Top 10 Anti-Fatigue Mat Benefits that Prove You Need One
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Top 10 Anti-Fatigue Mat Benefits that Prove You Need One

|Nov 2, 2020

A lot of people find making the transition to standing desks difficult. It’s not as simple as just raising your desk and being on your way.

While your back isn’t going to hurt like it used to, your legs and feet can. If you’re accustomed to sitting for eight to 10 hours per day, then the pressure change is a big shift.

Your body is going to struggle to adjust. While you are going to get used to it eventually, that can take a while. If you don’t fancy breaking yourself into the standing desk lifestyle, you can opt for an anti-fatigue mat. 

Anti-fatigue mats are essentially posture correctors for when you’re working standing up. Owning one is going to increase your productivity, reduce pain, and, all in all, make the transition that much easier.

There are countless anti-fatigue mats and many benefits for the long-time standers, too. So if you’ve already made the adjustment and need something to give your productivity a kick, these mats can do that too. 

We’re going to break down the top 10 anti fatigue mat benefits that you get from using it. We’re also going to determine whether or not it’s worth you buying one or giving it a miss. 

1. Relieve Back Pain

The most obvious anti-fatigue mat benefit is the fact that it relieves back pain. While standing alone is going to help get rid of your sore back, adding the mat into the mix makes the pain dull even faster.

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to deliver lumbar support and help your spine hold angles and positions proven to reduce back pain. 

How much your back hurts is all about how it’s bent. The worse the curve, the worse the pain. Standing up gets rid of the initial arch that your back is under when you work, and the mat helps to straighten it out. 

So if you’ve just moved away from sitting down at your desk to standing, and you find that your back pain is still there, an anti-fatigue mat might be the extra bit of spine support that you need. 

Relieve Back Pain

2. Fixes Your Posture

Just like sitting posture, your standing posture is directly related to your back pain. Given that an ergonomic floor mat benefit is the reduction of back pain, it’s only natural that your posture is going to follow suit. 

When you spend all day hunched over a keyboard, your back develops an arch. Your spine then holds this arch even when you’re not bent over. This position causes that head down, shoulders up posture that you see when you look in a mirror. 

Standing instead of sitting is going to help this, but not by a ton. Unless you’re making a conscious effort to straighten yourself out, the anti-fatigue mat benefits you get in this department are negligible. 

However, when you use an anti-fatigue mat, you get the benefit of a straight spine. The mat forces you to stand in a certain position. This position naturally straightens you out, meaning you’re going to be passively fixing your posture without even thinking about it. 

Fixes Your Posture

3. Improves Your Energy

What most people expect when they switch to a standing desk is more fatigue. In reality, though, you’re going to be getting an energy boost. 

When you suddenly start doing all that standing, your body begins to use up more calories. This calorie consumption tricks your brain into thinking that it’s working out, which causes the production of Endorphin chemicals. 

These chemicals give you a mood boost, but more importantly, you get an energy boost as well. 

When you throw a mat into this mix, the effect is amplified. You’re forced to straighten yourself out. This not only forces more Endorphins to be produced but increases your circulation, as well.

You’re more attentive, resulting in higher energy levels for sustained periods. 

Improves Your Energy

4. Anti Fatigue Mats Message Your Instep

One of the biggest issues that new ergonomic workers face is foot pain. You’re not used to being on your feet eight hours per day, so you’re going to be feeling it. 

The pain you experience is similar to the type you get when you first begin working a fast food or retail job. So if you have that experience, then you know what we’re saying. 

Thankfully, one of the ergonomic floor mat benefits you get can help combat that. 

The mats are designed on a slope, with a ridged surface, and a two-inch rise. These design choices help message the instep of your foot and relieve foot pain by a drastic amount. Let's get one and experience this standing desk mat benefit.

Anti Fatigue Mats Message Your Instep

5. It has Two Modes

Another anti-fatigue mat benefits is two modes. The Anti-fatigue mat is developed with a slope. What that means is that you have two ways to use it. You can work on an incline or a decline. 

Why is this important? Well, the key to getting the most out of an ergonomic workstation is variety. You need to constantly switch up your posture and position to keep yourself focused. 

These varied macro movements help keep you attentive and energized at your desk throughout the day, meaning you don’t need to worry about crashing four hours into your session. 

The mats are so effective that specialized research has soon a fatigue decrease of 50% percent in people that use them.

It has Two Modes

6. It Fights Off Heart Disease

Standing desks are well known for being a way to ward off heart disease. What isn’t as well known is why that is. 

The decreased heart disease risk is directly related to calorie burn. When you’re using a standing desk, you’re burning more calories, which makes heart disease development less likely. 

Using that logic, it’s safe to say that anti-fatigue mats also lower the risk of heart disease. You already know that using one gives you increased calorie burn, and decreased heart disease risk is just an extra benefit that comes with that. So, you should schedule sit-stand session with a mat in your office.

 It Fights Off Heart Disease

7. Anti-Fatigue Mats Help Joint Pain

Asking is an anti-fatigue mat worth it is a difficult question. It all depends on your specific circumstance. 

One such circumstance that makes anti-fatigue mats worth it is if you suffer from joint pain. 

It’s counter-intuitive, but research has shown that standing desk mats can help to relieve joint pain, as well as stop the development of varicose veins. It is an increadible anti-fatigue mat benefit. 

Anti-fatigue mats are also great for helping women with pregnancy pains, although you should be careful if you plan on standing all day while you’re pregnant. 

Anti-Fatigue Mats Help Joint Pain

8. Prevents Slips and Trips

Anti-fatigue mats are specifically designed to be anti-slip. The texture of the mat is going to keep it firmly situated on the floor, and not go shooting out from under you.

Even on wet floors, the mat is still going to remain solidly in place. 

Wet floor slips are the number one most common injury cause at work, so doing anything you can to prevent one is a major anti-fatigue mat benefit

Prevents Slips and Trips

9. More Time More Money

Standing desk mat benefits work incredibly well with one another. 

On the one hand, you have direct benefits that prevent disease, injuries, accidents, and help you work better for longer. 

Then, as a result of those benefits, you get even more time to make more money. 

Let us explain, while you’re going to be able to work for longer with an anti-fatigue mat, you would otherwise still be prone to sick leave. 

However, the fact that the mat combats disease and injuries means that you take less time off work, further increasing your earning potential. You’re going to be more productive for longer periods. It’s a win-win situation. 

10. Happier at Work

Money is great and all, but what point is a good job if you’re not happy with it? 

Anti-fatigue mats help produce Endorphins, as we said, but we really can’t overstate how valuable that is. 

Your mood in work is the cornerstone from which all other aspects of your job are built. It affects your productivity, earning potential, communication skills, and more. 

When you use a standing mat, you feel better in yourself. You’re less stressed out, meaning you’re getting more work done. 

This maximizes your productivity, earning potential, and helps you actually enjoy your job, which is invaluable. 

Happier at Work

How to Tell if You Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mat benefits, while powerful, are not for everyone. That being said, a mat is a small investment, so there’s no harm in getting one either way. If you’re on a really tight budget, though, you need to assess whether or not you actually need one. 

First things first, do you actually have a standing desk? If you answer no, then there is obviously no point in getting a mat. 

After that, you need to start looking at physicality. Do you suffer from pains in your joints or feet? Then a standing mat is going to benefit you tremendously. 

Following that, you start looking at the mental benefits. If you find yourself constantly getting stressed and irritated, then a standing mat might be just what you need. 

If you dread starting your work every day, but don’t actually mind it once you get into it, then again, a mat is going to do you a world of wonder.

But don’t forget to use it with your ergonomic office chair cause many research said that you should switch between sitting and standing. Standing for hours could damage your posture.

How to Tell if You Need an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Pros and Cons of Anti-Fatigue Mats


  • Energizes you.
  • Helps relieve pain.
  • Increases your earning potential.


  • Takes some getting used to.
  • Can be uncomfortable if you don’t adjust properly.

How to Choose an Anti-fatigue Mat?

Achieving success usually means having the right tools available, such as ergonomic floor mats. Benefit features are plentiful, as we’ve discussed earlier. However, choosing the right productivity product can be tough. Most people require more than one!

how to choose

However, right now, we’re focused on the anti-fatigue mat. Though you might be worried more about desk accessories for home office spaces, it’s about more than that. Yes, you want a comfortable space, and having pictures and other items around can do that. However, you also need to consider employee wellbeing, which is more than just the colors on the wall and coffee mugs.

An anti-fatigue mat is sure to help you get more work done, focus on productivity, and reduce leg and foot pain when you’re working long hours. Here are things to consider when buying one:


Before purchasing your anti-fatigue mat, you should see how much pressure it holds. Usually, the description mentions a maximum bodyweight. When you pick the right one that matches your physique, it does its job well.

For example, you don’t want to pick up a mat that’s designed for a person weighing 150 pounds if you’re 250. That’s not a good fit, and it might not offer the right amount of cushioned support to protect your legs and feet from pain.


It’s crucial to determine the resiliency of your anti-fatigue mat because it greatly influences your comfort level while standing on it.

Usually, soft mats don’t last very long compared to more resilient ones. A quality rubber mat can improve your blood circulation. Plus, it stimulates the leg muscles to encourage minute posture changes to increase blood flow.


However, you can’t choose an anti-fatigue mat that’s too hard, either. You’re creating more pressure on the legs, which increases leg tiredness and reduces productivity.

There should be balance with your anti-fatigue mat so that it’s responsive and comfortable. When you step off it, the mat should quickly return to its natural shape. That way, you receive more comfort as you step back down on it.

Safety Features

Safety is also a concern for anti-fatigue mats. It must sit on the floor and stay in one spot. Typically, rubber mats use beveled edges to avoid slipping or becoming a tripping hazard. That means you can safely move while on and off the mat.


If yours doesn’t offer that, don’t worry. You can use double-sided tape (the heavy-duty variety) to keep it in place. However, if possible, find one with a textured surface to promote traction.


When purchasing your anti-fatigue mat, thickness is a huge concern. If it’s too thick, it’s not going to support the body appropriately. However, if it’s too thin, it tires the legs and creates pain instead of relieving it.

We recommend choosing a mat that’s 3/8-inch to 1 inch thick. However, be aware that if it’s thicker, it could pose a tripping hazard. Look for one with a tapered edge to offset that issue. The wider it tapers, the better you are.

Material Quality

You can find various materials for your anti-fatigue mat, such as vinyl, rubber, gel, and foam. This significantly affects the effectiveness and quality of your mat.

Figure out where you plan to use it most. Is it a high-traffic area, or is the space slippery? These factors are critical when picking the right mat for the office.


Vinyl and soft foam aren’t ideal. They often force you to stay balanced throughout the day. The goal is to relax the body to avoid pain and discomfort.

Usually, it’s best to go with a mat made of high-density foam covered in a sturdy material. They’re sure to distribute your weight more evenly. On top of that, the material doesn’t curl up and cause a tripping hazard.


Your anti-fatigue mat should withstand the test of time, meaning it’s highly durable. You don’t want to spend money every year on a new mat. While there are inexpensive ones out there, they’re usually inferior when it comes to quality.

The right mat is strong and can withstand general wear. It should also be resistant to punctures, water, and stains. With that, you should be able to clean it easily. While you can’t toss it in the washing machine or dryer, you can wipe it down quickly with a soft cloth and use everyday household cleaning products.


Though the price shouldn’t be your only reason to buy something, it is important. Those on a budget may want to splurge and get a decent mat instead of an inexpensive and cheap version. If they’re low-quality, they’re sure to break down easily and not be durable.


Spend a little more and get an anti-fatigue mat that fulfills its purpose and supports your body. They’re durable, and you don’t have to replace them as quickly.

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