Things to Know About Electric Rising Desk
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Things to Know About Electric Rising Desk

|Apr 19, 2022

A rising electric desk is a height-adjustable ergonomic workstation with a minimum height to work while sitting and a maximum height to work while standing. The best electric rising desk meets a height range that allows the user to work ergonomically, maintain a comfortable eye level and strain-free posture and eliminate any physical fatigue issues in the workplace, such as back pain and pain in the shoulders.

Ever since the need for the ergonomic workstation has been increasing, electric rising computer desks are the ones that take the lead in the best ergonomic furniture for an office setting. From a standing office desk to a height-adjustable desk, there are various things about an electric elevating desk people still don't know. The benefits, uses, types, and best choices, to name a few, getting the best electric rising desk could be confusing; hence, here is a detailed guide on buying the best electric standing desk for an office space.

Types of Electric Standing Desk

Types of Electric Standing Desk

There are various ways to achieve an ergonomic workstation setup, so ergonomics are not made hard to follow or practice in a workspace. From DIY office desk ideas to transform your office space into an ergonomic space to calculating the standing vs. sitting calories and making changes accordingly, one can change their work habits in multiple ways. An electric desk is one such easy and smart solution. Here are a few electric standing desks that you might come across.

Standing Desk Convertors

Standing Desk Convertors

Converters are mechanical mechanisms that sit on a desk and create a new workspace on the converter's top side. The converter mechanism is manually or electrically adjusted to increase or decrease the height of the new workspace when converting your sitting desk into a standing desk or vice versa. While converters achieve the purpose of converting your sitting desk into a standing desk, they also take up your desk's counter space and leave you with a smaller working area on top of the converter.

motorized standing desk converter is powered by single or dual electric motors depending on the convertor size and weight capacity. It is an inexpensive alternative to buying a standing desk separately.

Electric Standing Desk

Electric Standing Desk

A simple change that excited you when you were a kid is sitting in a car that controls the window with a button rather than a mechanical lever. The same is the case with an electric lift desk. Electric standing desks are controlled with the help of electric motors, whether dual, triple, or single. The number of motors depends on the work the desk has to do, the weight capacity of the desk, and the cost of the desk.

An electric standing desk is the simplest yet easiest solution to enjoy alternating between sitting and standing in a workplace. They make switching positions easier and help you get rid of poor posture because you can adjust the height with just a touch of a button. Smart electric desks also come with programmable height settings and other features to ensure you are maintaining an ideal work posture.

Standing Desk Converters Vs. Standing Desks

The types mentioned above do the same job with the same purpose, but one type is better than another or, more precisely, better suited for your needs. Here is a comparison between a standing desk and standing desk converters.

Surface Area

Surface Area of electric rising desk

One of the most typical complaints with adjustable standing desk converters is that they take up the center of your desk yet don't provide a large enough working surface to accommodate all of your paperwork. You don't want to reach down from afar to retrieve papers if you're standing. On the other hand, a standing desk is a single surface that allows you to grab and keep your belongings close to your hand.


This is a pretty understandable concept that a standing desk converter will likely cost you less than a whole desk. Since converters are smaller with less complex mechanisms, they are low on the pocket. On the other hand, a standing desk is a big investment that you may or may not like, so the risk is involved. People confused about the transition to an electric desk that moves up and down should opt for a standing desk converter.


Space of electric rising desk

Compared to a complete standing workstation, a desktop converter is a best and most cost-effective alternative if your work area width is 36 inches or less. On the other hand, some converters do not give you an ergonomic keying height.


Unlike electric rising desks with cable grommets, Wire management solutions that facilitate cable organization are frequently absent from desk converters. Because your computer goes with the converter, so does all the wiring. If not properly managed, those moving wires might be a pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Stand-Up Desk Better Than Sitting?

Is A Stand-Up Desk Better Than Sitting?

When working while standing, you are not subjecting your back or lower body to unnecessary strain or pressure which occurs when you are sitting. This helps you improve your physical health and also, in turn, improves the mental health of employees.

Why Are Standing Desks Better?

Electric rising desks are better because they are health-friendly, improve concentration levels, increase metabolism and regulate blood sugar. They are also known to burn calories faster, hence preventing weight gain and encouraging an active lifestyle.

A standing desk also refreshes the mind by increasing the energy level, and a user can feel more productive when working with a standing desk.

Is A Rising Desk Worth It?

If you want to get up from your chair and enjoy a more alert and healthy approach while working, then a electric rising desk is the best solution for your workplace.

Is Sitting or Standing Better For Circulation?

Standing keeps your body in an ideal position where no part of the body is under stress or away from a pumping angle of the heart; thus, standing desks increase blood circulation in the lower parts of the body.

Do Standing Desks Help Lose Weight?

Do Standing Desks Help Lose Weight?

Yes, since working while standing burns more calories than sitting all day, standing desks can help you lose weight by increasing the calorie burn rate. A standing desk also ensures your metabolism is faster and more energy is used to keep you standing; hence the digestion rate and calorie burn rate increase significantly.

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