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The Best Things to Buy on Black Friday 2018 Sales

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 14, 2018

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Black Friday is on its way and getting amazing offers is what we are waiting for the whole year. November has started, and it’s a matter of fourth Friday when you can buy all the amazing clothes, decorative materials, smartphones, laptops and a lot more at very competitive prices. Only a few days are left for the busiest shopping day of the year. So, it is the time to buckle up your belts and start preparing a list of item you are going to buy this Black Friday.

Best things to buy on Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is no longer a new thing for the US audience, but still, traditional retailers go out of the way to please their customers. People shop a lot on this particular day and this year as well more than half of the US audience will buy the latest product or at least have a look on the mind-blowing deals that the companies have to offer.

We get it that Black Friday is a few weeks away, but what we can expect from this year’s Black Friday. Whether this busiest shopping day will offer some of the amazing deals or it will be a complete disaster. Many new products are introduced this year by some of the biggest brands, and these products are all over our mind, but will Black Friday include the latest products launched this year and moreover whether it will be able to match the customer's expectations with great deals and offers.

Many big retail chains like Walmart and online sellers like Amazon who are known for offering great deals on every Black Friday, we are expecting some great deals from this company on the coming Black Friday as well, which will force the customers to buy the latest tech even if they are not willing to buy. Right now all the deals and discounts are not revealed, but still, you can expect huge offers and discounts on some products and items. Before you go ahead, you need to know the best things to buy on Black Friday 2018 sales. Hence, let’s get straight to what Black Friday has to offer to the buyers this year without even wasting a single minute.

1. Apple deals Black Friday 2018

Apple Deals

Black Friday is coming, and buying an Apple product will undoubtedly be the one thing that would be running your mind. Apple is known for its premium and high end featured products which is why all of us love it. There is always a thought running in our mind to buy an Apple iPhone, iPod or any other Apple gadget. Therefore at the same time, the prices of these products touch the sky which is why we mostly drop the plan to invest in Apple. But, this November on Black Friday, you can fulfill your desire to buy an Apple product. Moreover, this year Apple has launched its new premium iPhone XS series, and it is expected that these can even be on offer this Black Friday. However, here is the list of some great offers that are expected on different Apple products.

Apple iPhone Black Friday offers

  • Its latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS max will come with a gift card worth $250.

  • Next iPhone 8 and iPhone X with a gift card worth $150

Apple watches Black Friday offers

  • It is expected to save approximately $80 on Apple watch series 3(GPS + cellular).
  • Apple watch series 3 (GPS) available at $199
  • More than 50% discount is available on selected models.

These are some excellent money-saving offers on Apple watch series 3. However, we all know that Apple watches series 4 is out which is one step ahead of its previous variants but nothing is official whether the new watch will be available at a discounted price or not. However, the previous variants are neither bad if offered at this price level. 

Apple iPad Black Friday offers

  • Apple iPad mini 4 will be available at $249 which saves nearly $150 on the purchase.

  • Other Apple iPad variants start from $249 which means a minimum saving of $50 on the purchase. 

These are some of the upcoming deals you can expect on Apple products this Black Friday and others are yet to be disclosed. However, you can expect approximately $50 to $100 discount on Apple products. But, if you are still hoping discounts of more than $100 on Apple, then sorry to disappoint you; Apple doesn't offer big saving deals not even on Black Friday.

2. TV’s

Nothing is best that watching a football match on a big screen, but these big screens TVs are expensive on the pocket. However, this Black Friday you don’t have to compromise the feel of watching your favorite game just because your television screen is small. Not only the big screens are in demand, but the high-end smart feature is all over the TV. Therefore, these big screen TVs provide you with a seamless entertainment experience that you will be excited to bring home this year.

We all know that price is the biggest problem that stops us from buying a big screen smart TV, but now, you need not worry at all because Black Friday has covered you with all your financial matters. Here are some of the biggest brand TV’s that are available at a fantastic price only on Black Friday. So, get ready to save a lot of money on best TV’s available out in the market.

  • Samsung 49- inch Class LED Q6F Series: The original price of this beautiful LED TV is $1000; it will be available at $700 this Black Friday, which means straight of 30% off. This TV is featured with some of the latest generation technology and getting at such low rates on Black Friday means you not let the offer go out of your hand.
  • Samsung 55- inch Class Frame Series LED Smart TV: The other one is also a Samsung LED with a 55-inch screen. The original price of this frame series LED Smart TV is $2000, but it will be available at $1500 on Black Friday. It is a unique designed LED by Samsung which is a stunning piece of beauty and getting this amazing piece of the TV at this price is nothing less than a miracle.
  • LG - 49" Class - LED - UJ6300 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR: The next is a smart TV by LG that costs $500, but it will be available around $350 on the coming Black Friday, which means you will save about $100 to $150 on ultra HD 49-inch smart TV; it is not a bad offer to dig in. However, there are other TV’s that will offer some good deals which will definitely bait you to hang the latest LED on your room wall. Just make sure you keep a keen look at the deals that are available right now or will be in coming days to buy the best TV at a low price.

3. Laptops

Laptop deals

Laptops have become an essential part of our life, be it be a student, corporate person or a housewife. However, it is expensive to buy on regular days. So, why not choose the Black Friday to buy the best-featured laptop on the discounted price. We all know that tablets and mobile phones are on the top list of Black Friday, but don’t worry; in recent times laptop has also gained momentum and comes among the most popular Black Friday doorbusters. The deals are available starting from the mini laptop going to the MacBook and gaming laptops. So, let’s have a look on the best deals on laptops.

  • Dell Inspiron 11.6" 2-in-1 Touchscreen Notebook:  Dell is known for making good laptops, and its Inspiron series are considered among the flagship killers, which means, it will be expensive because of its outstanding features. Therefore, this laptop will be available at $179 after $100 discount.
  • Dell G7 15.6" Laptop - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - Intel Core i7 - 8GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - LicoriceBlack: This 15.6 gaming laptop will be available at $979 after $1097 which seems a great deal on a gaming laptop.
  • Dell - Inspiron 2-in-1 15.6" laptop with 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Laptop: The laptop will be available at $1199 after $1399 which seems a great deal to look forward.

Right now, these are the best-disclosed deals on Dell laptops. There are other dell laptops variants on which the user will be able to save about $200. So, if you are planning to buy a laptop this year, then you can definitely go for DELL or can wait for some few days so that you can check other brands as well for more choices in order to get the best laptop at a discounted rate.

4. Gaming consoles

Gaming consoles deals

Gaming is not just made for kids, but adults and teenagers are also deep into gaming. However, we all know that gaming consoles are always on the doorbuster list every Black Friday. There are many big companies like Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony who rule the gaming industry which is why these consoles and games are high on the pocket.

But, this November on Black Friday, you can fulfill your desire to buy the latest games and consoles because they are going to offer some mind blasting offer that pulls you towards purchasing one. Here is a list of some top rated games that are on discount this Black Friday:

  1. God of war for PS4:
  • Original price- $60
  • Discounted price- $39
  1. Mario Kart 8 Delux for Nintendo switch:
  • Original price- $60
  • Discounted price- $44.99
  1. Detroit: Become Human for PlayStation 4:
  • Original price- $60
  • Discounted price- $39.99

There are a lot more games that will be available on discount. So, waiting until Black Friday to buy a new game can save you a lot of money for sure.

Some of the lighting deals of ‘Black Friday’ 2018 sales:

Some of the lighting deals of ‘Black Friday’ 2018 sale

Save around $250 on new Samsung S9 and S9%20.

  • This Black Friday the Arlo security cameras will be offered up to $200 less than the original price.
  • Bluetooth speakers will also be in the doorbuster list this Black Friday. You can save up to $100 on some of the biggest Bluetooth speaker’s brands.
  • This Black Friday you will also see some great deals on phone and laptop accessories. It is expected that you can get them at 30% less than the original price.
  • Sony PS4 pro will be offered at $275 and Microsoft Xbox one X bundles for $399 which is an icebreaking deal for all the gamers out there.
  • Apple MacBook Air 13.3-inch display will be available at $674 and Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 inch for $1049.
  • Jaybird wireless X3 in-ear headphones will be available at $60 which saves around $70
  • Some of the Amazon products will also be available on discounted price as well like
  1. Amazon Echo for $69.99 (save $30)
  2. Amazon Fire 7 tablet for $ 24.99 (save $25)
  3. Amazon Fire TV stick for $20 (save around $20)).

These are some of the deals which will be available only for Black Friday, and after that, you have to buy the following products on the original price. So hurry and make your Black Friday shopping list to get the best deals of the year. 


Black Friday is coming, and you will be excited to get your desired product at a very competitive price. We all know that it is easy to shop online, so it’s time to start browsing the internet and check the deals which can save you hell lot of money. But first, prepare a list of all the products you are willing to buy this Black Friday, and then go on a store to check the deals that match your requirement. Otherwise, you will be lost in a loop and won’t be able to buy what you been waiting for all year long.

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