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The Features that Lead to the Ideal Office Chair

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 29, 2018

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Office chairs are usually purchased without considering the required features. Still they are the basic needs to build up a perfect workspace. Most of the people who work, spend more than 7 hours a day sitting on a chair. It is not healthy if the person who sits for long hours use a chair that is not ergonomic. The ideal office chair should be able to provide the user with the right posture that is comfortable and does not create any issues to the physical health of the person. There are quite a lot of things that one should look for in an office chair.

1. The Armrests

The armrest

Armrests are one of the important factors that would influence the working capacity of an individual. Most of the office workers are very much accustomed to using the armrests that they may find it really hard to work without them. They are very important and much useful when it is associated with the health of the individual who is working. The armrests have the ability to reduce the strain from the upper arms and the shoulders and also ensure to keep away tension from cervical vertebrae and neck. It is also necessary to have the office chair with armrests which can be adjusted with respect to depth and height. The adjustments of the armrests allow people to customize the chair based on the need. The lateral armrests adjustments allow the lower arms, fingers, and hand to be mobile. The adjustable armrests allow one to easily adjust the armrests so that it is possible to effectively relieve the strain on the hand tendons and the muscles. Armrests should be minimum 20 cm long and about 4 cm wide. The armrests should ideally be placed 20 to 25 cm above the seat.

2. The Backrest

The backrest is meant for providing the best support to the back of the user in any position required. It is necessary for the chair to have individual settings like the back support that people need may vary a lot. It is possible for adjusting the backrest counter-pressure so that it can easily follow the body movements of the user well. The settings of the backrest allow one to easily get the best support of the back. It does not offer any resistance to the back so that one can easily feel comfortable sitting on the chair. The backrest of the office chair follows the natural S contour of the spine. It is the lumbar support is the curvature in lower area for lending extra support to the lumbar region. The backrest should always provide the best kind of support to the users. It is necessary to choose the ideal office chair that has got the best kind of comfort and the features that give great support to the back. If one has to feel very comfortable, it is necessary to choose the chair that has a good backrest which gives a good support.

3. The Seat

A seat should be anatomically shaped by aiming to encourage sitter for making complete use of the seat area as this is just a way for ensuring contact between backrest and back. For achieving the anatomically friendly shape, it is necessary to follow the conditions that should be fulfilled. The rounded and the flattened front seat edge prevents the restricted blood flow to lower legs. The seat should pitch downwards towards the front for encouraging circulation, prevent the hunched posture and it also tilts pelvis to an upright position. The seat depth adjustment allows the office chair to get customized to the individual thigh length that avoids the pressure on knees back from front edge of the seat and also promotes circulation. Optimized weight distribution that happens across pelvic bones alleviates pressure on thighs. The seat that uses high-quality foam is used so that it retains the elastic recovery for over long-term and seat will not wear out. The seat supports over 70% of body weight. Passive ergonomics encourages pressure distribution across seat very evenly as possible. The height of the seat can be set correctly for leg length so that pressure exerted on pelvic bones can be minimized. The return flow of the blood and the lymph from legs get uninhibited. 

4. Mechanism

The device named synchro mechanism supports the dynamic sitting. It allows backrest and seat for moving synchronously and follow the body, ensuring the back to constantly touching backrest. The best quality synchro mechanism ensures that the "shirt-pulling effect" gets avoided even when sitter moves forwards and backward on the chair. Individual bodyweight adjustment option allows that same effect even when the user is light or heavy. It guarantees comfortable support at any position. It is necessary to use an office chair that is much easier to use so that the user feels very comfortable. Synchro mechanism in the one which encourages dynamic sitting stimulates metabolic process for muscles to get supplied with an adequate amount of oxygen. Try to choose the ideal office chair that has good synchro mechanism so that it becomes very easier to use with great comfort.

5. The Neck Support

Neck support is a useful accessory that provides healthy ergonomic sitting. It works as an extension to the backrest to support the cervical vertebra area. It relieves the strain on the neck and the shoulder muscles. It is very helpful when it is in a fully reclined position so that it is possible for getting the best and comfortable sitting position. Neck support is very much helpful in providing the chair that is height adjustable. The neck support should be really good or else it can really create a lot of issues to the people who work for a much longer time period.

6. Upholstery and Fabric

Most of the people who choose the fabric for the office chair, consider the one that is most suitable with the office décor and how well it can relate to the personal likes or dislikes. It is also necessary to choose the fabric that is much easier to clean and is breathable. A cloth is much breathable and fabrics like the leather and vinyl tend to trap the body heat. It reduces the air circulation. A cloth is also a fabric that is less expensive. Vinyl and the leather are much easier for cleaning and will not tear like cloth. Newest chair includes no fabric but a mesh material that is very soft. The fabric and upholstery can also include ergonomic and thermoregulatory function. The quality of the fabric can be noticed during the hot summer's day. It is not ideal if the cloth sticks to the skin.

For achieving maximum sitting support, the office chair fabric and upholstery should allow the exchange of the body heat and the moisture. The seat is designed in such a way that it supports this principle, with the open pore foam properties and by not using any adhesives. If an office chair has an upholstery and fabric which can be changed then it is possible to use the same chair for a much longer time. The ventilation makes it possible for clothes to stick to skin.

The fabric also comes with the thermoregulatory functions, upholstery should fulfill the ergonomically beneficial ones. Air filled foam cell reacts much individually to the body movement and body weight. When pressure is sensed, air gets gently rerouted for supporting body position. It prevents the posture which may cause trouble to the spine and it also supports the dynamic sitting.

7. The Function Lever

Function lever

Function levers form the major part of the office chair which helps in setting the ergonomic functions like switches, levers, and knobs. It should allow operating all chair function levers much easily from the sitting position. The function lever should feel very comfortable in hand, freely moving and slip resistant. It is very intuitive for using the chair.

8. Eco-Friendliness

If the company tries to put forward the eco-friendly philosophies then it is always good to choose an office chair that is made with a fabric which is very eco-friendly. It is good for buying chairs which are made with recycled and sustainable materials. Find the chairs that have got GREENGUARD certification so that one can get the eco-friendly chair which is best suitable to use without any issues. It is also good to buy the office chair from the manufacturer who implements eco-friendly processes for manufacturing the chair.

9. Quality & Manufacturer Reputation

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

It is necessary to consider the chair that is of good quality and made by the best manufacturers in the market. Office furniture experts provide with customer feedback on the prior purchases and answer the questions about the features of the office chairs. It is good to consider the best manufacturers in the market. It is necessary to choose the ideal office chairs from the best manufacturers so that it gives the finest kind of comfort to the ones who use it.

10. Seat Should be Adjustable with Height

The office chair that one should choose for adjusting the height of the office based on the height of the people. For the optimal comfort, it is necessary to choose the seat that is adjustable. The height of the seat should be adjusted so that it is possible to get the best comfort while working. One should be seated in such a way that the thighs should be horizontal to the floor. Look for the lever for letting the seat be brought up or lower.

11. Use Swivel and Casters for Making Movement Much Easier

The ability for moving around in the chair adds to the usefulness. It is necessary for easily rotating the chair to reach different spots in the work area for getting the maximum efficiency. Casters give ease in mobility, it is necessary to ensure that the right ones are available for the floor. Choose the chairs that come with the casters which are designed for the floor irrespective of the carper, hard surface or the combination.

12. Contouring & Padding

Contouring and the padding in the chairs are the first factors that the manufacturers remove when they try to cut the costs. It is another area where testing the chair in the showroom means a difference between the great purchase or the purchasing mistake. Many of the ergonomic specialists recommend chairs to be used with padded edges on all the sides and the front edge which is rounded in what OSHA calls the waterfall fashion. It is the kind of padding which protects the blood circulation to the legs. All the paddings that can be found in the office chairs may not be the same. Find the paddings which are designed for allowing air circulation. It is necessary to test the firmness of the chair as the chairs which are very soft can gradually lead to muscle fatigue and strain.

13. Overall Durability

The office chairs are indeed huge investments especially when the whole office should be outfitted. It is necessary to check the chairs for the durability. Chairs are the daily workhorses and they should be available in proper condition so that the users can be of great comfort while using it.

14. Base Stability

The base of the chair is one of the factors that are never considered while buying the office chair. It is possible to choose chairs with the wheels or without the wheels. Wheels are recommended for ease in the movement at workstation but the good swivel chair which provides with addition. Wheels are very necessary of the office chair when it needs to be moved from one office to another.

Office chairs are a very important aspect while setting up the office. It is necessary to pick the right office chairs so that the users feel very comfortable while sitting on it for a longer time period. Autonomous office chairs are one of the best places that anybody should try in getting the best office chair with all the facilities that one should look for. Leave your email id for getting the detailed information about the new chairs that we have recently launched.

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