Things I Miss about Working in an Office Space
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Things I Miss about Working in an Office Space

|May 4, 2020

Office space that is designed to help you achieve your career goals is what you need if you want to work from home successfully. The exact things that you require in your office somewhat depend on the work that you do. However, you must have the ideal office desk and ergonomic seating solution. From my experience, working from home cannot be enjoyable and productive if you create a space that promotes inefficiency. Here are the things that I miss about working in an office and what I am doing to incorporate them into my home office space to be productive. 

1. Ability to move around in a large office space

Large Office SpaceSince the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, the people I live with have been forced to work from home as well. This limits my ability to move around, as I would wish.

In an ideal office, people have adequate space to roam around whenever they deem it necessary. This lack of flexibility may have adverse effects on my health and career.

Fortunately, I have learned that we can create an adequate office space for standing and overcome this challenge. 

I have seen a successful professional make the best use of their limited office space by incorporating an adjustable-height standing office desk in their new workstation. This way, they can switch between sitting and standing throughout the day and remain healthy and productive despite the office space limitation.

Another option that I am seriously considering is incorporating an office desk and chair with wheels. With these kinetic elements, we can move around with ease.

2. Working in a comfortable office space (No back and neck strain)

Comfortable office SpaceMany of our colleagues are already complaining about pain in the neck and back. Some of them now think that the home environment is not conducive for office work. My experience also the same, which has influenced my desire to go back to the office.

From my research, I have discovered that I should use the approved office desk and chairs to prevent this problem. I work for long hours at our kitchen counters. I saw one of my friends spend the entire day hunched over a dining table. The reality is that most of us try to convert our home furniture into office furniture for various reasons. Unfortunately, this decision is harming our body and overall health despite the quality of our furniture. 

According to professionals, when we maintain the wrong body posture for long hours, a lot of pressure and strain build in our neck and back. Due to this, we start complaining about all forms of health complications, including chronic headaches.

The good news is that we can get an affordable office desk with ease. While it is possible to keep moving around by using a standing office desk, that may not help us if the nature of our jobs requires us to stay in one place for extended periods. Some software developers, for example, spend hours creating different apps and do not want any form of interruptions, including taking frequent walks. 

Since people have different ways of working, the best strategy is to offer an ergonomic seating solution. If you want to invest in the right type of chair to set up your home office, be sure you go for one that has the desired adjustable features. This means that the ideal ergonomic seating solution should have lumbar support, backrest, seat height, and armrests that you can adjust as per your unique requirements. Other than this, we need a monitor arm to prevent us from straining. 

3. Banter with my co-workers in the office space

Co-workersMany of my colleagues that I worked with ended up becoming my friends. The strong bond that developed allowed us to engage in hilarious banter. I learned that this was incredibly helpful to us during the most stressful moments. The smallest conversations could get us throughout the day despite the prevailing disheartening circumstances. 

Whenever I am alone in my home office space, I begin to appreciate how the circle of friends became a haven to vent our frustrations, be vulnerable to each other, and be our true selves. I cannot forget about the value of the free therapy. 

At home, I have family and pets, which is excellent. Others that I know also have some other housemates. But let us face it. Despite their significant contribution, they hardly relate in the same way as our trustworthy colleagues. 

The good news is that plenty of tools exist that we can use to overcome this problem. Right now, I am using Slack to message my friends privately. I also make some of my communications on the platform public. Other tools that I think we can consider making our remote office space-friendly are PukkaTeam and Of course, for the joy to be real, we must have the best ergonomic seating solution and the appropriate office desk as well. Our health and comfort still count here.


Working in a flexible and innovative home office space can be extremely rewarding. I love the ability to set my schedule and save time. It gives me the courage to look for credible tips on how I can successfully improve my home office. As we have seen, for any of us to succeed at home, we have to create a remote office space that promotes efficiency. Ensure you have the ideal ergonomic seating solution. 

With the best ergonomic seating solution, you can enjoy the same level of flexibility as you do in the office. Besides, the guaranteed comfort can cushion you against body aches that are associated with using the wrong office desk and other furniture. You should also have and use the appropriate communication tools to promote our relationships. Overall, I have discovered that before a person starts working from home, they should, as a matter of priority, set up the ideal home office space.


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