The Best Day Trading Computer Setup of 2024
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The Best Day Trading Computer Setup of 2024

|Apr 21, 2022

Making big bucks out of day trading has become common among stock traders. Since this is a very hectic task, every stock trader wonders which day trading computer setup would be ideal for them to ensure they are fully equipped to have a great time trading.

A stock trading computer setup is slightly different from a normal one because you require specialized hardware and monitors’ alignment. The more advanced a day trading setup is, the better analysis can be drawn.

We know that some of you might be wondering what day trading is all about. Day trading is a simple phenomenon of making profits by trading assets (buying and selling them) on the same day to earn profits. A trader, in day trading, buys financial instruments and sells them before the market closes for that day.

As a stock trader, you must have a view of multiple markets at a single time to keep an eye on the ups and downs in share prices and other details too. Nevertheless, this becomes more complex if you are a day trader because then you must trade more actively in a day and execute intraday strategies to earn profits from your assets.

How Should You Set Up Your Trading Computer for Day Trading?

All that makes it vital for you to have the best trading computer setup and ensure you are fully equipped for this venture.

We know that this is a difficult task for many newbie traders because they are struggling to build a pro-level stock market computer setup to enjoy a similar trading experience. That’s why we are here to help you out.

We have shared the nitty-gritty of the best trading computer setup below to help you evaluate how you can execute your day trading. So, without delay, let’s go through the details of how you can set up a day trading computer on your own. 

How Should You Set Up Your Trading Computer for Day Trading?

Day trading requires a greater eye for detail, so you have to ensure that your computer setup is rather a minimalistic yet wide one with multiple screens instead of being a complicated and haphazard one. But how will you do that?

Well, this requires certain specialized office accessories and equipment which help in planning an ergonomic trading setup where you can view all trading screens with ease. The list of equipment is as follows: 

A Large Standing Desk

A Large Standing Desk in day trading computer setup

Since you are supposed to have an eye on multiple charts to evaluate where the market is going every minute, you need multiple monitors for that. Having multiple monitors requires a big setup, so you will need larger desk space, and you may think of going for a smart office desk.

We recommend you invest in a professional standing desk, i.e., the Smart Desk Pro XL, for your day trading setup. The Smart Desk Pro XL is a professional standing desk, and it is used ideally for executive purposes, so it will be better if you use it. Nevertheless, you may go for an L-shaped desk as well because it also has a large desk surface to accommodate multiple monitors. 

Monitor Arm

When you have multiple monitors, you must place them at a particular alignment, and they are either aligned vertically or horizontally. The accessory that comes in handy is a monitor arms desk mount.

The monitor arm helps you place your monitors at the angle you wish to have them. Since there are dual monitor arms like the Pixio PS1D dual monitor arm mount available as well, you can have them and customize the way you place your monitors. 

Day Trading Monitor

Day Trading Monitor in day trading computer setup

The next most important thing to do is get the dedicated trading monitors for your day trading computer setup. The best way to choose the right monitor is to evaluate its specifications. Most of the modern monitors like the ones by big brands like Pixio, Dell, and ASUS are the options that traders often sought for, so you can think of doing that as well. 

Day Trading Computer

The dedicated processor is the backbone of any stock trading computer setup, so ensure that you have that. The PCs with better graphic cards installed and sufficient RAM and ROM are ideal for such a setup. In addition, ensure that it has a higher processing speed too so that you can take quick actions. 

Ergonomic Peripheries

Ergonomic Peripheries in day trading computer setup

With all that, it is important to ensure that you have ergonomic peripheries so that you can run your trading functions smoothly in your day trading computer setup. One possible way of doing that is to use wireless accessories like a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. You may also think of getting a split mechanical keyboard in this regard so that you stay productive while trading. 

Executive Chair

When you have completed your trading monitor setup, it is ideal to have some time invested in getting the right desk chair so that you give the final touch to your trading station.

The best you can do is buy an executive office chair as that helps you with a comfortable seating surface and ensure you stay active and productive. Since day trading requires you to stay more active and productive, ensuring that you have everything smoothly aligned is significant. 

Wrapping It Up

Summing it all, you need a comfortable day trading computer setup to ensure that you trade extensively. For that, you are supposed to ensure that you plan your trading monitor set up the way we have guided you above. In this way, it will become easier for you to deliver your full potential and have an improved work experience as a day trader. We hope that you will plan accordingly and boost your productivity as a day trader.

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