The Power of Satellite Offices: Expanding Horizons for Success
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The Power of Satellite Offices: Expanding Horizons for Success

|Jul 16, 2023

As remote working becomes more and more common, a growing number of companies are starting to get comfortable with not forcing their employees to come to one space in order to work. But as nice as that sounds, working from home might not be for everyone, so many of these employees have started to look for somewhere they can enjoy the benefits of a proper workplace.

Enter the satellite office. A place built for exactly those needs. And what's better, you don't even have to be an employee of a company at all; you can be a freelancer, a student, or be completely self-employed and still enjoy the benefits of these incredible offices.

But what exactly is the satellite office meaning? What are their potential benefits? And what makes them different from other similar office spaces? Let’s read on as this article will try to answer these questions and more.

What is a Satellite Office?

The satellite office definition covers all office spaces that allow people from different firms and backgrounds to work from outside their company's central buildings and offices, hence the name, satellite.

But more specifically, these are special spaces that are usually run by third parties, but they also might be unique to one company, where people from different companies or different departments can share the usual office amenities like internet, professional mail, a quiet professional workspace, and a place to meet and collaborate with their work partners, without being confined to just their home and company offices.

These places may allow you to work in places as small as professional office cubicles to entire conference rooms and design studios, depending upon your needs and budgets.

So, now that we know what a satellite office is let's discuss what makes them special compared to regular offices.

What is a Satellite Office?

Satellite Office vs. Traditional Office

By far, the most important thing that makes a satellite office space much more desirable than a traditional office is the flexibility these things offer. Not only is commuting easier since you can simply get into the satellite office that is closest to you without having to worry about shifting branches and teams, but these places also offer far more variety and comfort within your workspace too.

One such thing is the physical furniture present in such offices which can include things like a state-of-the-art ergonomic office chair and an adjustable desk right in the comfort of your own private office.

Other benefits include the lack of immediate and direct management, which allows workers more freedom to work properly, as does the general office environment, which is a lot more professional since the people there are not from the same team.

And the costs are more manageable, too, especially if you're working with a small team since the company won't have to build an entire office floor for a limited team and can simply pay for cheap individual spaces in fully occupied satellite offices.

So, to put it simply, a satellite office is a way for a company or an individual to work in a professional environment without being tied down to one main office.

Satellite Office vs. Traditional Office

Satellite Office vs. Temporary Office

Now, to some of the readers, satellite offices might sound a lot like regular temporary offices that are offered by companies whenever there are big changes and interruptions. But there are actually more than a few key differences.

One thing’s for sure, satellite offices are not temporary. Instead, they are permanent working places that just happen to be detached from the main company offices. 

By comparison, temporary offices are spaces hired by a company while they look for a permanent workspace. This means that not only are things like extra amenities less than a regular office, it leads to a whole world of differences including but not limited to things like the superior quality of the amenities offered by satellite offices, the fact that temporary offices often do include the management and most of the other issues brought on by regular offices.

So, to put it plainly, a satellite office is an alternate workspace for a permanent gig, and a temporary office is a normal workspace for a temporary gig only present in an alternate location.

Satellite Office vs. Temporary Office

What to Consider Before Getting into Them?

As you can imagine, since satellite offices serve so many different clienteles, there is a lot of variety in them too. Many satellite office managers prefer the modern small office design to maximize the number of people in a small space. 

However, other firms looking to get their employees in satellite workspaces might go the bulk route and hire only a satellite space that they will then furnish with wholesale office desks, office chairs wholesale, and other such things. In fact, if any firm is looking to set up such an office, we recommend that they go with a bulk furniture setup to get the process running as efficiently as possible. 

In fact, whether you are in the market for a satellite office or want to develop one for your own employees, since managing something like this requires a lot of coordination, we recommend that most people go through some sort of bulk office item firm like the Autonomous Bulk Order Program.

And apart from these base considerations, there are also things like the location, the size, the kind of building, the schedules of shared spaces, as well as the storage availability, not to mention the security system that a firm or an employer has to consider before getting into such a business.

What to Consider Before Getting into Them?

Bottom Line

All in all, managing and running employees out of a satellite office is no easy task. That being said, as long as you are smart and follow the advice we've presented to you today, there's no reason you can't benefit from this bustling new industry.

And that covers our guide on satellite offices and why they might be ideal for you. We hope you found the guide helpful, and if you did, remember to share this with your friends. With that, stay curious, and thanks for reading.

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