Forget Regular Desk, Think About Stand Up Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 12, 2019

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You probably devote hours to your office desk every single day. As such, even the slightest change in your working area, like the elevation of your desk can impressively affect your efficiency and even your well-being.

Your working area should not wear you down every day, but that is what uncomfortable chairs and desks do, even though you might not notice these things day after day. But, with a few modifications, you can enhance your working environs and keep your desk from slaying you. The fact is that your backdrops can influence your throughput massively. As per the studies, the workplace design can help in increasing efficiency as much as 16% and gratification by 9%.

stand up desk, smart standing desk

Technology has made it all too laid-back for people to pass their lives stirring, from car seats to office chairs, back to the car seat, and then to the divan. With your professions and travels, it may seem difficult to shift to an active way of life, even if it is healthier. When you stand, your core physiques are activated to keep you erect, and this dismisses some of the weight on the spine. Similarly, when you sit down, your core physique directs all the stress on your lower spine, and this leads to recurrent back pain. Here is how you can upsurge your productivity by shifting from your regular office desks to a state-of-the-art smart stand up desk.

stand up desk, smart standing desk

What are the significant concerns related to regular sitting and working in the place of work?

By now, you must have got a brief idea that sitting all day is terrible for your well-being. It is the dynamic factor for the upsurge in acceptance of sit-stand desks of late. Many of us have office-based jobs which require us to spend long and dependable hours in front of a workstation. As per experts, there are significant health risks related to these lengthy phases of sitting.

  • One of the more understandable effects of inactive sitting is that of weight gain. A deficiency of movement can slow down the digestion process and reduce the ability of muscles to break down body fat. As per many studies conducted worldwide, it has been found that sitting down has burned 21% fewer calories than standing up. It is no miracle, then, that those who move more frequently are suggestively less vulnerable to gaining weight than those who do not.
  • The vast mainstream of those who find themselves sitting for long periods will do so with improper posture. It takes a regular person only 3 minutes of sitting, beforehand they fall into a drooping posture. The all-too-common spinal curve occurring due to sitting in front of a screen for hours can lead to a peculiar head position and a strained neck. Many also experience tenderness in the shoulders and back owing to the overextension of shoulder and back muscles, and the overburdening of spinal tendons.
  • Movement lets the soft disks in the middle of the vertebrae to expand, contract, and soak in new blood and nutrients like mops. A lack of consistent movement can lead to the stubbornness of the spine, where disks are compressed unequally, and collagen starts to toughen around muscles and ligaments. The shrinkage of the psoas muscles created by lengthy sitting can also lead to herniated lumbar disks.
  • Sitting for long hours can have considerable risks to the internal organs. It is another major reason why deploying a stand up desk can prove to be extremely beneficial. Individuals who sit for extended periods have a higher risk of developing heart disease. Absence of movement means that muscles burn less fat, and blood runs more sluggishly through the body, letting fatty acids effortlessly cause obstructions in the heart. Extended seated phases have also been related to high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. Inactive individuals are about twice as probable to improve the chance of having heart disease as their moving counterparts.

stand up desk, smart standing desk

  • Sitting all-time in a curved spinal position can likewise produce lung firmness and bound the volume of the lungs, implying that the body has less admittance to vital oxygen. Combined with the reduced quickness of blood being propelled around the body, it means that much less oxygen that is required is sent to the brain or other parts of the human body.
  • A series of lessons have shown prolonged periods of sitting to be a risk factor in the growth of colon, breast, and endometrial tumors. Even though the reason is, yet blurred, the indication shows a clear association between inactive sitting and these types of tumors.
  • As you might imagine, long periods sat down and not using many of the physique’s larger muscles can cause muscular problems. Intestinal muscles go idle when the body is collapsed into a chair, initiating them to go soppy. Hip flexors can turn out to be very tight as they are rarely extended. Glute muscles can come to be limp due to underuse. All of these can lead to several postural concerns and indeed become very agonizing.
  • The deprived circulation of blood around the human body can cause fluid to puddle in the legs. It can lead to a range of issues from swollen ankles and varicose veins to possibly fatal blood clots and deep vein coagulation.
  • Bones are reinforced through weight-bearing accomplishments such as walking and running. Those spending long hours seated can find their bones becoming softer, and may find that osteoporosis grows as an outcome.

What is the new age solution for all the problems created by regular desks in the place of work?

stand up desk, smart standing desk

You will be delighted to know that there are humble ways to moderate those perils created by regular desks.

Specialists acclaim that you break up long periods of sitting by standing up, moving, and shrinking muscles, even if it is merely for a minute or two. What is the paramount form of exercise to do? It does not matter – the body wants to be frequently moving.

Smart standing desk has been accessible for numerous years, even though they are flattering to be more popular as people appreciate the reimbursements a standing desk truly offers for the human body. It is a matter of fact that if you even spend 30 minutes standing in a day, then your body will get its benefits.

Sit-stand desks, at times known as standing desks or height-adjustable desks, make it easy for your body to change posture during the day while working. This one offers easy adjustability of the computer height. By employing this type of gear at work, you can have countless benefits:

  • Reduce back pain
  • Lower your risk of heart disease
  • Lower your risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Lower blood sugar levels and risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Improve mood and gain energy
  • Boost your productivity

If you want to add up some more benefits for your body, then you should consider making a perfect mix of moving and standing.

Here are some of the immediate benefits you get by deploying a smart desk:

stand up desk, smart standing desk

  • Reduce the risk of injury
  • Improve organization and awareness
  • Improve posture
  • Aid in reintegration efforts
  • Help you stay more attentive
  • Improve your temper

It is time to move on…

Standing at work is the first smart move you can take toward handling your health and contesting the long-standing effects of an inactive lifestyle; and even though standing workplace may seem like just a new trend sweeping the place of work, there is a whole lot of discipline to back up just why they have become so prevalent. With the advent of this new ergonomic work environs, there has been a dramatic change in the course of designing workplaces. The new offices are being built with open floor plans and the inclusion of exercise balls in place of chairs. Some of the corporates have even moved ahead in offering their employees' treadmill desks and leveraging its long-run benefits. Therefore, you can even walk and work. It seems cool. Isn’t it?

So, if your place of work is still flowing the traditional method of working, then stop using the same if you want better productivity levels and a healthier workforce. Make your move in the direction of this revolutionary style of working and being fit all through your life.

stand up desk, smart standing desk


Many of these alterations are small ones, but to create the shift to a more full of life work-style will take a decent degree of assurance. Individuals who can make a justifiable shift towards consistent movement all over their day will unsurprisingly find themselves compensated with better health prospects than those who do not make the shift. It is high time to take a stand. Dropping idle time can develop physical, metabolic, and even cerebral health. That is why sitting less and standing more is such a significant way of lifestyle change. Give it a try, and check a wide list of smart office furniture at our website; you will surely love the smart standing desk.

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