The Three Best High Back Mesh Office Chairs for a Tall Person
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The Three Best High Back Mesh Office Chairs for a Tall Person

|May 14, 2021

There are many options when shopping for an ergonomic mesh office chair and it can be quite difficult to decide which chair is the best choice for your workstation. Every office worker wants an ergonomic seat that is comfortable, affordable, and helps them boost their productivity. Several factors differentiate office chairs such as the type of back your ergonomic office chair has (mid-back or high-back).

Should you buy a mesh or leather office chair? Is a high-back mesh office chair the best option for you? What is the best high back mesh ergonomic chair on the market? Have a look at the information below that weighs up the different choices and should help you decide which ergonomic chair is the best choice to satisfy your requirements.

Mesh Chairs vs Leather Chairs

Mesh Chairs vs Leather Chairs

Every office worker should consider the different aspects of mesh vs leather chairs before making their decision. Let’s dive into the advantages of each of the ergonomic office chairs:

The advantages of a high back executive mesh chair:

  •    Ventilation – Mesh office chairs are designed with an open structure to allow circulation and free airflow.

  •    Lightweight and Easy Maintenance – Mesh chairs have a lightweight and minimalistic construction and design. They are easy to move around and simple to clean off stains and spills.

  •    Availability – Mesh office chairs are commonly available at any good furniture store. Alternatively, head over to the Autonomous online store and have a look at some great options there and get a high back mesh office chair with a headrest delivered right to your front door!

  •    Affordability – mesh office chairs are generally more affordable when compared to leather office chairs. A brilliant choice for an affordable high back ergonomic chair for any office worker is the ErgoChair Recline by Autonomous.

The advantages of a leather office chair:

  •    Class and Aesthetics – a leather office chair is a showcase of class, prestige, and elegance in any workspace.

  •    Durability – high-quality genuine leather office chairs can last a lifetime and are always a good investment for the long run.

  •    Easy Maintenance and Cleaning – Leather chairs offer a classy look with minimal maintenance.

Mid Back vs High Back Mesh Office Chairs

In the section that follows we are going to break down why you should choose this particular kind of ergonomic chair and weigh up the differences between a mid-back vs high-back chair.

Mid Back vs High Back Mesh Office Chairs

What is a Mid-Back Office chair?

A mid-back office chair is an ergonomic office chair that does not include a headrest feature. Although the chair's height is marginally lower than your shoulders, it provides adequate lower to mid-back support.  A mid-back office chair, in essence, provides enough protection for the mid and lower back.

Why Choose a Mid-Back Office Chair?

Why Choose a Mid-Back Office Chair?

  •   It is the ideal office chair for small workspaces.

  •    Compatible with flexible workstations.

  •    A mid-back office chair is available in numerous different designs including, modern, ribbed and ergonomic structures.

  •    Available in leather or mesh finish.

What is a High-Back Office Chair?

A high-back executive mesh chair has a higher backrest that supports both the head and spine. High-back office chairs are larger and broader in appearance than mid-back office chairs. These chairs are more convenient and functional because they have a built-in backrest that provides more space for the spine, shoulders, and back. When compared to mid-back office seats, these chairs have a lot more adjustment options. If you are a tall person, the best high back mesh ergonomic chair for you is a high back mesh office chair with a headrest such as the ErgoChair Pro by Autonomous.

Why Choose a High-Back Office Chair?

  •    High-back office chairs include a noticeable and adjustable headrest feature that offers support for your neck, lower and upper back, and shoulders.

  •    They are an excellent choice for tall office workers or people who suffer from back pain.

  •    The adjustable headrest feature allows office workers to sit comfortably through the workday.

  •    Ensures and promotes good posture.

Three Of the Best High Back Mesh Office Chairs

There are many reasons to invest in a high back ergonomic chair, however, there are so many options on the market. This is why Autonomous has narrowed down the search for the best high-back mesh chair for you in the list below:

1. ErgoChair Pro - The ErgoChair Pro is without a doubt the best high-back chair on the market. To offer full support, it features an adjustable and lockable armrest, an adjustable headrest, a breathable backrest, and padding made of high breathability foam.

ErgoChair Pro

2. ErgoChair Pro + - When you purchase the ErgoChair Pro + you are going to get a modern style ergonomic chair with plenty of adjustabilities. You can adjust the seat's tilt, height, and even how far forward it is. The ergonomic chair features a fishbone ergonomic design and top-grade lumbar support.

ErgoChair Plus

3. ErgoChair Recline - The ErgoChair Recline is in a class by itself. This high back reclining chair features an adjustable headrest and footrest, as well as the ability to recline. The footrest is also retractable, which is a unique feature of the ErgoChair Recline. The reclining chair also has some of the finest lumbar support available.

ErgoChair Recline

The Final Verdict

When shopping for an ergonomic office chair, the top of your list should be a high-back mesh office chair. A high-back mesh office chair offers support for your head, neck, back, and shoulders and can help you maintain productivity for extended periods. Ergonomic chairs by Autonomous are all designed with support, comfort, and productivity in mind and are going to offer a distinctive, stylish and classy look to every workstation. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us via email or share your thoughts below

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