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Three Reasons Which Will Compel You in Buying the Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 9, 2018

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While technology has brought some marvelous benefits since the time of its introduction, however, technology is not all about ‘benefits’ only. There are harms of using technology as well. And amongst many others, one of the harms of technology is that most of the people today spend their time indoors where they half of their time they spend sitting.

Sitting for hours and hours can actually be detrimental for one’s health. In fact, this can lead a person towards becoming vulnerable to chronic illnesses. According to the World Health Organization’s report, physical inactivity can actually lead to some sort of disability in the life of an individual.

The chronic illnesses which sitting for long hours can cause are the following:

  • Heart Diseases

  • Diabetes Type 2

  • Weight Gain

  • A premature death

Here’s this Havard’s study which shows that how deadly long hours of sitting can become- which can eventually become the cause of death of an individual. Since more than half of the world’s population spends its time after sleeping in sitting postures, thus it can cause them the pain in neck, shoulders or even in the back. Because of the consistent position of remaining in the same posture for long hours.

Another research shows that no matter how much physical activity is involved in a person’s day to day life if his sitting hours surpass his physical activity hours then this can bring horrendous results.

For this reason, one of Harvard’s study says that it is necessary that a person works on his standing hours too. In fact, just like a person brushes his teeth daily, thus- he should also inculcate the habit of standing because standing after every half an hour can actually make the things even. How is that possible?

For making your standing hours just as equal to your sitting ones, here we are presenting to you an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk.

What is an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk?

Standing desk

Just as its name suggests that an automated adjustable standing desk is what you might need in your office or at your home. The automated adjustable standing desk adjusts easily as per your height or need. Whether you want to read something while sitting or it’s some urgent work that you have to go through while standing, automated adjustable standing desk makes it easier for you. This adjustable automatic desk allows you to keep adjusting the table as per your own requirements.

Not only that these desks allow the individual to adjust as per his own preferences, in fact, if an individual is working for a prolonged period of time, then these autonomous desks will remind the person that now he should take a break for standing up or that he needs to readjust his sitting position. In our opinion, this new invention of technology is actually super cool which keep a check on a person’s sitting and standing time.

How does this Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk Work?

Since these automated adjustable standing desks come in a variety thus the functionality of each desk may have a slight difference. However, if you look at this desk then you would see that this desk comes in the 23.6” to 48.4” height. With its highly adjustable and easily customizable features, automated adjustable desk can make your all body aches go away.


Moreover, if you look closely this designed automatic adjustable desk, then you would notice that how flexible it is to work on such desks. Just by pressing one button of your desk, you can bring down the desk as per your need. Similarly, if you wish to work standing up, then just by pressing the button another time, you can make it go up again. That’s how easy it is to move up and down. And this is how it works.

The Health Benefits of Choosing an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk

Health should be everyone’s priority. Whatever work you do or whatever it is that you plan on doing next- no one should ever compromise on one’s health. Thus, if you feel neck pain or back pain, if your body aches after hours of working in the sitting posture then perhaps it’s time that you get your furniture checked. Be it the one that’s in your office or the one that’s in your home.

One of the stupendous features of an automated adjustable-height standing desk is that it comes with multiple health benefits. Not only that automated adjustable desk eases off your body pain- be it of the neck or your lower back- these easy-to-get comfortable with desks are actually really helpful in bringing your good old health days back in your life.

Well, who doesn’t like comfort, anyway? However, here are some of the benefits listed; just in case if you want to go through some before buying on an automated adjustable standing desk.

  • Productivity: Having a standing desk can actually increase an individual’s productivity level. The productivity level of people who keep on switching their positions between the standing and sitting postures, experience more productivity than those who only work while sitting for long hours.

  • Keeps You Fit: When a person keeps on switching his positions from time to time then this can actually become an exercise for that individual which would help him in remaining fit.

  • Keeps You Away from Chronic Pain: While sitting can cause people chronic illnesses in their lower back, neck or other areas of the body- automated adjustable standing desk can keep such a pain at bay.

  • Makes a Person’s Mood Fresh: Positions switching from time to time actually stimulates your brain towards some happier sides which in result keeps you happy.

  • Leaves a Good Impact on Brain: Long sedentary hours can leave some very negative effect upon the brain’s health overall. When you use such a desk which allows you to move as per your body’s demands then it leaves a good impact on the brain and can reduce the stress on your mind.

  • Improves Metabolism: While sitting can leave an adverse effect upon your overall health; standing, on the other hand, helps in boosting your metabolism. The improvement in your metabolism can actually be helpful in toning your muscles as well as can reduce your complaints of common aches and pains that you feel in your body.

Pros of Using an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk

An automated adjustable standing desk can actually be helpful to you in many ways. Some of them are as follows:

  • Burn Calories: Having an automated adjustable standing desk can actually help a person in burning his calories and losing weight. Just by standing a lot more than sitting for one week can make an individual lose up to 1000 calories, says the calorie calculator.

  • Keeps You Away from Procrastination: Standing desks actually promote productivity and thus keeps one away from laziness. Also, standing more than sitting can make a person feel much stronger than before.

  • Can Make Your Cognitive Skills Better: According to a Harvard report, if an individual replaces his chairs with some standing desks then it can result in the improvement of his cognitive skills.

  • Keeps You Alert: Just like sitting can make some feel lazy and lethargic, standing can actually make a person feel more alert.

  • Helps You in Leading a Healthier Life: Standing desks can actually be helpful in your healthy life. People who believe in having a healthy lifestyle would actually feel a difference after using standing desks. For sitting all day is a new smoking, say the experts.

Cons of Using Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk

While there are so many pros of using such an overly-awesome standing desk which can easily get adjustable as per your needs. However, there are some cons too of using this desk.

  • Can Cause Joints and Muscle Pain: If you remain stood all day and don’t sit or change positions while standing then this can actually result in you having joints and muscles pain.

  • Can Prevent You from Wearing Heels: If you are a woman, then standing for exaggeratingly long hours without sitting in between can make your heels ache which will prevent you from wearing heels. Thus, beware of standing too long.

  • Body Pain: Moreover, your standing posture is not correct while standing then instead of keeping your body pain away, it can actually lead you towards having more body pain.

Why You Should Choose Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk?

Given the today’s circumstances and the kind of environment that we live in where we are literally forced into sitting more than standing- be it at work or home- having a desk which can actually make you feel at ease and which can keep your body away from unnecessary pain, we believe that choosing an automatic adjustable standing desk can actually be the solution to most of your problems.

There are so many health benefits of using this desk that it would be kind of dumb not to bring it into your office or home.

If you are someone who runs an organization, then as per our own research we believe that it can help in accelerating the productivity level of your employees. And if you are someone who works from home then, in that case, this desk can actually be helpful in keeping you alert an active more.

After going through the pros and health benefits that come with having an automated adjustable standing desk, it will not be an exaggeration to say that buying such a desk will never make someone feel regretted. For who would not want to have a desk which can comply with one’s needs?

From Where Can You Buy an Automatic Adjustable Standing Desk?

If you are convinced enough that this automated adjustable standing desk can actually be helpful for you and that it can serve you right then it’s high time that you go and get one for yourself. The first question that would come to your mind would be but from where? And that too in some reasonable price and amount which you can easily buy in your budget.

Well, that’s not an issue.

Because our website offers such desks in just the most reasonable rates. The advantage of buying from our website is that we not only offer such desks for people working in offices, in fact, our website also contains some home editions. People who work from home or who study most of their time then they can easily buy a home edition of these desks. You can have a look at both the business edition as well as on the home edition of automated adjustable standing desks.


In our opinion, these three reasons should be enough for you to buy this desk.

1)   Say Good Bye To Your Lower back, back and Neck Pain: Using this desk can actually possibly increase your life expectancy and can make you healthier. Not only that it increases the life expectancy, in fact, this can also keep you and your body at bay from becoming vulnerable to chronic diseases and illnesses. Because an automated adjusted desk table ensures that its user keeps switching its position from time to time and thus will keep you moving after every time limit.

2)  No Hassle of Manual Functioning: The unique feature that this desk holds is it being automated. That means that you can simply use this without having any difficulty.

3)  Can be Customized as Per One’s Requirements: All in all, an automated adjustable standing desk is a blessing in disguise. If we look into all of its features which we have discussed so far then its pros surpass its cons. The health benefits that this desk provides along with the feasibility of pushing it up and down as per one’s requirements and needs is something which we believe should be enough of a reason to buy this desk.

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