Shop The Best Adjustable Keyboard Tray for Desk 2024
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Shop The Best Adjustable Keyboard Tray for Desk 2024

|Apr 29, 2022

Choosing the finest adjustable keyboard tray might be an excellent answer if you want to reduce overall pressure on the body. Why? When we work full time at a workstation, almost all of us tend to stay in a stagnant position for a long period, frequently with bad posture. An ergonomically designed, better-suited keyboard drawer attachment, on the other hand, provides more comfort.

People also like utilizing an adjustable desk keyboard tray since it spares much space on their desktops. Even if, like laptop trays, it may seem like an extra investment at first, you may be surprised over how much they may enhance your everyday work routine.

With several alternatives, it's natural for shoppers to feel stressed when choosing a suitable brand. There are just too many options available, including low-cost knock-off companies. We have reviewed some of the best adjustable keyboard trays in this article below.

List of The Best Adjustable Keyboard Trays for Desks This Year

To assist you in finding the best keyboard trays under a desk manufacturer that is appropriate for you, we evaluated and investigated all of the aspects that are important to you and ended up with a list of many varied range keyboard trays to choose from.

1. Mount-It! Keyboard Tray

Mount-It! adjustable keyboard tray

You may tilt, rotate, and lift this keyboard tray to an acceptable and convenient configuration. You may even adjust the drawer to a more comfortable position for your wrists! Using the gel forearm pad, which arrives with this adjustable tray for desk, you may work in a comfortable position. You may reduce arm and wrist discomfort by adjusting the position and inclination and utilizing the gel pad to reduce repeated overuse injuries like carpal tunnel and arthritis. It goes perfectly well with Mount-It! Laptop desk stand and monitor mount.

2. VIVO Under Desk Adjustable Keyboard Mounting Bracket

VIVO Under Desk Adjustable Keyboard Mounting Bracket

For more working area, this under-desk adjustable keyboard and mouse tray keeps your keyboard, touchpad, and other small peripherals below the surface. You can effortlessly move the tray in or out, and you may benefit from optimal typing orientations that reduce wrist and shoulder strain. Furthermore, robust C-clamps, which keep everything firmly in order and therefore are fully adjustable for user comfort, may be used to connect the tray to your workspace without causing any harm to your desktop. Please ensure that your worktop does not surpass a width of 1.75" before ordering.

3. Office Keyboard Tray by Fellowes

It's a little keyboard tray that only takes up ten and a half inches of office desk space. It has a 10.5-pound weight limit and ergonomic adjustable height options. You may adjust this equipment's height between three pre-designed elevation options. You'll receive a separate rodent tray mounting on either side of the keyboard, which can be stashed away when not used because it's a tiny alternative. Almost all normal-sized keyboards fit flawlessly on this tiny keyboard tray, except for gaming keyboards, including extra keys and macro keys.

4. The S-Stand Up Keyboard Tray

The S-Stand up adjustable keyboard tray

It is a standing keyboard and mouse platform which allows you to stand up while typing. It may be mounted on any workstation that is at least 25 inches. Although compatible with tiny desks, this choice offers comfortable height modification settings that enable you to fine-tune the height to your specific needs. 3.07 inches, 4.23 inches, and 5.4 inches are indeed the elevation options. However, you might not even be able to accommodate a mouse, much alone any other attachments, with a conventional large-sized keypad. It has a non-slip surface again for the keyboard, which enables a raised keyboard posture, and it is made of robust and robust plastic. With the tray, there is indeed a built-in hand rest.

5. Keyboard Tray by HUANUO

It is, without a doubt, the best ergonomically designed adjustable keyboard and mouse tray on the market these days now. It has been trusted by millions of previous customers and has a weight capacity of up to ten lbs over such a customizable design. This adjustable keyboard tray fits over a table that is 26 inches long and enables up to 7.9 inches of adjustability with no preset height adjustments. As a result, it's an excellent choice for sitting or standing at workstations. Besides a comprehensive tray, it has a 25inches x 9.8inches working area that can accommodate a variety of attachments. Such keyboard trays come with a year's warranty from the supplier, and they meet all of your budget's requirements.

6. 3M Keyboard Rack Under Desk

3M Keyboard Rack Under Desk

This Clamp-On adjustable keyboard and mouse tray is among the finest keyboard trays out there because of its sturdy construction and dimensional stability. On the back of the tray, there is an ergonomically designed knob that allows you to change the elevation from 1.20 inches to 4 inches. To acquire the proper writing position on your keyboard, slant the tray up to fifteen degrees higher or lower. Unlike so many other options, this adjustable keyboard tray has a hardwood base that prevents the keyboard tray from moving about when typing. It also improves the load capacity to 18 lbs, accommodating even the strongest manual keyboards on the marketplace.

7. Keyboard Tray in Seville

adjustable keyboard tray in Seville

This is an adjustable keyboard and mouse stand, which is a pretty traditional keyboard tray with such a luxury appearance and a lot of mobility and adaptability. It is a wonderful pick for office management because a reputable company makes it. On your workstation, the adjustable keyboard tray allows you to change the elevation and angle. A cushioned hand rests on the tip of the characteristic, which lengthens from one side of the tray to another. As a result, it will benefit all kinds of keyboards without causing any compliance concerns. The total weight limit of this rack is up to 10.7 pounds, which is excellent when paired with a three-year guarantee from the date of acquisition.


Keyboards have always been the most basic input equipment for PCs, and without these, you can complete no job on any computer. You'll need an extra keyboard even if you are using a laptop or a desktop pc to improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Likewise, a full-sized keyboard cannot be accommodated on a small workstation. For that, you should have an adjustable under desk keyboard tray.

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