The Best Modern & Contemporary Standing Desk for Your Office
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The Best Modern & Contemporary Standing Desk for Your Office

|Nov 1, 2020

Every remote worker should aspire to have a modern standing desk for their home. In addition to looking sleek, a modern standing desk can help significantly improve a person’s productivity. Standing desks, in general, are a current trend. For the uninformed, standing desks have numerous health benefits associated with them. As the name implies, a modern standing desk involves a person standing and not sitting, when using their desk.

One may ask, “can’t I just make any desk a standing desk?” Technically, you can! However, a successful standing desk needs to be adjustable. A modern adjustable height desk has a plethora of benefits over a regular stationary desk. The former includes desks that should appeal to people who may be 5 ‘7’’ or 6 ‘5’’. The latter may only appeal to a 5 ‘7’’ person while having no adjustability to appease the 6 ‘5’’ person. If that 6 ‘5’’ person wanted to use the same desk, they either:

  1. Stand in an awkward position (not healthy)

  2. Raise the desk by placing additional support beneath it (prone to breaking)

Neither situation is appealing, hence the demand to own a standing desk. Some may call it a modern stand up desk, but this guide covers it as a modern standing desk.

Standing Desk

Pros & Cons of Using a Standing Desk


  Contrary to popular belief, you can always choose to sit if you’re tired of standing

  Helps blood flow more naturally

  Can support a person become more active

  Less back pain

  Burns more calories than sitting

  Adjustable to most people’s desired height

  Some studies show it may improve productivity


  Not everybody is suited to standing all-day

  It’s not a full replacement for exercise

  Some remote jobs might find it awkward given the relevant assignments

Generally, a standing desk tends to be more useful than not. Of course, it is imperative to note that you’re not required to stand when using a standing desk. You can always opt to use an ergonomic chair alongside it for comfort. Regardless, a contemporary standing desk can boost your overall productivity, making it a desirable purchase for several remote workers.

The Best Modern Standing Desk

The SmartDesk 4 is a revolutionary contemporary standing desk full of several new features that make it stand out compared to its contemporaries. Primarily focusing on productivity, this new standing desk has several features worth noting:

  An app designed to increase productivity

  Utilizes Pomodoro intervals

  Includes workout guides for active living

  Consists of a daily log for tracking activity

  Soon to incorporate a productivity challenge

  Adjustable height

  Quiet and robust engine

  Supports up to 350 lbs

  Easy to assemble (takes approximately 30 minutes to build)

  53-inches x 29-inches x 1-inch for length, width, and height, respectively

1. The App

The App

Apps are a modern innovation full of boundless possibilities. Some people design apps for entertainment and others make them for work. The SmartDesk 4 is a mix of both, as it can make your job more enjoyable. Utilizing Pomodoro intervals, the SmartDesk 4 can remind its user to focus on their work and when to take a break.

The app also utilizes a daily log so a person can record precious data when it’s convenient. A person can later analyze this data to figure out if their current methodology is productive or not. Apps can send notifications to your phone, and Autonomous’s app is no different in that regard!

2. How to Use the App?

Using an app is surprisingly easy! First, you download the Autonomous app from the relevant store (Apple App or Google Play for apple and android devices, respectively). Afterward, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions that the app gives to you for it to work correctly. Then, you can use Bluetooth to connect the SmartDesk 4 to the app. After that is done, all you have to do is use the Wi-Fi name and password so everything can work seamlessly.

3. Workouts

work out

One noteworthy attribute associated with the app and the SmartDesk 4 is the guides related to working out. These guides can show you how to do modified push-ups or squats in conjunction with the SmartDesk 4. Remember, working out is paramount to a healthier lifestyle, regardless of what product you use!

These workout guides are easy to follow. This simplicity allows it to be accessible to any remote worker who wishes to use the SmartDesk 4 for their everyday life. In conjunction with the data log feature, a person can practice active living more efficiently than they’ve done before using the app and the SmartDesk 4.

4. Adjustability


One of the most crucial aspects of using a smart desk is how ergonomic it is to use. As a modern adjustable height desk, adjusting it is smooth and efficient! You can opt to use the app to lock in the height if you’re satisfied with its current level. If you’re not happy with it, you can either increase or decrease the height until it reaches its limit or your desired level. Its height limitation is relatively high, so it should be usable by the vast majority of remote workers.

For instance, it can go from 22.9-inches to 48.3-inches. Only people of extreme varying heights may not enjoy this smart desk, but there are always alternative ways to utilize this modern standing desk.

5. Power


One of the most reliable traits the best modern and contemporary standing desk can have is power. With the lifting capacity support up to 350 lbs, the SmartDesk 4 is on par with several other top contenders on the market. The technology involved with the SmartDesk 4 is robust to raise or lower its level without wobbling. This handy feature makes it useful if you have a colleague over and need to adjust it for their convenience.

Due to this fact, it’s an outstanding modern standing desk for a group of remote workers! Some desks are only suitable for an individual, but the sheer ease of using this one makes it ideal for group work sessions. If you don’t need it for your office, you can always let your children use it for studying as well.

6. Assembly


One critical feature often overlooked when purchasing an excellent smart desk is how easy it is to assemble. Building the SmartDesk 4 should take no more than 30 minutes, which means it’s a perfect gift for any remote worker in need of a reliable powerhouse. You do not need prior knowledge of building a modern desk to reap the benefits of owning one.

An easy assembly process means you can get to work as soon as possible. Likewise, it makes disassembling it a breeze! Sometimes, a remote worker may have to move for one reason or another. You could try to carry it in its current state, but it can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. As a result, an easy disassembly process can make moving it from one location to another convenient and efficient!

Organizing Your Desk to be Productive

organize your desk

A standing desk has several benefits. That has already been established, but what about organizing it to fit your job better? If you’re a writer, you might want some creative objects around your workplace to inspire you. Likewise, a tax attorney may enjoy having relevant documents around their workplace appropriately labeled.

A contemporary standing desk should be all about convenience. If it’s challenging to use, it’s not the best modern and contemporary standing desk for your office. Fortunately, the StandingDesk 4 is highly convenient and top-notch in several categories. Its excellence allows it to surpass several other standing desks on the market. Its simple rectangular design makes organizing it a breeze!

When it comes to organizing a desk, it’s partially a matter of preference and convenience. First, prioritize your job. All work-related equipment and tools should be nearby. Afterward, you can place family photos or other cute objects for motivation. Just make sure your layout is reasonable and won’t interfere with your work inconveniently!

When Should I Use a Standing Desk?

Standing desk and ergonomic chair

Autonomous has several standing desks available. Once you figure out which one you obtain, the question shouldn’t be, “when should I use a standing desk?” Instead, the question should be, “when do I get my standing desk?” Once you have your modern standing desk, you should try to use it as soon as possible.

Standing desks are easy to use, so it shouldn’t be difficult to transition into that lifestyle. If you’re not comfortable standing all the time, using an ergonomic chair is perfectly fine. The most crucial thing related to using a standing desk is using it for its benefits in its intended way.

Should I Always Stand?

should i always stand

A standing desk does not require its user to stand all the time. The best modern standing desk should be convenient for a person’s desires. It may be true that you can stand while using it, but it’s okay to sit as well. Everybody has a different body, so don’t force yourself to adapt if you’re incapable of doing so.

That said, you should aspire to stand when you can. Considering it’s a standing desk, its primary purpose is to be highly beneficial to your health. If you can stand for at least one hour a day, that’s fine! Try to increase how long you stand gradually over time. As you can easily adjust its height, there’s not much to worry about regarding its comfort.


It is safe to say the SmartDesk 4 is one of the best standing desks on the market. It’s convenient, easy to use, and full of numerous benefits that help it stand out in the face of competition. As one of Autonomous’s latest inventions, its modern, cutting-edge design is sublime! Even if you don’t get the desk, you should understand the numerous benefits of it and which traits can be considered desirable within other standing desks. Nonetheless, the SmartDesk 4 should appeal to the vast majority of remote workers seeking a reliable and easy to use a standing desk.

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