brighter, and better.

To add a burst of nature to this desk setup, you can consider placing your desk next to a window. However, if you are interested in making your desk setup more aesthetic like a gamer, you can think of lining your desk with some RGB LED strips.

6. Ultimate Tech Gaming Setup

Ultimate Tech Gaming Setup

You might be a web developer or a designer who needs his workspace oriented in a way that it has all tools that are required by a tech-savvy worker. In this case, you may think of planning a bamboo desk setup where you buy a Autonomous Desk frame and customize your workstation by adding a high-tech CPU, Bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and monitors.

If you cannot get the wireless monitor, you can drill a hole in your desk to provide an outlet to the lingering cords. In this way, you will also avoid the mess created by cords lingering on the desk.

7. Compact Wood Desk Setup

Compact Wood Desk Setup

Not everyone can have a wide wood desk setup where they can place their desk accessories as per their desire. If you have a compact space for your desk setup, you can still maintain minimalism and create an aesthetic work environment. Adding some shelves and file cabinets can help you design a smart office and give a revolutionized look to your compact office, helping you arrange all your accessories aptly.

To get the most out of this desk setup, you can think of adding a corner L-shaped desk that provides you more room to place accessories and help you adopt a minimalist desk setup.

8. All-Green Wood Desk Setup

All-Green Wood Desk Setup

Green is always good for your productivity at the workplace, so coupling green to your bamboo desk setup would play a dual job making you more productive and give a unique outlook to your desktop. Feng Shui plants can be one great addition here. You can put the small ones on your desk and the larger ones beside it on the floor. Another way of adding green can be by adding a hanging plant right above your desk.

9. Cantilevered Wood Desk Setup

If you cannot afford a desk frame and all you can arrange is a wood desktop, you can think of going for the cantilevered wood desk setup. Here, you are required to affix one edge to the wall to have a desk where you can place your accessories. However, you can only use this setup for light jobs where you do not place heavier office equipment and mainly work with a laptop. An ideal location for this desk would be close to a window where you can relax while going through your emails or other tasks.

Final Thoughts

You can use these desk setups to decide your best desk setup for a wood desktop. Wood desktops are aesthetically pleasing and redefine a minimalist desk setup. Office workers often see it as an ideal desk setup. So, you can think of going for one such setup if you make a wise choice.

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