Autonomous Tips on How to Buy a Used Office Desk
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Autonomous Tips on How to Buy a Used Office Desk

|Sep 1, 2022

There are numerous benefits of buying used office desks and chairs, provided they are in the right condition. Buying used and second-hand desks will save you a ton of money, especially when you need to take care of a lot of office expenses. Besides being light on the budget, you will also find buying used home office desks and other office furniture second-hand highly beneficial for your business.

But as much as the low price and bulk quantity excite us, it is also more than likely to get scammed or purchase a bad product regarding used office furniture. Hence, we will highlight some tips and tricks to make the right decision when buying used wooden desks and office chairs.

Plan Your Purchase

Plan Your Purchase

Just because you get a used l-shaped office desk in good condition and low price doesn't mean you should buy it. Buying office furniture should be planned thoroughly. Only then will you be making the right purchases and leaving out the items that don't serve you. Make sure to craft a list of the items you need that will help you in your office setup. Don't go for furniture items larger than your available space or smaller than your needs.

Check Out the Pattern

Few scratches and scuffs are inevitable when buying used furniture, but if you see a piece of furniture with lots of scratches all over the surface, it is probably used by multiple people. Also, examine the bolts and screws closely. If one of them is loosened, then you probably cannot rely on the durability no matter how sturdy the furniture still stands. Another thing to keep in mind when examining the screws is to check if one of the screws is different from the rest; this means that the furniture was repaired for serious damage and is not something you should pay your hard-earned money for.

Price Comparison

Price Comparison

Even though it is cheap, shouldn't you be searching for cheaper options? Considering the confusion and fraud in purchasing used office furniture, you must do your entire research before making a purchase. Check out multiple stores physically and online to find the best option for you.

Consider the Weather

Whether used or new, buying furniture for the office should always consider the weather in mind. For instance, if you live in a humid and moisture-prone climate, it is better not to opt for wooden desks as they can swell up or are more prone to termite attacks. Secondly, for used furniture, it is always better to avoid thick padding, upholstery or complex fabric designs because they can transmit bacteria or may have molds.

Don't Ignore Ergonomics

Don't Ignore Ergonomics

Who says if it's ergonomic, it has to cost you a lot of money? Nor is it true that you cannot get ergonomic furniture in a used furniture budget. Even if used, it is important to count the ergonomics of your furniture. Check the desk height, and it should be at a distance of 27 inches at least from your desk. Opting for an office standing desk should have a height range that meets the tallest crowd in your office. For a bit higher than average, the maximum range of your desk should be around 51 inches.

Secondly, ensure the motors work in the ideal condition for an L-shaped standing desk or any large-size standing desk. You don't want your money to be spent on a small standing desk and then find out it doesn't even move when you need it or makes uncontrollable noise.

Purchase Partial Parts

Not up for an old desk surface, but the frame doesn't matter much in looks. Then opt for a used desk frame and get started with a DIY standing desk. This is one of the easiest ways to get a new desk where you can purchase a perfect in-condition desk frame and pair it with a brand-new tabletop. You can also get a reasonable price when you shop with the employee purchase program.

Size of Your Space

Size of your Space to choose used office desk

A desk that is bigger than your needs but lower than your expected price? It is not always right to jump in for such a deal because considering available space is a big essential when buying office furniture. You don't want to cramp up your space with big furniture items without room to move around. This will not only take up extra space but also disrupt the entire layout of your office. This also gives your office a messy and untidy look, which is a big killer of productivity.

Write Down the Measurements

When you are used to furniture shopping, you may not get the exact manufacturer guidelines as one would when purchasing from a first-hand manufacturer of furniture. Hence it is likely to get confused with the size of a desk or any furniture items. It always comes handy to write down the desired measurements of your furniture items. Make sure you have evaluated the space you wish to dedicate to your desk and chair, and then purchase the right type of furniture accordingly.

Consider the Recycling Cost


No matter how good it seems, there is always one thing or two you will have restored in your used furniture. And when buying used furniture, you need to consider that. If it is a chair you plan to purchase and reupholster, it is wise to consider the cost of fabric, handyman cost and all the maintenance costs. Add up the initial cost and compare it with a new chair to determine which option is better. Even if the new chair is a few dollars higher, it is wise to get a new one as you will save hours of work.

Evaluate the Quality

The quality of your used office furniture is also important, and just because it is second-hand doesn't mean it has to bring a lot of compromises in terms of quality. Check for any permanent, irreparable damages, scratches that go deep into the surface and odor that is impossible to remove. You should also check the scuffs or damage on the seat. If the foam is brutally damaged, then there is no wise need to opt for such furniture.

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