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How to Build a Schedule That Can Balance Work and Life

How to Build a Schedule That Can Balance Work and Life

|Sep 23, 2022

Juggling work and office daily is one of the biggest challenges for both office-going and remote workers. You must have a balanced schedule that lets you maintain your social life, along with ensuring your work tasks are not ignored. The sad part is people often fail to maintain a work-life balance in their daily routine.

In most cases, people either overwork or procrastinate their tasks making their life miserable in the end. We all are aware that spending time with family is as important as going to work. But finding time for work, maintaining a social life with friends and family, and taking out some time for your hobbies is very difficult.

We know that you want to jump out of the stressful, overworking, and procrastinating trap and wish to have a stress-free life. No one wishes to kill their social life and become a workaholic, as that is bad for one's health. However, you can only achieve that if you schedule your life properly. “But how would you do that? How to balance life?” We know that these challenging questions must be hitting you lately. That’s why we are here to help.

As you read on, you will learn how to balance your work and life without negatively affecting your productivity at work and social life outside work. We have shared some tips here that will help you create a better work-life balance. Therefore, you will learn how to create balance in your life once you are done reading this blog. 

6 Tips on Balancing Work and Life

Here are six tips that will help you kickstart a stress-free balanced life. Read on to learn more. 

Rank Your Tasks as Per Priorities

Rank Your Tasks as Per Priorities

The foremost thing to do is to create a list of tasks as per their priorities. You might be tempted to keep the fun activities first, but you must be very careful in setting up your priorities. Have you ever heard of the book “Eat that Frog”? That’s exactly what you have to do here.

Your work tasks might look boring and might be something that you are least willing to do, but you must keep them prior to other tasks of the day. Basically, your list of tasks should be such that you are done with the difficult tasks first. 

Create a Schedule

Create a Schedule - balanced schedule

Once you have ranked your tasks, the next important thing is to create a schedule. Following a specific schedule is safer than making amendments to your daily routine. You must set a fixed time for every task that you plan to do round the clock.

From your sleep to work, and from spending time with your family and friends to the time for your hobbies, nothing should be dragged out. You must ensure that you have divided your time justly to create the best schedule.

Remember that completing your tasks way before the deadline is a form of self-care, so never wait for the last day. Create your schedule to have room for any projects or work assignments that you have due earlier. 

Remove Unnecessary Tasks from Your Schedule

Remove Unnecessary Tasks from Your Schedule

Removing unnecessary tasks from your schedule might be one of the toughest tasks for you. You might have added multiple fun activities that are not recommended for people who wish to have a balanced schedule. So, you will have to remove these tasks from your list and keep them for later.

If you are a startup leader, tasks like checking emails and answering phone calls might be among the most time-consuming yet less necessary tasks for you. A good way to deal with such tasks is to outsource them. You may get a virtual assistant to get such tasks done. Certain automated services are also available in the market that can help you with such time-consuming tasks. 

Optimize Your Time

Optimize Your Time

Now that you have created your schedule, it's time to optimize it. You should look for easy ways that can help you maximize and utilize your time to the fullest. Such optimization is most suitable in flexible workplaces. If you have a flexible office arrangement, you will have to visit your office for work. This means plenty of time goes into traveling too. What you can do here is use some alternative commute to avoid the heavy traffic.

You may take a public commute if possible. Otherwise, getting up a bit early and leaving for work before rush hour will be helpful. In addition, once you are in your work zone, avoid spreading tasks over the week. It will be better if you get done with as many meetings in a day as possible so that you can use the rest of the days in your week to complete your work time uninterruptedly. 

Create an Ergonomic Office Space

Create an Ergonomic Office Space

It is important to ponder over professional office décor ideas and give some thought to workplace ergonomics. You should try bringing in more office accessories to boost your productivity and optimize your time in the best way. You may choose the furniture that you feel comfortable working with. Some people like mid-century modern office furniture, while some are interested in modern industrial office furniture.

The good thing is that you can find the best ergonomic office furniture and accessories in our online store. The Autonomous employee purchase program is designed to offer you our best furniture collection at a discounted price. The signing-up procedure is very simple; you are supposed to log on to this program using your corporate email. Doing that opens up an entire avenue of discounts on your screen. So, selecting ergonomic furniture while staying within budget becomes an easy-peasy task. 

Schedule Your Downtime Plans Beforehand

Lastly, everyone needs some time to zone out and relax. Therefore, creating a separate schedule for your downtime is significant. Think of it as a treat for yourself, and plan some vacation for your downtime. You must ensure that your work does not get into the way of your downtime. So, avoid work-related phone calls and rejuvenate yourself during the downtime. 

Bottom Line

We hope that you found this blog on how to create balance in your life insightful. You can implement the tips in your daily life to have a balanced schedule. So, go ahead and make your first move today.

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