10 Things Happen When Sitting for Too Long
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10 Things Happen When Sitting for Too Long

|Jul 16, 2021

A normal person sits for more than six hours, working every day on average. As a result, sitting for too long can have both long and short-term effects on your body and health. That is why you need to invest in an ergonomic chair because they come with a headrest, armrest, and leg rest.

Research says that sitting for long hours can lower mortality. Therefore, this has become an increasing threat to the upcoming future of human beings. Below, we have listed ten things that can happen when you sit for too long.

1. Weak Glutes and Legs

Long hours sitting can weaken your glutes and legs. In this case, you are not using your powerful legs and body muscles. Therefore, they are not holding you up.

Weak Glutes and Legs

After a certain point of time, it can lead to muscle atrophy. Slowly, your muscles will start to become weak. Hence, your glute and leg muscles will not be able to stabilize you. And, this can put your body at risk of injuries.

2. Bad Back and Tight Hips

Like the glute and leg muscles, your back and hips will have pain from sitting too long. To prevent this from happening, you can buy the best computer chair for long hours. Using this chair will save your hip flexors from shortening.

Sitting for too long can affect the way you sit. This can compress the discs present in your spine. Therefore, it can cause premature degeneration resulting in chronic pain.

3. Weight Gain

Locomotion or movement enables your muscles to produce molecules such as lipoprotein lipase. This helps in the processing of sugars and fats that you consume every day. When you are sitting for too long, it lowers the release of the above molecules and widens the rear end.

Weight Gain

You may also be at risk of metabolic syndrome. A reclining chair with a footrest is an Ergo chair that enhances your movement while you are sitting. This will further help prevent the storage of fat in the middle part of your body. As a result, you will be able to resist obesity.

4. Comprised and Bad Posture

This is another detrimental consequence of sitting for long hours. For instance, sitting can lead to your pelvis rotating backward. So, it can put pressure on your lumbar discs.

In this position, your head will forcefully move forward. And, your shoulders will have to curve to compensate for the transfer of weight. A suitable office chair height will improve your posture and prevent back pain from sitting all day.

5. Blood clots

sedentary lifestyle can reduce the blood flow in your legs. It can also lower the proteins that prevent blood clots and put you at risk. This can affect a majority of people who sit for more than forty hours every week.

Blood clots

Hence, this blood clot can go up to your lungs. These people are at a greater risk than those who sit for less than ten hours. So, this can also affect your health.

6. Heart Disease

Sitting for too long can lead to cardiovascular diseases such as chronic hypertension and coronary heart disease. In addition, it can reduce the tone of your blood vessels. Less physical activity may lead to the building up of cholesterol plaques in your heart’s blood vessels or early atherosclerosis.

An imbalance can also occur between the consumption and supply of oxygen. This happens when your heart requires more oxygen than your blood brings. An Autonomous Chair can reduce this risk of heart disease.

7. Cancer

You are at risk for endometrial and colon cancer if you sit for long hours each day. This can happen gradually due to weight gain and inflammation. If you use an Autonomous Chair, it can eliminate this problem before it even occurs.

According to popular reports, sitting for an additional few hours can lead to endometrial and colon cancer. Chances increase by eight to ten percent. Therefore, it’s better if you buy an Autonomous Chair to prevent and lower this risk.

8. Spinal Strain

Human beings always need to be on the move. Sitting prevents this from happening and makes the body remain in an unnatural position. For withstanding strains, a human spine has an S-shaped form.

Spinal Strain

When you make your body sit for a long time, the S-shape takes a C-shape. Stomach muscles become weak when someone slouches. An ergonomic office chair with neck support protects your spine. Moreover, it prevents straining of your spine.

9. Problems in the Digestive System

Our pancreas produces insulin for transforming carbohydrates into glucose. Sitting turns muscles passive which reduces the insulin amount. Therefore, muscle cells consume less insulin.

Therefore, sitting can cause diabetes and many other such diseases. It may lead to chronic constipation. In some cases, it can result in hemorrhoids.

10. Muscle and Bone Issues

Low physical activity can affect your abdominal muscles. Leg pain sitting all day is a symptom of bone problems. Therefore, you may become a victim of osteoporosis.

Muscle and Bone Issues

Your bones will not have difficulty while holding your body in a sitting position. However, they can gradually lose their strength over a span of time. Thus, an Autonomous Chair like Autonomous Chair Ergo and Autonomous Chair Ultra can protect your bones from becoming fragile and porous.


Sitting for too long hours can affect your health in different ways. This can impact your lifestyle. When your legs become weak, you may be more at risk of getting wounds. Moreover, it can also reduce the strength of your bones and lead to osteoporosis.

If you want to get rid of back pain because of sitting for too long, improve your posture, and prevent premature degeneration, buy an ergonomic chair. This can make your muscles strong. In addition, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular or lung diseases.

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