The Hybrid Work Survey and What Employees Think about This Model
Hybrid Working

The Hybrid Work Survey and What Employees Think about This Model

|Aug 23, 2021

A hybrid workplace, also known as the hybrid office or hybrid work model, refers to a flexible working environment. In these workplaces, employees have the flexibility to work from home or come to the office. A workplace with this model has a lot of benefits. It makes employees more productive and shows that the employers are concerned about their comfort.

The acceptance of hybrid offices increased during the global pandemic when employers were bound to close offices. So, to keep their operations going, they adopted a hybrid workplace and urged employees to work from home.

What Employees Are Thinking About Hybrid Workplace (Complete Survey)

What Employees Are Thinking

Based on the McKinsey survey, nine out of every ten organizations will be working with a hybrid work model, which proves that the future will be hybrid. But all of these surveys have links with the employers, and they hardly consider employees' views on it. While employees are the main components of a hybrid workplace. So, it is necessary to know what they think about the hybrid work model.

In this article, we will educate you with the complete hybrid work survey, hybrid workplace benefit, and a few normal questions about hybrid work in the context of employees. The details of this survey are provided in the following sections.

Survey Questions to Know What Employees Think About Hybrid Work

Survey Questions

What is the Future According to You?

Before the global pandemic, organizations always demanded employees to work while sitting in the office premises. And employees were bound to show their attendance in the office. But Covid’19 has changed everything. Now, the views have changed. The majority of the executives are okay with the hybrid office design, and it is also evident from the hybrid work survey by McKinsey.

Do You Have a Clear Future Vision?

Executives have conflicting views about the vision of a hybrid workplace. Few of them favored this model, while others planned to take it out of their office work model. Besides, the clear future vision among them was still absent. They did not have any detailed plan and vision about the future in the hybrid work survey.

What are Your Views About the Productivity Employees?

What are Your Views About the Productivity Employees

Among all questions about the hybrid workplace, one links to employee productivity. Based on this survey, most employees have confirmed that they were highly productive in the hybrid work model. The organizations also experience a huge increase in the productivity of both the teams and individual employees. While their customers were also satisfied with their performances. So, this question from the hybrid work survey proves that this model is also beneficial for employers.

Why Were Few Organizations More Productive Than Others During Pandemic?


Most people think that Covid’19 has affected the business operations and has reduced their productivity. Yes, it is true for most organizations, but the others showed a high increase in their productivity. But why is it so? Based on the McKinsey survey, the organizations with higher productivity were the ones that supported and promoted small connections between their employees and colleagues. They allowed them to discuss various projects, share their ideas, coach and mentor each other, and develop their network. As a result, around 2/3 of the total population voted in favor of these microtransactions.

How Should Managers Shift Their Working Process?

The work methods of managers have a high impact on the hybrid work model. For example, working remotely and showing the physical presence of managers showed completely contradicting results. Therefore, organizations must look for various ways to support, educate, and train their managers to ensure higher productivity in their working process.

Designing Process to Support Employees Working Remotely

Designing Process to Support Employees Working Remotely

According to the hybrid work survey, organizations still lack proper design and processes to manage remote employees. However, the majority of executives have thought of a process that requires rethinking before proper implementation. The approach of test-and-learn can be a good option to start from. Besides, adopting a hoteling office space concept can also be helpful in this regard.

Reconsidering the Hiring Process

Hiring is a major component when it comes to the hybrid model. And employers must rethink this process to ensure effective management of the hybrid workplace.

How to Locate the Employees?

The pandemic has urged employers to rethink the allocation of their human capital. However, based on the hybrid work survey, around 2/3 of the organizations have already reworked the employee allocation. And very few organizations have begun working on the reassessed model. Therefore, to boost the productivity of their employees, employers must match their workforce with their right priorities.

How Can Managers Improve the Benefit of Hybrid Work?

How Can Managers Improve the Benefit of Hybrid Work

Managers can improve the benefits of hybrid work in the following manners.

Improve Collaboration and Work Relations

One major benefit of a hybrid work model is that it ensures effective remote collaboration and better work relations among employees. They can use various communication modes to ensure the successful implementation of this model.

Ensure Proper Work-Life Balance

Ensure Proper Work-Life Balance

Managers can ensure a better work-life balance of their subordinates through the hybrid working model. As working from home reduces the pressure of showing physical presence from the employees. And they can ultimately balance their work-life.

Boost Productivity

Offices with a hybrid work model have more productive employees, which is also evident from the hybrid work survey. And managers can ensure this productivity by giving them working flexibility.

Now you know about the survey and the benefits of this model. But have you wondered how the environment of offices will be when employees return to office risk assessment? Life will be completely different when the pandemic ends.

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