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Tips to Prevent Scratching of Hardwood Floor due to the Office Chairs

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 5, 2018

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Hardwood floors are always classy and add to the style of any office. However, they are prone to scratches from furniture due to the nature of wood. Hardwood floors look cleaner but are hard to keep them looking mint as they get scratched easily. Office chairs are one of the biggest culprits to make your hardwood floor look ugly. This is due to the fact that office chairs are required to move freely while a person is sitting on them.

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The combined body weight along with the constant movement of the chairs is not a good friend of the hardwood floors. Casters designed to protect the flooring does a decent job of protecting the floors but are still susceptible to cause scratches and chipping of the wooden floors. You will also not want to hide your glossy stylish hardwood floor, so taking care of them is necessary to keep them looking great over time.

Some quick and easy tips can help you keep your hardwood floor free of scuffs and scratches from the regular moving of the office chairs. These tips are not very expensive but do a very acceptable job of protecting your classy flooring.

Never push the office chairs

Dragging any furniture across any kind of floor will damage the floor. Hardwood floors are more susceptible to scratch and scuffing from dragging of any types of furniture. Office chairs are among the furniture that can cause a lot of damage to the floors from the constant movement and weight put on them every day. Office chairs are meant to have the ability to move to provide support to the back of the person sitting on them for a longer time. It, however, is not so floor friendly and can cause scratches and scuffing of the floor.

Additionally, dragging and pushing of furniture across the floor during renovation or changing the position are known to be the biggest cause of hardwood floor damage. We do it unknowingly as pushing the furniture, especially office chairs are easier than lifting them off the floor. It also requires an extra helping hand to lift a office chair from one place to another. Most of the time we push the chairs in place, which is sure to leave some scratches if not major scuffing.

Repairing and changing of hardwood floor is an expensive and time taking affair. It will be a major setback to the normal functioning of any office if you had to replace or repair the floor. Hardwood is a very brittle material which though being strong has a tendency to chip or scratch if you move furniture over the flooring. It requires a lot of attention and care, to keep its glory. Moreover, it is aesthetically pleasing for any office to have a classy and modern look with hardwood floors. It is thus well in demand of the day but comes with some terms and condition to keep it the way it was once installed.

Next time you are planning to rearrange the desks, make sure you are not simply rolling the chairs on the wheels but lifting them up in place. It will surely require more effort and extra manpower to get the work done, but your floor will thank you for years to come for this effort. Just a everyday tip which can be the difference between a old scuffed hardwood floor and a glossy new like a hardwood floor.

Use hardwood casters

Office chairs do come with casters which help in the smooth movement of the office chairs across the floor. Generally, these casters are the normal casters that are suitable for most kind of flooring. While the casters that come with your office chairs will be enough for normal floors, hardwood floors require a little more attention. Hardwood casters are made of softer materials compared to the usual casters that provide extra cushioning of the floor while moving the chairs.

They are pretty easily available and can be fitted by anyone with an idea of using a screwdriver. It is straightforward and not as expensive as repairing a scuffed or scratched hardwood flooring. Additionally, it is a one time task which will bear its fruits in the long run for its efficiency in keeping the hardwood floors safe from scratches and chips.

Your chair casters are basically the pillars that hold the weight of the person sitting on it and transfer it to the floor. If the casters are made of hard material like hard plastic or nylon, it will have a larger impact on the floor and cause major scratches. Alternatively, hardwood casters are made specifically for hardwood floors to reduce the impact on the floor. It is made of softer materials like rubber, neoprene, etc which minimizes the impact on the floor and reduce the chances of scratches.

While it is easier to replace the casters of your office chair with the ones meant to be used on hardwood floors, repairing or replacing the flooring is not all a task you will want to perform. It is also a cost-effective method to reduce the chances of damaging the hardwood flooring. One thing to keep in mind here is, do not use rugs or mats with the hardwood casters as they will hinder the movement and reduce the functionality of the casters.

Use area rugs

Area rugs are the most convenient method of protecting any flooring from the scratches of any chair or furniture. It keeps the furniture away from direct contact with the floor, keeping the floor safe from any chance of getting scratched or damaged by the movement of the furniture. They act as a cushion for the pressure exerted by the chair on the floor by reducing the contact surface and preventing friction. It is an easy, simple and inexpensive way to keep your hardwood floor safe from office chairs and other types of furniture.

Tips to prevent scratching of hardwood floor due to the office chairs

Area Rugs are visually appealing and help to keep the look of the office aesthetically pleasing while protecting the floor. They are very effective in protection floors from scratches and scuffing which are a result of dragging or moving of the furniture on the floors. Office chairs are known to be very irritant on the floors cause of their constant movement and dragging on the floor. The casters of the office chairs if not hardwood protective can add to the effect on the floor.

Area rugs come in many form and colors, so it can match with the office decor and have a pleasing effect inside the effects. Office chairs can still move around freely over the rug which makes it easier for the person sitting on it to move around. It acts as a barrier for the chair to direclty damage the flooring. Most area rugs are quite big that make it easier for the office chair to move around without damaging the floors. Area rugs can also keep other furnitures to be placed on the rags for added protection of the hardwood floor from damage from furniture.

They are fairly inexpensive and allow for easy protection on the hardwood floor that can get easily damaged from the dragging and movement of the chairs. However, keep the area clean before placing the rugs as any particle trapped underneath can cause scratching from moving furniture on top of the floor.

Use furniture pads

Furniture pads are another great inexpensive way to protect your hardwood floor from getting damaged by the regular dragging and movement of the furniture. The pads are made to resist the impact of the moving chair on the floor and prevent from scuffing of the floor. They are usually made of rubbers, of cork which are soft on the hardwood floors. It makes the furniture raised from the floor to prevent direct contact with the floor that can damage the floor. Felt pads are a great option that even allows the furniture to be moved around freely without resistance.

There are various types of furniture pads that helps the hardwood to be protected from the damage caused by the dragging of the furniture. They are easy to place and does not require much setup. You can just lift the furniture a bit and place the pads underneath the legs of the chairs to keep them from actively damaging the hardwood flooring.

Some of the popular style furniture pads that are readily available are:

Adhesive Pads

These are one of the cheapest options to get the protection you need for a hardwood floor. They stick to the bottom of the legs with adhesive on one side and rubber padding on the other that contacts with the floor. Adhesive pads are fairly simple to use and they are effective to a sense, but over time it can get ineffective with the adhesive losing its bonding. They are not a permanent solution for preventing the damage on the floors.

Slip-on Pads

They are different from the adhesive pads as they fit on the legs as caps that prevent the legs from getting in touch with the floor and prevent damage. Slip-on pads are softer and easier to install and does not fall off as the adhesive pads. They are a convenient way to protect the hardwood flooring from the furniture legs coming in contact with the floor. It lastly fairly longer and the soft rubber padding is great for the protection of hardwood floors.

Nail-on Pads

These pads are a bit of a permanent solution as they nail-on or screw-on the legs of the furniture. They are a little difficult to put on the furniture legs as nails or screw need some expertise to get the pads on the furniture. Nail-on pads require them to placed properly as any exposed nail or screw can damage the floor more than it is intended to protect.

Cardboard Pads

While these pads are not permanent or solution for the protection of the floor from the furniture scratches and scuffs. These are more like the DIY pads that you can use before getting a permanent solution for the hardwood floor. You can use some thick piece of cardboard and place it under the furniture legs that will act as pads to prevent damage of the floor.

Regular maintenance and repairing the wheels

No matter what solution you opt to protect the hardwood floors from the furniture scratches, if you do not have regular maintenance it will act against protecting the floors. You office chair casters are one of the biggest threats to the hardwood floors. They can tend to get worn out over time and damage the floors rather than protecting them from the damage.

Office chair casters can get worn out or some particle of dust or pebble get trapped inside the casters that can cause greater damage to the floors. The particle trapped on the caster will result in dragging of the wheels over the floor that will result in scratch or damage of the floor. Other issues that can cause a great nuisance are the pads and mats that can also trap some particles on the mat or rug which can damage the floor.

Additionally, loose wheels and pads can make the office chairs roll over the hardwood floor without any issue and cause damage to the floor. Cleaning and maintenance of the caster, pads, and rugs will ensure that the floor is undamaged and the protection holds up for a longer time.

Final Verdict

Hardwood floors are very fragile to get damaged and scratched by the office chairs and other furniture. They are expensive to replace or repair which can be disruptive for most offices. Few simple and easy tips will help you preserve your hardwood floor from getting damaged. These are not very expensive but is really efficient in preventing any major damage on the floors. Not only will using these tips individually works great but also combining them together can provide added protection to the hardwood flooring. Moreover, make a note to have regular maintenance of the protection you use to keep it in perfect working condition and prevent damage.

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