The Complete Onboarding Process Guide: 5 Steps (2024 Updated)

The Complete Onboarding Process Guide: 5 Steps (2024 Updated)

|Jan 17, 2022

As part of onboarding, employers provide new hires with information and tools they need to be productive members of the team and integrate them into the company's culture. Traditionally, the onboarding process is defined as: "the process of moving a new hire from applicant to employee status, which includes filing paperwork, enrolling in benefits, and completing orientation.".

Typically, you'll receive a welcome email along with your offer letter, company policies, and new hire paperwork. After completing the onboarding requirements and forms, a phone call is usually conducted to review expectations, set guidelines, and make the employee familiar with the onboarding procedures.

The Importance of Onboarding

The Importance of onboarding process

You could easily hire employees, and they begin working right away. So, why is onboarding important? By sticking to an onboarding guide for new employees, employees become familiar with their role, their philosophies, and what they can expect from the company.

Additionally, it inspires employees to be committed to the company's success by making them feel like part of the team and helps retain new hires by fostering a sense of belonging.

Poor onboarding experiences have often caused employees to leave a company, while another set of employees said their manager did not play a vital role in their onboarding experience.

The loss of productivity and employee turnover occurs without proper onboarding procedures. Companies lose money every year due to decreased employee engagement after onboarding new employees remotely. It is less likely that employees will leave a company when they are engaged.

Employees will likely stay longer when the onboarding process is good. Onboarding and orientation are two very different processes, and this article will explore how and why onboarding is so important for a company's success.

Steps of the Onboarding Process

Preparing them for new colleagues

Preparing them for new colleagues

An announcement welcoming the new employee to the company, either in person or by email, should be sent to all employees before the employee's first day. In the announcement, you should reveal the new hire's position, a little about their experience and what they plan to do at your company.

You should invite other employees to join in welcoming them. Employees are prepared to assist a new employee on their first day when they know them in advance. They will feel more welcome if they know the new employee in advance.

Prep their brand new workstations

The first impression an employee has of your company is directly related to their "home base.". New employees have little to no incentive to succeed if they don't have the right tools. Providing the new employee with office supplies and setting up their computer, email, and phone number before joining can make them feel valued right away. New employees are thus given the tools they need to succeed.

Provide them access to necessary programs

Provide them access to necessary programs

Prepare the new employee's workstation by getting them access to any programs, software, or electronic files they will need before starting their new job. If you skip this onboarding step, it can harm training, the ability to get to work, and the employee's outlook on your company.

Team get-togethers

Team get-togethers in onboarding process

What’s next in the onboarding process? Plan a lunch meeting or an after-work event for the new employee and their immediate colleagues during the first week. As a result, this will facilitate the employee's introduction to their new colleagues in a relaxed setting. Employees can bring their lunches to the office's conference room. Outside the interview process, learn more about your new employee. It is more likely that an employee will stick around for a long time if they feel valued personally and professionally. 

Provide time of training

Training should focus on the new employee's first week or so with the company. It is impossible to anticipate every difference between companies even if the employee has performed the same job function elsewhere. A training plan must be in place to help new employees get up to speed within an organization. This plan should cover policies, procedures, and expectations within the organization. New employees can measure their comfort in their new roles by clearly describing what is expected of them.

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