The Rise of the Standing Desk: Transforming Workspaces in Dubai
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The Rise of the Standing Desk: Transforming Workspaces in Dubai

|Dec 14, 2023

Dubai offices are known for being sleek, modern, and ahead of the curve. In a city where business is always at the cutting edge, it makes sense that the workspaces have the latest and greatest equipment. Right now, that means a standing desk. 

The adjustable standing desk has risen to the peak of must-have workspace furniture worldwide, appearing in every design magazine, modern workplace, and trendy home office. What’s more, the integration of smart technology has increased the versatility and capabilities of these desks to fit even more seamlessly into the working lives of professionals throughout Dubai.

In this guide, we will explore the many features and benefits of standing desks and how they are changing how Dubai businesses operate in the workplace. We also discuss what elements to focus on when shopping for a standing desk and how to make the best choice. Lastly, we will share tips on what to do - and what not to do - when integrating sit/stand desks into your workplace and routine.

What Is a Standing Desk?

Standing desks are exactly what they sound like: desks you can use while standing up. They are by no means a new invention - but have recently become the hottest office item in Dubai and around the world.

Modern technology has revolutionized the classic standing desk, which was once just a regular desk with extra long legs! Nowadays, adjustable sit/stand desks provide the best of both worlds - a perfectly functional desk you can sit at that rises to let you work while standing.

You get manual and electric standing desks. Manual designs are height-adjusted using a lever or crank. Electric designs adjust automatically using a button, remote control, SmartApp, or sometimes motion sensors! 

They come in many shapes, sizes, and styles - from rolling laptop tables to L-shaped corner desks.

What Is a Standing Desk?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Standing Desk?

Part of the reason for the immense popularity of the adjustable standing desk is how beneficial they are. There are several advantages to using a sitting-standing desk - including health reasons, mental well-being, and productivity at work.

Here is a closer look at the core benefits of using standing desks.

Improves Mood and Boosts Energy Levels

Contrary to what people may believe, standing up at your desk doesn’t tire you more than sitting. It can reduce fatigue and make you feel more energized. As long as you stand in stretches that work for you and take seated sessions when needed, using a standing desk could make you or your employees feel happier, more engaged, and less tired.

Sitting down for too long has often been associated with anxiety, depression, and excessive fatigue. Being on your feet and active is associated with vigor, energy, and positivity - far better connotations to carry you through the workday!

Improves Mood and Boosts Energy Levels

Increases Productivity

All that extra energy and positive mindset leads to increased productivity. People can work just as quickly standing up as they can sitting, as long as they have a reliable, ergonomic workspace.

The right standing desk can help people work more flexibly and fluidly throughout the day - as individuals and as part of a team. Setting goals during stand-up sessions can encourage people to maximize their use of time and get more from the new desk setup.

Helps with Back Pain

One of the most common complaints from long-term office workers is the impact that all the sitting down has on their backs. Back pain and poor posture go hand-in-hand with long desk hours slumped in a chair. High-quality ergonomic chairs can help, but stretching out the back for a while is important for lasting change.

It is not always possible to leave the desk to give your back a break or stretch out. With a sit/stand desk, all you have to do is raise the height to standing level and continue working from a better position.

Helps with Back Pain

Better for Your Health in General

Many studies look into the overall health benefits of standing desks. Evidence shows they may help improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, burn more calories, and reduce the risk of heart disease. 

The Ultimate Standing Desk Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Desk for You

It should come as no surprise that there are many options out there. From bargain stores to elite brands, everyone is throwing their hat in the ring to provide Dubai workers with the must-have standing desk.

How can you narrow the search and find what you need? Here are the most important features every buyer should consider before starting their search. Having a rough idea of what you need from each category can make finding the perfect sit/stand desk for your workspace easier. 

Manual or Motorized

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a manual or electric standing desk. This decision may depend partially on your budget, but for some people, having a motorized design is a priority.

There are pros and cons to both. Manual desks are less convenient - since you need to adjust them by hand. On the other hand, electric desks need to be plugged in so there is an extra wire.

Electric or motorized standing desks cost more on average because of the additional technology and mechanics. If you want one, be ready to spend more. Most Dubai offices favor electric versions for convenience - and because they look more professional.

The Ultimate Standing Desk Buying Guide

Size and Shape

Next, think about how big you want the desk to be. Having a big enough work surface is essential, but you don’t want to take up more space than necessary. Consider the area you work in and how a desk would fit best. 

There are many great desks for small areas that still provide a generous work surface. You can also find an excellent selection of large L-shaped standing desks for those who need a lot of space. 

As well as classic rectangular and L-shaped desks, you can also find sit/stand desks in half-moon, curved, square, and round shapes - it all depends on what is the most practical for you.

Size and Shape

Price Range

Cost is a major factor. Your budget can determine a lot of things, so be realistic about what you can afford and set a few priorities when browsing. If, for example, you want an electric model, you may have to settle for a small stand-up desk to fit the budget. 

Standing desks vary in price significantly. You can find a cheap, basic IKEA standing desk or FlexiSpot standing desk for less than $150 US, but top-end brand names using the latest technology carry price tags well over $2,000 US.

Know your price window and avoid shopping outside it. That way, you can focus on the desks that are realistic possibilities rather than wasting your time.

Weight Capacity

Something people often overlook when choosing an adjustable standing desk is how much weight it can lift. If you plan to add a monitor, desktop accessories, a power bar, and more- you need a desk that can comfortably support it all while it changes position.

Desks with higher weight capacities usually have reinforced frames made from strong materials - so they may cost a little more. If you only plan to use the desk for a laptop or notebook, this is something you could forgo in the name of budgeting. 

Frame Design, Construction, and Stability

Stability is a concern for some regarding standing desks. It depends on the frame build, shape, and material - as well as additional features some desks have to reduce wobbling.

The most stable sit-stand desk designs usually have a heavy-duty frame with a well-balanced base. Solid steel is a popular choice in high-end models. If you are concerned about stability, opt for a 4-leg standing desk or L-shaped corner design.

Frame Design, Construction, and Stability

Desk Surface Material and Color

The material and color choice for the surface of your desk completely changes the aesthetic, so it helps to know what you are looking for. Many modern sit/stand desks come in white and black - since these are the trendy, versatile colors that professional workplaces often prefer. 

It is also possible, in many cases, to pick a wooden surface or wood effect. They look warmer and feel more personal - perfect for a home office.

Durability and scratch resistance are other things to consider when choosing a surface design.

Additional Features

Some standing desks come with a few extra bells and whistles. Built-in desk cable management, cup holders, tablet holders, monitor arms, and charging stations are some possibilities. You can find desks with optional add-ons for these features. Others come with them included.

If you are looking for an electric standing desk, you should compare the various control styles. Buttons on the desk, remote control, smartphone app, and motion sensor are some of your options. Timers and predetermined height settings are some advanced features you could look for.

Additional Features

Integrating Standing Desks into Your Work Environment: The Do’s and Don’ts

Ready to join the stand? Here are some tips on what to do and what not to do when implementing sit/stand desks in your workplace.

Top Five Don’ts

  • Don’t overdo it with the standing. Find a balanced routine that works.
  • Don’t spend too much time playing with settings and playing with the desk when you should be working.
  • Don’t force people to use standing desks - it is not for everyone.
  • Don’t overload the desk - stay well below the weight capacity to avoid mishaps. 
  • Don’t stand on a hard surface - invest in standing mats to protect your joints and muscles.

Top Five Do’s

  • Do take the time to find the ideal height settings for your standing and sitting positions. 
  • Do encourage people to embrace standing desks by running incentives and team challenges.
  • Do focus on your posture when standing - it can feel strange at first, but your body will thank you!
  • Do wear comfortable footwear during standing sessions.
  • Do be patient with yourself and others. Adjusting to a new way of working is not always an overnight success!

Integrating Standing Desks into Your Work Environment

Revolutionize Your Dubai Workspace with Autonomous Standing Desks

Autonomous is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality office furniture and equipment in Dubai and beyond. The standing desk collection is exceptional, with something to fit every workspace.

We have reviewed two of the best Autonomous standing desks to give you an idea of the potential.

Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard)

The Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) is a classic example of a modern automatic sit/stand desk. It looks clean, professional, and minimalistic - things we love to see in desk design. Built using solid steel, the two-leg frame has a wide, sturdy base on each side for excellent stability, and it feels solid while you use it.

One of our favorite things about this desk is how easy it is to program. It takes less than half an hour to build and configure. You can easily set your preferred height settings and save them to the desk’s memory. Just press the button you want, and it smoothly adjusts in seconds. 

Primarily designed as a home standing desk, it is simple, streamlined, and uncomplicated. It is great value for money at less than $500.

  • Weight capacity 265-270 Lbs.
  • Height range 29.4” to 48.0”
  • Surface dimensions 29.0” by 53.0”
  • Four customizable height settings with button control
  • Five-year frame warranty, one-year top warranty 

If you love this design but need a smaller space-saver desk, opt for the mini desktop with the original frame. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is also an excellent alternative. It offers all the same features in a more compact package.

Autonomous Desk Levitate

Those who prefer a classic desk design but want the benefits of sit/stand adjustments should consider the Autonomous Desk Levitate. It is the newest addition to the Autonomous collection and the first four-leg design. Another first - it uses motion sense technology for automatic height adjustment to predetermined settings. 

Everything about this desk is premium quality - from the four-motor steel frame to the solid ash wood top and the impressive technology. It is also surprisingly quiet and easy to operate. Once you get set up with the app and put in your preferences, you can control the desk using a remote keypad, your phone, or a wave of your hand.

The desk surface feels luxurious - providing generous workspace and plenty of customizable options. It costs less than $2,000 US, which is a reasonable price for a desk of this quality with so many features. Autonomous also offers deals, promotions, and discounts at different times, so it is worth checking out! 

  • Weight capacity 250 Lbs.
  • Height range 26.3” to 44.1”
  • Surface dimensions 29.0” by 53” or 31.5” by 59”
  • Pre-set height controlled via Autonomous smartphone app
  • Motion sensor adjustment controls
  • 15-year frame warranty, one-year top warranty, one-year power track system warranty


The popularity of standing desks shows no sign of receding. Professionals working in Dubai need to keep up with the fast pace at which things tend to move. Being able to think and work on your feet is a must.

Adjustable standing desks are more than just a trend. They are revolutionizing the way modern workspaces operate and challenging traditional office norms. Health, mindset, and productivity boost in tow- the standing desk is here to stay. 

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