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Best Space-Saving Desks for Home & Office 2024
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Best Space-Saving Desks for Home & Office 2024

|Nov 26, 2023

Getting office space in a prime location has never been easy, especially in large busy cities. The available buildings are usually so expensive that you will end up settling for as little space as possible, meaning you have to get creative in terms of office furniture, and perhaps go for a space-saving desk. 

While there are a lot of desks available on the market, not all of them pay attention to size, and so they would probably end up being too big to be considered a space-efficient desk. However, with more and more attention turning to minimalist design styles, finding a space-saving office desk should become easier. 

At Autonomous, you will find a wide range of small office furniture, including a space saver desk, which would suit any office, regardless of size. In this review, we will look at great options that you can choose from. 

5 Factors to Consider When Buying a Space Saving Desk

Just because you are looking for a good desk for small-space offices, doesn’t mean you have to forget all the other important qualities of an office desk. A small office desk not only has to fit inside your office, but it also has to allow you to do all the work that is required easily and comfortably.

That means it has to have the following five essential qualities:

1. Available Space

Available Space

If you are already reading this article, it means that space is a scarce resource, so this is probably one area you should pay most attention to. There are other ways to make sure that your desk fits into the available space besides simply buying a space saver desk, such as: 


A lot of space can be saved if you consider buying a small L-shaped desk for your office. One of the best ways to free up space in an otherwise cramped office is to tuck away your space-saving desk in one of the corners. 

Folding Function

Even a tiny desk for small-space offices can end up being in the way if, for example, it is placed near the entrance. The solution here is not to look for a smaller desk, but rather invest in a foldable alternative, such as the Aesthic folding desk. That way, when not in use, your desk can be folded and stored out of the way.

2. Adjustability

Never underestimate the importance of a height-adjustable desk when it comes to working comfortably for long stretches. When shopping for your space-efficient desk, keep in mind that it has to be ergonomic as well as small. You can go for a small standing desk from Autonomous as a good option. 

3. Storage


The amount of work done in your office is not determined by the size of your desk, so even a tiny workstation can generate a lot of paperwork that needs to be stored somewhere. Try to find a space-saving office desk that comes with a few drawers or at the very least has enough space underneath to fit a sliding cabinet, or something similar.

4. Quality

There should be no compromise in terms of quality, regardless of the size of the desk. In fact, all your office furniture should be made of high-quality, long-lasting material, and your space-saving desk is no exception. The better the quality, the less likely you are to need a replacement any time soon. 

5. Surface Area

Surface Area

This is a difficult one to manage because since you are looking for a space-saving office desk, working space is obviously going to be sacrificed. However, there has to be a limit, because the too little surface area will mean that you cannot even use the desk properly, which defeats the purpose. Get a desk that is at least big enough to carry your PC, and allow you to do some work. 

Try One of These Great Space Saving Desks

Now that you are armed with all the important knowledge regarding small desks, take a look at these great options:

1. Autonomous Desk Eureka - Space Saving Standing Desk

3 Desk top options with pre-drilled holes:

  • 43"L x 23" W
  • 53"L x 29"W
  • 70.5"L x 30" W

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is a height-adjustable space saver desk that ushers in a new era of ergonomic convenience and productivity. It is a game-changer that will change the way you work. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is a comprehensive solution that, thanks to its high lifting capacity, silent operation, adjustable settings, and sturdy steel standing desk frame, revolutionizes the way in which its users approach their work.

One of the most significant benefits of the Autonomous Desk Eureka is that it can facilitate improvements in employees' health while they are at work. The Autonomous Desk Eureka can aid in the reduction of fatigue, improvement of circulation, and promotion of overall well-being by enabling users to switch between standing and sitting throughout the course of the workday.

The Autonomous Desk Eureka comes standard with a suite of features that make it a versatile choice for any office. Its low noise level makes it ideal for shared offices, and its adaptable features let each user find the optimal ergonomic position for them. The Autonomous Desk Eureka's sturdy steel construction and seven-year warranty further assure a safe and secure working environment that will last through years of regular use.

This small stand-up desk comes in a number of configurations and surface options, making it adaptable to a wide range of work areas and personal preferences. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is the ideal space saving desk for anyone looking to make their workplace safer, healthier, and more productive due to its adaptability and sleek design. The Autonomous Desk Eureka is an excellent option if you're shopping for a height-adjustable desk because it strikes a balance between convenience, aesthetics, and productivity.

2. The Office Oasis Small Computer Desk

These days, with a good computer on your desk, you need very little else to get the job done. This improves the appeal of small desks, such as The Office Oasis small computer desk, which are specifically designed to carry a PC and not much more.

With very little extra space available, this compact computer desk is not suitable if you deal with a lot of paperwork. It is, however, a good-quality desk, thanks to the anti-scratch and waterproof surface.

3. Benzara Compact Gaming Desk

The Benzara Compact Gaming Desk's integrated storage components and carbon fiber texture combine design and functionality. It comfortably fits most gamers since it has a bottom shelf, cup and headphone holders, and an elevated monitor shelf. Its small 27x54" frame fits perfectly with a variety of settings and appeals to minimalists.

This space saving computer desk’s sturdy MDF construction and K-shaped legs guarantee stability and longevity. It weighs little over 62 lbs. With the majority of the parts already assembled, setup is easy and only requires a screwdriver to remove the provided screws. Perfect for gamers looking for a stylish, compact option.

4. FM FURNITURE Nashville Desk

The FM Furniture Nashville space saving desk can be used in either a residential or professional setting due to its adaptability, small footprint, and ergonomic design. There's plenty of space to put away books, documents, and decorations thanks to the combination of closed and open shelving choices. The adjustable height of the shelves makes it simple to tailor the unit to the needs of each household.

Its enormous proportions, including a height of 27.8 inches and a width and depth of 24.8 inches by 17.8 inches, ensure that there will be plenty of area for both legs and work. The addition of a hutch and bookcase to its already impressive list of features makes this space saving desk both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Bertolini 1 Door 1 Drawer Computer Desk

The Bertolini 1 Door 1 Drawer Computer Desk will add a touch of Modern Classic style to your home office. There's plenty of space for your laptop and other office necessities on the desk's wide surface, and you can keep extra materials in the drawer or behind the framed door.

This space saving desk is both chic and sturdy, thanks to its construction from engineered wood and finishing with UV textured paint. With its sleek metal knob and user-friendly construction, this desk is a great option for anybody looking to upgrade their office in style without sacrificing practicality.

6. EUREKA ERGONOMIC Standing Desk: Double Drawers and Hutch

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC standing desk with drawers provides a unique combination of ergonomic design and contemporary functionality, suitable for both work and gaming settings. Its quality height-adjustment mechanism and strong steel construction let it easily support up to 220 pounds, guaranteeing your utmost convenience and ease of use.

Two conventional wall outlets, two USB ports, and a wireless charger are all thoughtfully placed on the desktop for your convenience. The large 39.37" ergonomic monitor stand can hold two displays, improving the user's experience whether they're working, studying, or playing. This space saver computer desk has a five-year warranty, ensuring its durability and comfort for years to come.

7. Nexera Secretary Desk

The Nexera Secretary space saving computer desk is an elegant and compact option, successfully blending practicality and style. This Slim series wall unit is perfect for use in corridors or living areas thanks to its two hairpin legs that are reminiscent of wrought iron. It is scratch- and stain-resistant thanks to a laminate finish and high-quality MDF used in its construction in Canada.

Pulling down the door reveals a modern space saving desk with storage that serves as a secret bar, finished in textured lacquer with a geometric design. When closed, the space saving desk elegantly hides computers, tablets, and accessories while three removable shelves give versatile storage possibilities.

8. FM FURNITURE Roma Wall Desk

To make the most of limited space, the FM FURNITURE Roma Wall Desk is an excellent option. It's on the wall, so it doesn't take up much room, and it has a practical chalkboard for writing on. The top of this space saving desk with storage lifts up to provide a spacious work area, perfect for a computer, notepad, and a thermos of coffee.

The modern design is ideal for contemporary living spaces. Its compact size, whether in glossy white or brown/white mahogany, and tabletop-like breadth and depth make it a lovely and practical addition to any house.

9. Vari Electric Standing Desk 48

With the Vari Electric Standing Desk 48, you get the best of both worlds by having a desk that is small enough to fit in tiny offices, while somehow providing ample surface area to work on. The electric motor that controls the standing desk height adjustment is highly efficient and works very quietly, meaning you can quickly switch from sitting to standing without disturbing your fellow workers. It is made from high-quality, durable, and environmentally-friendly material, so it is likely to last you a very long time.

10. IKEA Bekant Sit-stand Desk

A very small, height-adjustable, space-saving desk is exactly what you will get when you order the IKEA Bekant Sit-stand Desk.  It is very easy to assemble and just a few minutes from opening it, you can be ready to get to work on your new desk. The height adjusting mechanism is very smooth and quick thanks to the dual electric motor that powers it. IKEA has kept everything nice and simple to provide you with an affordable option. 

11. Alfa Furnituring Standing Desk

This is another good option for a desk for small spaces. If you have limited space, but your work requires you to have two computer monitors, then the Alfa Furnituring Standing Desk could be the ideal solution. Still small enough to be considered a good desk for small-space offices, it comes with enough surface area for your two monitors, as well as a few extra computer accessories.

12. Bell’O CD8855 Computer Desk With Keyboard Tray

Quality meets minimalist design in the Bell’O CD8855 Computer Desk. The glass top and shelves give this desk a very expensive look, while it is very small and compact. It comes with convenient wheels that allow easy relocation around different parts of the office when necessary. The tabletop and shelves are made of very strong glass as well, for added durability. 

Best overall: Autonomous Desk Eureka

The Autonomous Desk Eureka is the best space saving desk option because it combines cutting-edge design with cutting-edge functionality like no other. Boasting a sleek design and adjustable height settings from 26.2" to 52", it caters to diverse user preferences. Its solid construction allows it to easily raise 310 pounds, guaranteeing its longevity. A clutter-free workspace is the result of the smart cable management system and ample tabletop space. It has a 40 dB noise level, programmable settings, and a seven-year warranty, making it an excellent option. The Autonomous Desk Eureka represents the pinnacle of ergonomic design and productivity, making it an excellent addition to any home or office.

Three Things to Remember When Setting Up Your Office Desk

The way you set up and arrange your desk is very important, especially if you have to find ways to make use of very limited space. Here are some important things to keep in mind: 

Health Is Important

On any size desk, sitting for too long in the wrong posture is not healthy. You will risk some long-term, negative consequences by choosing to ignore our advice on buying a standing desk. Nothing should be more important than the good health of you and your fellow workers. 

Pay Attention To Ergonomics

Pay Attention To Ergonomics

Make sure that all the important things, such as the keyboard, filing cabinet, file racks, and stationery drawers, are arranged in an easy-to-reach configuration. This should not be difficult on a space saver desk. 

Personalize Your Workspace

One of the keys to being able to work for long hours comfortably, and productively, is to personalize your work area by adding a few mood-enhancing accessories. A popular theme in many offices these days is to have a flower or two on your desk. There are some great small office flowers to choose from that will fit perfectly on your space-efficient desk. 


Of the many space-saving desks that are available on the market, the ones listed in this article will guarantee that you not only get all the functions you need in a desk but also take care of your health while working.

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