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The Best Yoga Poses from Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 20, 2018

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People who work for so many hours in a day, with tight schedules and shift based work schedules find it very hard to spare time for workouts. The best thing is that if one is really interested in doing some exercise then it is possible to do it sitting on the office chair itself. There are many yoga poses that can be performed from the office chairs so that one can ensure to stay active even while working. If one is not able to find time for the workout, then utilizing the yoga poses which can be performed from the office chair helps in maintaining proper shape.

1. Seated Crescent Moon 

Seated Crescent Moon

It is a yoga pose that is very effective and also one which can be done very easily from any place. This yoga pose comes with very effective results and provides very rejuvenating effects to the ones who perform it. It provides them with the ability to have better productivity. This yoga pose starts by lifting the arms overhead, connect the palms, and then stretch the fingers wide. Lean to one side gently for about 2 to 3 deep breaths. Repeat the steps on the other side. It is important to perform the pose in both the sides for an equal number of times to get the best results. Crescent moon pose gives deep stretch to the sides of the body, lengthens the spin and allows one to return to work with complete concentration. Trying this yoga pose while working is as simple as taking a small break. It strengthens one's health and increases the productivity with this simple but effective yoga pose. It is important to ensure that one does the exercise by following the steps properly else it may not yield the desired outcome.  

2. Eagle Arms

Eagle arms is a yoga posture in which one should sit erect, place arms in front of oneself at an angle of 90 degrees. The arms should be crossed in such a way that the right arm should be above the left. Arms should be interlocked and palms pressed together with fingertips pointing upwards. This will make one feel contracting. The eagle pose is the one which is good for most of the body parts. It helps in strengthening the back muscles, shoulders, and triceps. The similar kind of stretch can be felt with the legs. The legs should be crossed, interlocked in such a way that a foot comes behind another. This is the best yoga pose that one can perform from the desk with less time and not much effort. It is a good yoga pose that is considered as a preventative measure for carpal tunnel syndrome. Try to perform this yoga pose so that one gets great relaxation and complete stress relief while working. The eagle arms that is contracting is a great way through which a person who works for a longer time frame gets the finest benefit.

3. Wrist and Finger Stretches

Desk work adds on a great amount of tension to the tendons and muscles in the wrists, hands and the fingers. It helps in ensuring that there is a lot of extra blood flow to these areas. These are the stretches that one would need to perform periodically as the work involves a lot of pressure and stress on the hands, wrist and the fingers. The stretching of the wrists, fingers, and hands allows the hands to be in proper strength. Performing the stretch regularly after every 2 hours is a good way to keep the hands work perfectly without any stress.

Extend arms to the sides or overhead and then draw about 5 to 10 circles outward and inward through wrists. Quickly spread fingers and then close fists and repeat the steps to about 5 – 10 times for getting rid of any extra tension.

Place hands on the desk, palms face up and fingers should face towards you. Put gentle pressure for counter-stretching forearm and wrist. Each arm should be stretched out and the wrist should be bent inward and outward by counter-stretching with another hand. Stretch at each side should be held for about 5 to 10 breaths.

4. Sit & Stand Chair Pose

When one spends a lot of time sitting on a chair, it makes the hamstrings and glutes stay underused and thus make them lose the motivation for helping in getting up. This makes one rely on upper back and even neck for keeping the body in standing position. This is the two-part pose which helps in awakening the leg muscles.

Sit with the knees being bent at 90 degrees and keep the feet flat. Press down from the heels, try not for moving feet towards the chair or use the arms and make the way up to the standing. From the standing position, sit straight back down. Do not lean forward or shift hips to a side or another. Repeat the yoga pose for about 5 to 10 times for getting the right results. It is one of the yoga poses that helps in providing the best results to the ones who spend a lot of time sitting. It is best to awaken the leg muscles so that it gives a great way to strengthen the leg muscles in a better way.

5. Chair Pigeon

Chair Pigeon

It is another yoga pose which can make one relax the legs and the bottom part of the body. While sitting, place a leg over another at a 90-degree angle. The foot should be flexed in such a way that it does not apply any pressure on the knee. Stay in upright position, keep in the even distribution on both the seat bones. Do it in such a way that one feels stretched in the upper outer thigh. Stay in the stretched position and hold about 5 to 10 breaths. Repeat on the other side and do the stretch in a similar way. It is a very good exercise which is capable of bringing the balance that most of us lose while sitting on the chair for long hours. This is also a good pose that helps to strengthen and keep the chest and the hips healthy. Try to perform the chair pigeon pose as many times possible during the work so that any pain on the hips or chest can be reduced much effectively. It is also an exercise which can be performed very easily while working and it does not need much time too.

6. Desk Chaturanga

The desk can be utilized as the support for the yoga pushups. Using a few of the strengthening movements throughout the whole day helps in making the muscles around the neck relax and also energizes the arms. It goes very soft for the whole day. Get up from the chair for getting the best results.

Rest the hands at the shoulder width distance on edge of the sturdy desk and step the feet back so that the torso can be kept in diagonal line to the floor. Keep the feet firmly, inhale as the elbows are bent to a 90-degree angle. Hug elbows inside towards ribs. Exhale and then press the chest back up to starting position. Perform the yoga pose around 8 to 12 times so that it is possible for getting very effective results.

7. Desk Upward Dog Pose

After the desk chaturanga pose, it is necessary for opening the chest and the shoulders. It is the yoga pose that helps in reaping the benefits of ironing out rounded upper back posture which is one of the issues that most of the people who spend a lot of time sitting across the computer screen would be benefitted with. This is also a yoga pose that is performed by setting up in a similar way like that of Chaturanga. The arms should be kept straight, lower the hips towards the desk, refrain from sinking in the lower back with the strength of the legs. The chest should be stretched between the shoulders. Tilt the chin gently upwards by sliding shoulder blades down back. Do this stretch by holding 5 to 10 breaths.

8. Knee Squeeze

Sitting upright in a chair, inhale and then hug both the hands around left knee’s front, pull that to the chest, hold breath for the beat. When one is exhaling, lower the head to the knee. Hold it there for some seconds and breathe in and then out. Release slowly while exhaling. Repeat all these steps on the right side of the body. It is the pose which relaxes lower back and also improves respiration and digestion. Knee squeeze is the best pose that one should try on for distressing from the long working hours.

9. Mountain Pose

Mountain pose or the Tadasana is the common standing pose which can also be modified for the sitting posture. Sit erect, clasp the hands on an inhale and then exhale the arms forward. When one is inhaling, turn palms away from the body. Exhale and raise arms until the palms face the ceiling. Inhale and stretch upward. One would feel growing taller. Go deeper in the posture, bend the arms to both the sides. It is the pose which helps in reducing the stress of the head, shoulders, and neck, lengthening the sides.

10. Lotus Preparation

Half lotus

Lotus is the traditional seat that is meant for meditation. It allows one to sit comfortably on the desk chair with spine and neck erect and straight. It is one of the postures which helps in calming the brain. Place the palms up, keep the first fingers and thumbs touching. It is a very effective, simple and stress-relieving yoga pose that one should think about performing while at work. If one is in the office, where there is a possibility to perform this kind of yoga poses then this can be practised by crossing the legs for building the Lotus position. This yoga pose possesses the ability to free the spine from stress that builds up by sitting at a desk for the whole day. As per Sanskrit, Padmasana or the lotus pose is the one which has the ability to keep the diseases away. It is a pose that is of two sides so if one is performing, it is necessary to cross the leg. Practice the padmasana gently so that one does not feel any pain while doing it. Perform the yoga pose in such a way that it does not push oneself to the point of pain. Understand the limitations of one's body and perform the yoga posture.

11. Chair Spinal Twist

Come and sit on sideways on chair and face to left. Twist the torso towards left, hold onto the back of the chair for the spinal twist. Lengthen the spine on each of the inhale and then twist while exhaling for the five breaths. Move the legs around to right side of the chair and repeat twisting to the right side.

12. Seated Twist

In the sitting posture, place the hands on the arms of the back of the chair, gently twist the chest and abdomen to a side. Hold for about 4 to 5 breaths and then repeat on another side. Twists are best for detoxifying, massaging the oblique and abdominals and lengthening spine.

13. Restorative Pose

Daily stresses one goes through should be released to feel good. It is important for restoring the mind and ground by oneself. Place the feet flat on the floor, cross the arms onto the desk. Lay the forehead head onto the arms and breathe deeply for about 5 minutes. It is the yoga pose that allows one to unwind so that it allows to continue work with extra energy. 

Working for long hours can leave someone completely exhausted and gradually unhealthy. Exercises should be made part of one’s life especially if the job demands one sit for a longer time period. Sitting for hours together gradually makes the person sick and so one needs to do regular exercise to get rid of the physical ailments. Try getting the best results by following good yoga poses. Pick a good office chair that would help one sit in a proper position to work and allows one to perform yoga poses.

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