The Right Working Position for a Mesh Office Chair With Headrest
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The Right Working Position for a Mesh Office Chair With Headrest

|Nov 28, 2018

A mesh office chair with headrest is a design which creates the new norm of working at a desk. These designs combine the support and breathability of the mesh materials which allow workers to sit for long periods of time. Unlike leather backrests which do not come with any breathability and which can also cost a lot, mesh materials are a modern alternative worth taking into account. From the user’s perspective, the office chair is used in the same way as any other chair. But in many cases, it can also support multiple positions, as is the case with the Autonomous Chair Recline from Autonomous.

What is the working position of a mesh office chair with headrest?

The correct position with a mesh office chair remains the one recommended by human anatomy. Reducing the impact on the spine and allow the back to stay in a correct position are crucial. On a regular chair with a backrest, the position of the body can impact the pain and pressure felt in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

It is often believed that the right position starts from the ground up. Those who want to ensure their sitting position need to ensure their feet actually make ground contact. It is at this stage that the issue of user height comes into discussion. Taller people need to adjust their mesh office chairs to a higher position to prevent their needs to be too high. It could facilitate a rounded back position and it is why the chair needs to be adjusted to a higher position.

At this moment, a lot of pressure is put on the lower back with a rounded spine position. Old chairs used to be tackled with foam or small pillows which would naturally support the lower back. However, new chairs are now made with an ergonomic design which means the backrest is integrated to support the lower back and the lumbar area. This small design change can have the largest positive effect on how people sit at a desk.

Moving up to the upper back area, it is important to understand how the type of work impacts its position. Those working at a computer would know this as the main issue as they tend to lean forward to see better at the monitor. With the advent of laptops, which are normally in a lower position, workers would sit in a position which is often incorrect. To counterbalance this incorrect position, it is often recommended to bring the laptop higher or to work with a monitor separated from the keyboard to facilitate the back sitting straight. A simple way to ensure this position is to simply keep the head over the shoulders and not in front of the shoulders. A headrest can help with this as well. As the contact needs to be maintained with the headrest, the correct working position is facilitated as a result.

Mesh Office Chair With Headrest

Other correct positions at the desk

As anyone who has been sitting in a vertical position can attest, maintaining it may not be as easy as expected. It takes time and dedication to maintain a perfectly vertical position while working at a desk. But at the same time, it is also necessary to understand some small variations can help improve posture on the long-term.

One of the small changes which can be adhered to comes with the slightly reclined position. This diminishes some of the pressure on the spine as the backrest takes some of the weight of the body. Locking the chair in a reclined position from time to time through the day can come with impressive benefits.

Another important adjustment can come with the actual position of the feet. Most professionals recommend the fee to be firmly grounded to the floor. This is not incorrect. But at the same time, it can also be a bit far from how people actually work. If a chair is too high, hands would fall directly onto the keyboard which can lead to aches in time. If the chair is too low, the hands would be sitting right on the edge of the desk which can also come with discomfort. The right working position has a few inches of clearance between the hands and the work desk itself. In the real world, this can only be achieved with a thin top desk such as a standing desk or any other modern desk without any drawers in the central position.

Added drawers are only increasing the distance between the legs and the top of the desk which enhances bad posture. Desk drawers can be nice to keep various objects around the office, but they can actually be detrimental to the posture. So what if the right desk position prevents the feet to actually make contact with the ground? In order to maintain the hands in a natural position over the keyboard, some people might need to add feet support if they don’t want to lower the office chair and put extra pressure on the hands.

Another small adjustment for the right posture at the desk comes with the position of the wrists. Since wrists can get tired as well, many people tend to use various wrist rests or rest the wrist on the desk. This is not truly recommended as it could prevent proper blood flow in the wrists. Instead, it is recommended to use palm rests which are often built-in with modern keyboards. This position is more natural without impeding the freedom of movement for the fingers. Alternatively, workers can look for thinner keyboards which do not require the hands to be maintained in a higher position. Thin keyboards allow the hands to rest on their entire surface on the desk without getting tired.

correct positions

Standing at the desk can also be seen as an alternative. But at the same time, standing for 8 hours might not be more beneficial than sitting for 8 hours. It is why many specialists actually recommend alternating these positions as often as possible. It is why an adjustable height desk is often needed in this situation. Other variations can include using feet support while sitting or using a mat for support while standing. Simply walking away from the desk from time to time might be a good idea as well. Many professionals simply recommend going for a sip of water from time to time to ensure some movement while working and to ensure the sitting position is not the same for hours and hours.

Is there a way to tell which mesh office chair is best for posture?

Those who are new to mesh office chairs might feel a bit overwhelmed by a large number of options on the market. However, it is not specifically the mesh materials that are crucial for posture as it is the way how it’s designed and what adjustability it can take.

When it comes to mesh designs, not all chairs are created equal. For example, the fixed backrest mesh office chair design doesn’t allow for any adjustability of the sitting angle. It might come with height adjustability, but it will struggle to offer the long hours support for most workers. These chairs are fine, but they are not the best option for a full 8-hour working day.

A semi-adjustable chair is a chair which allows some type of adjustability such as a backrest which can be fixed lower or higher. It works great for people of different heights and it can be one of the chairs to come with lumbar support right where it’s needed. However, even this chairs struggles to offer the best solution when it comes to bringing the backrest in or leaning away from the desk, which is often recommended in order to support the spine. While it works great for lumbar support, it also struggles when it comes to angle adjustability and the full 8-hour day support.

neck pain

A fully adjustable office chair allows some type of freedom when it comes to supporting the back. Having a reclining backrest can go far when it comes to proper posture, especially when sitting for hours. At the same time, these chairs can come with multiple other functionalities such as adjustable seat pans, adjustable armrests, mesh materials on the backrest and on the seat pan, height adjustability etc. But the most important part comes with the adjustability of the backrest which proves crucial, especially when it is difficult to maintain a straight back position for long periods of time.

Benefits of a mesh office chair with headrest

It can be said that a mesh office chair with a headrest comes with a distinct set of advantages which makes it one of the recommended options for modern jobs which require works to sit for hours. These advantages are certainly recommended in these types of jobs.

  • Improved ventilation

Mesh materials allow air to circulate. This means there are better ventilation and a reduced risk of sweating, especially during the summer months. At the same time, the material is supportive and it can allow for some flexibility which means it will take some of the pressure off the body when sitting or when standing.

  • Lower costs

Mesh materials are also generally lower in cost, especially when compared to natural leather alternatives. They can be made easily and they can also be designed with specific characteristics for the best performance. Mesh materials are not limited to chairs are they are used across various industries due to their breathability and affordability. While a fully adjustable leather chair might be expensive, a mesh alternative can be a quick solution for most workers.

  • Head support

The head support of an office chair can be important, especially when sitting for hours. Head support designs are not necessarily recommended for chairs which are only used for minutes. But when sitting for long periods of time, it is important to choose the design which is a true support for the entire posterior chain of the body. In other words, resting the head can also lead to relaxation of the neck and shoulders muscles.

  • Adjustability

The adjustability of a mesh office chair cannot be debated. Since the materials can be designed from scratch, they can be integrated into various frames to support the lumbar area and to also provide enough strength to support the weight of the body even when in a reclined position. For the workers who are looking for a durable chair, a mesh design is now able to match some of the traditional materials such as plastic, leather or textile materials.

  • Ergonomics

Another impressive benefit of a mesh office chair with a headrest comes with ergonomics. Specifically made to follow the contour of the body while supporting it for the best sitting position, these chairs are reliable when it comes to desk work. Ergonomics can be seen even in smaller details such as with the adjustable armrests. These allow the arms to stay in a comfortable position and this is important when typing at a keyboard for hours.

  • Long hours support

Most importantly, mesh office chairs make the difference after a few hours of sitting. With better ventilation and a cooler body, people can focus on their work and on their chairs. This means that the ergonomic design stands out for many people, especially when it comes to days, weeks and years of sitting. A bad posture at the desk influences a bad posture in general and it is why ergonomics is truly important. Apart from moving as much as possible at the desk, an ergonomic chair ensures the overall posture doesn’t suffer in time.


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