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Three Simple Steps to Assemble ErgoStool Yourself
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Three Simple Steps to Assemble ErgoStool Yourself

|Nov 26, 2020

The ErgoStool is a unique sitting surface that allows people to find the most comfortable position to get work done. Most people go for an office chair, but an ergonomic stool like the ErgoStool is perfect for people tired of the same-old routine. There are many benefits to having ErgoStool in your office space, one of which being is that it is super easy to put together. To assemble ErgoStool, all you need are three simple steps!

The Benefits of Your ErgoStool

The Autonomous ErgoStool is a fun seat that perfectly adjusts to your height. It works great for both sitting and standing desks, so even when your desk is on “standing mode,” you can give your feet a quick rest with your ErgoStool right behind you. 

Additionally, the ErgoStool comes in different colors so that you can pick the one that best relates to your personality. If you already have an ErgoStool and love it, then there are plenty of other colors to choose from when you decide to get a second, third, or fourth. 

The benefits of your ErgoStool

Why Opt for a Stool at Your Desk

“Take a load off” was always the saying that invited people to relax. It is a welcoming phrase that can encourage people ready to sit down and recharge. However, studies show that sitting for too long can be unhealthy. When people maintain a sedentary lifestyle, they can find themselves suffering from long-term conditions like obesity and cardiovascular disease. 

Of course, this is not to say that sitting is the end-all-be-all but sitting for too much can be dangerous. A stool can be a healthier alternative that allows you to sit, but also engage the core and burn more calories. 

When you sit on a stool, it is critical to maintain good posture. Otherwise, you are not going to experience the many health benefits. When you have good posture on a stool, you engage your core. When you do this, not only does it eliminate backaches, but it can also help you work toward your beach body goal. 

Why Opt for a Stool at Your Desk

How to Assemble ErgoStool in Three Steps

The ErgoStool assembly instruction is very simple, which is one of its many benefits. Follow the three steps, and you are good to start working!

Before you begin to assemble ErgoStool, you should be able to identify the different parts. 

How to Assemble ErgoStool in Three Steps

The seat is the circular piece with the cushion on the top. You should be able to identify it since it looks the comfiest to sit on. 

The base takes a similar shape to the seat, but it does not have a cushion. 

The leg is the long tube-like part that is going to support your weight while you sit. 

Finally, the connector is the smaller of the two tube-like pieces. 

Once you know which piece is which, you can start assembly. 

1. Assemble ErgoStool Seat

Step one is to take the seat and flip it upside down. Then, secure the connector in the designated spot. 

2. Assemble ErgoStool Base

Identify the base and the leg. Then, attach the leg to the base so that both are conjoined securely. 

3. Connect the Base to the Seat

The final step is to attach the connector to the base using the designated attachments.

Once this step is completed, your ErgoStool is properly assembled. Before sitting down, make sure that all parts are securely attached. 

4. How to Use ErgoStool After Assembly

To raise or lower your ErgoStool, use either of the two buttons found on both sides under the seat. Press down and adjust the stool to the desired height. 

How to Assemble ErgoStool

Pros and Cons of ErgoStool and ErgoStool Assembly Instruction


  • Ergonomic 
  • Health benefits
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weight capacity of 264 pounds
  • Adjustable seat height
  • 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes, and Furnishings


  • Assembly required (but it is easy)

As with any product, there are pros and cons. However, the ErgoStool has few cons, and its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 

To get the most out of the ErgoStool, it is important to maintain good posture. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and don’t be afraid to engage your core. When you have good posture, you can really start to feel the positive effects of an ergonomic stool. 

Perfecting ErgoStool Installation

No matter where you put the ErgoStool, you find that it is a great addition to any space. It is a unique seating surface that many people use to enhance their focus and overall productivity. 

While most people incorporate their ErgoStool into their office space, you can put in just about anywhere. They look great in drawing rooms or unconventional offices. They also work well for standing desks. 

Perfecting ErgoStool Installation


Why Should You Have an Ergonomic Stool?

Ergonomic stools have many appealing benefits. When you put them in your workspace, they can help you maximize performance and maintain energy. By design, you can feel more comfortable and more motivated to get through the day. 

What Makes the ErgoStool Stand Out from Other Stools?

ErgoStool stands out from others not just because it is ergonomic, but because it is designed to make seated workers more active without having to stand up. Using the ErgoStool engages your core and improves circulation so that you feel less achy and more energized than you normally would at the end of the workday. 

What Makes the ErgoStool Stand Out from Other Stools

The ErgoStool was also granted the 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes, and Furnishings. Therefore, it was created consciously, keeping the environment in mind. You should not have to sacrifice workplace comfort to help save the environment. Use the ErgoStool and feel much better about your carbon footprint. 

Does the ErgoStool Affect Posture?

To generate the most positive results from the ErgoStool, it is important to maintain good posture. This is how you experience the health benefits. After using the stool over time, you may start to see better posture in other environments as you grow used to the ErgoStool. 

All in all, the ErgoStool is built for workplace comfort and bringing a healthy compromise to sitting all day. 

Does the ErgoStool Affect Posture

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