Ultimate Trading Desk Setup with Autonomous and Cryptocurrency
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Ultimate Trading Desk Setup with Autonomous and Cryptocurrency

|Aug 27, 2020

Vigilance. Heightened awareness. An unwavering eye for opportunities. These are essential qualities every cryptocurrency trader needs to be successful day in and day out. Of course, as a trader, having the ideal trading desk setup is something you need to do to take advantage of every chance you get to make a profit.

This is why Autonomous smart tools are an essential part of the perfect home trading desk setup. With the attention to detail, emphasis on ergonomics, and customizability to ensure your trader desk setup functions in a way that uniquely suits your specifications, it’s no wonder more and more working professionals looking for work-from-home solutions are turning to Autonomous smart tools.

The SmartDesk 2 remembers your precise height specifications so you can focus on making quick reactions to changing market trends, instead of fussing over distracting details. The ErgoChair 2 is an ergonomic dream that ensures you can stay focused and alert in complete comfort, without worrying about aches and pains—absolutely essential for anyone who works long hours.

There’s never been a better time to invest in your ideal e-trading battlestation with a new partnership between Autonomous, Incognito, and Binance.us, allowing you for the first time to purchase Autonomous smart tools and products with your favorite cryptocurrencies, BNB, BUSD and PRV. Autonomous has always believed in futuristic and innovative solutions, which is why collaborating with Incognito, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency wallet, as well as Binance.us, a secure and cutting edge cryptocurrency trading platform, is really a no-brainer!

The new Autonomous cryptocurrency experience will be available to those who use their Incognito wallet, including exclusive deals and discounts. You’ll also find promo codes on Binance.us that you can use to upgrade your home trader setup to the battle station of your dreams. With privacy-centric cryptocurrency and Incognito privacy wallet fortified with state-of-the-art security, it’s an exciting new way of doing e-commerce that lets you take control of your finances with complete confidence and privacy.

Autonomous smart tools for traders

What is it about Autonomous smart tools that makes them the first pick for crypto traders? First, there’s no compromise on build quality. Every detail and material used is painstakingly implemented by Autonomous’ team of dedicated engineers, making the ultimate desk setup for traders, from the powerful dual electric motors used in every SmartDesk, to the wear-resistant and luxuriously comfortable Korean mesh used on the ErgoChair 2.

Autonomous smart tools are innovative and ergonomic, giving you the ultimate flexibility and productivity edge in your daily trading. The SmartDesk 2 remembers your preferred height and streamlines your workflow so you can stay focused on the blockchain. With a Dual Monitor Arm from Autonomous, instantly multiply your display real estate, stay up-to-date with every change, and never miss the opportunity to win. The ErgoChair 2 from Autonomous perfectly complements your standing desk and supports greater wellbeing and a clearer mindset. 

Photo of Autonomous smart tools for traders

SmartDesk 2 takes your trading to new heights

The SmartDesk 2 is a must have for any trading desk setup. Studies consistently show that sitting passively for hours on end is not only detrimental to your health here and now, but could have a long-lasting impact on your health further down the road. 

Not only is a SmartDesk good for your health, it’s designed to work as seamlessly and conveniently as possible. Four programmable memory settings ensure that you get your desk to the exact right height every time you adjust it, with just the press of a button. The quiet yet formidable dual motor electric engine can lift up to 300 lb, and it won’t make noise to distract you from your work.

A spacious desktop comes in a white, black, bamboo, or white oak finish, making it not only a functional and useful tool, but one that fits neatly and attractively into your home aesthetic. You can even enjoy all the benefits of a SmartDesk 2 with a custom table top with the SmartDesk DIY Kit.

Photo of SmartDesk 2 takes your trading to new height

Dual Monitor Arm opens your trading up to new horizons

For traders who are in it for the long haul, having the right dual monitor system is critical to having the best overview of all the data and making split-second decisions for the best investments and opportunities.

With a powerful SmartDesk that moves with you and can handle all your essential trading gear, the Autonomous Dual Monitor Arm gives you unparalleled flexibility and adjustability. This robust, rotating monitor arm allows you to move your screen in three dimensions to accommodate any position you’re in, whether sitting or standing.

Photo of Dual Monitor Arm

ErgoChair 2: A trader’s best friend

Say goodbye to those aches and pains that come from long hours of watching and reacting to market trends. The ErgoChair 2 gives your lumbar curve, your spine, your neck, and your head the support they need throughout the day. Improper seating can have negative repercussions not only for you back, but for your legs, knees, and feet as well.

Maintain comfort and clarity of mind so you can do your very best work every day with the ergonomic chair that adapts and conforms to your unique body type. The cushion adjusts to the precise tilting angle that suits you best, and can be moved forward or backward. The armrests move up and down, in and out, and forward and backward. You can adjust the tilt and position of the headrest, and even customize the back support tilt tension.

It’s a seating experience like no other, and it’ll make you feel like a boss in your home office trading desk setup. 

Photo of ErgoChair 2 A trader's best friend

Autonomous takes e-commerce to the next level

Together with Binance.us and Incognito privacy wallet, you’ll be able to take your hard earned cryptocurrency investments and securely purchase the trader office setup of your dreams. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of the unparalleled privacy of Incognito wallet, as well as the sophisticated Binance.us platform, to move your e-commerce into the future with Autonomous smart office tools for traders.

Invest in your future and take your trading office setup to new heights today!


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