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Tips to Have to Productive First Day Back To Work

Tips to Have to Productive First Day Back To Work

|May 6, 2021

We all have imagined multiple times how our first day back to work after quarantine would be. Just like going to school after that long summer break but this time, the break was unforeseen and unwelcomed too. Working from home for months has developed anxiety in many people, and yet many of us have eased into it.

The sudden change in routine months ago took all of us by shock, and many had a hard time transitioning to work from home life. If you cannot wait for the first day back to work after quarantine, then chances are you have been waiting for things to get normal for too long now. We all are.

But as much as a normal routine is awaited, many people will experience going back to work with anxiety. Especially for those suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD), trying to get out of your comfort zone and mingle with the world again is no easy thing.

After all, this long break has had many effects on our productivity and changed how things occur. Working from home is no less than bliss for some people, and some still fret over sitting in their home and writing emails when they could be easily chatting and working with their co-worker.

Effects of Long Break on Work Productivity

Working from home has proven to be beneficial in many ways, and most importantly, several researches have proved work from home to increase productivity. According to a survey carried by American adults, 94% of people are observed to be more productive or even productive to a similar extent while working from home. Only 6% are witnessed to have seen a decline in their productivity.

Effects of Long Break on Work Productivity

There is a strong relationship between the hybrid work model and increased productivity, and hence many businesses have considered making hybrid remote work the future of their business organization. While this will help people who don't like going back to work after holiday, it is also beneficial for many employees. It gives them flexibility, saves commute charges, allows them to work from home with comfort.

To some, all this comes but at the expense of their freedom. Since it is reported that many people have been giving extra hours and no time limit on work since they have started to manage things from home. The constant connection to technology and virtual ways of communicating with colleagues has made many people sit behind desks all day which would have been avoided with a 9-5 work routine.

How to Have a Great First Day Back to Work

Humans are a machine, addicted to a routine or grown too fond of a habit, and any change from that instills anxiety and restlessness in our brain, which is why a sudden shift can bring mood swings and decreased productivity. After a long break at work, the dip in energy, not being able to study after a vacation, or even the inability to work out after a long gym break is all proof that humans don't like a deviation from their routine.

How to Have a Great First Day Back to Work

And as many businesses proceed towards normal (back to the office), employees find it hard to make another transition yet. Many of them hate dressing up in the morning for office, after spending months in Pj, and some even don't like sitting on chairs anymore after working from their beds for so long.

If you are anxious about your first day back to work after vacation, don't worry; while you may not be ready for it, you can get back on track with the right amount of tips in no time.

Have an Agenda

Having a plan is what makes things worthwhile. Before you presume the first day back to work after a break, plan carefully what you want differently this time? It could be a tiny change in routine or a different way to work but adding something new to your first day will not only make it exciting, but you will also find the transition much easier than imagined.

For instance, if you planned to be more organized, how about having some post-it to manage your tasks. Or even make a to-do list every morning to ensure you accomplish each challenge and not skip anything.

Things to Change

Change is constant. Whether it is the way your desktop is set on your desk or a change in habit you have wanted for so long, it is hard to be productive at work, especially on the first day, so how about giving yourself that extra dose of freshness. Start by something as simple as a jog in the morning before you presume to work in the office. Or even a healthy, fuller breakfast, so you don't get too cranky before lunchtime.

Things to Change

You could also change things at the office. The way you greet people, the amount of coffee you consume, try switching it for healthier alternatives, or the way you complete your tasks. A little change can be productive.

Look After Your Health

To have a productive mind, you have to have a healthy body. Feed your brain great things not only in terms of food but other things. Try to listen to a positive talk before heading back to work or maybe even have a positive conversation with a colleague to make things fresh and happy at work.


Many people will be waking up much earlier than they used to while working from home. Some of us just checked emails with a single eye open and still in bed. It's Okay if you did that, but now these habits need to be changed. It is hard to push yourself out of sleep all of a sudden, but with the right music, you can easily lift your mood. Use headphones, so your co-workers don't comment on your music taste too.


Use your Time

It is okay to need some time to make things easier for you. We all need extra time to adjust ourselves to a routine. After all, you don't need to hate yourself by pushing yourself too hard to be the employee of the month since the first day. Learn that transitioning to this routine will take time, but you are not going to give up. Once you take things with a realistic yet challenging approach, you can do a lot better.

Use your Time

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