10 Folding Laptop Desks for Sitting and Standing
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10 Folding Laptop Desks for Sitting and Standing

Autonomous|Nov 14, 2022

Workstations have evolved a lot throughout the years. It is now quite common to alternate between sitting and standing thanks to the availability of height-adjustable desks to the general population. These desks have allowed thousands of people to improve their habits and enjoy numerous benefits, from reduced back pain to better focus and productivity.

That's why, for today's article, we're listing ten of the best folding laptop desks for those looking forward to improving their workstations and making them more ergonomic. 

Top 10 Folding Laptop Desks for Work from Home

1.  Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

The first option is a standing desk converter that you can also use as a foldable laptop desk for your bed. You can adjust its height from 4.3" to 19.9", allowing you to raise the height of your screen to the level you find more comfortable. Plus, the standing desk configuration allows you to switch to standing easily, allowing you to alternate between two setups without too much effort. The desktop has enough space for two monitors, too!

Desktop dimensions 37.4"L x 15.7"W
Keyboard tray dimensions ‎26"L x 10.2"W
Height range 4.3" - 19.9"
Color Black
Weight capacity 37 lbs
Warranty 10 years

2.  Modernsolid Mobile Computing Cart with CPU Holder

Modernsolid offers a mobile height adjustable desk that includes several convenient features, such as sturdy casters with integrated brakes for mobility or the foldable keyboard tray that also includes a wrist pad. Of course, it is height-adjustable and also includes a tiltable monitor mount. A good addition over other options is that it includes a separate mouse support tray that you can choose to attach to the left or the right side, based on your preferences. It also includes a mouse pad.

Dimensions Product: 27.56”L x 27.56”W x 72.83”H
CPU: 1.97" - 9.45”W x 19.69”H
Mouse tray: 8.43"W x 10.11"D
Material ‎Aluminum alloy
Monitor mount loading 2.2 - 13.2 lbs
CPU holder loading Up to 11.02 lbs
Warranty 2 years

3.  Uncaged Ergonomics CHANGEdesk Standing Desk Riser: Converter

This standup desk converter has an interesting foldable design. It is a good option for laptop or single-monitor users due to its compact size and portability. You can adjust its height from 4.5" to 21.5", making it slightly taller than your average folding laptop desk for a bed. It also includes a convenient keyboard tray that has enough space for a keyboard and a mouse. The compact size of this standup desk makes it perfect for people who like to change their workstations quite often.

Dimensions Keyboard tray: 23.75” x 6.5”
Mouse pad: 7” x 6.6”
Footprint: 18” x 25.25”
Material ‎High strength steel, laminate
Height range 4” - 21.5”
Color Black
Weight capacity 30 lbs
Warranty 3 months

4.  FENGE Standing Desk Converter: 30” Height-Adjustable

Here we have a cost-effective and very minimalistic standing desk converter. The legs are made from resistant metal, while the surface is made from MDF. You can adjust the height between 2.2" and 16.1". Although it is a bit smaller than the other options listed, it can also be comfortable for people who prefer working from their beds. The smaller size also grants it more portability compared to other choices.

Dimensions 30”L x 20”W x 2.2” - 16.1”H
Material ‎Wood, metal, MDF
Height range 2.2” - 16.1”
Color Black
Weight capacity 22 lbs
Warranty 1 year

5.  Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk: Lockable Casters

If you wish to position yourself however you want at any time, then this Mount-It! sit-stand desk can be the right option for you. It is more suitable for laptop users but still includes height adjustability (29" to 42"). It can support up to 33 lbs. Furthermore, the lockable casters make it an excellent choice for those who are constantly switching from one area to another throughout their work day.

Desktop dimensions 27" x 20" x 29" - 41.75"
Material ‎Steel, aluminum, MDF & PVC
Height range 29" - 42"
Color Black
Weight capacity 33 lbs
Warranty 10 years

6.  Uncaged ergonomics CHANGEdesk Mini Standing Desk: Converter

This is another option from Uncaged Ergonomics. It has a few differences from the previous model. The height adjustability includes four lockable positions – three, six, ten, and fourteen inches. Plus, the lightweight and portable design make it quite convenient for those who tend to work outside the home on selected days. You don't have to assemble it. All you have to do is unpack it, choose your preferred setting, and your new portable folding laptop desk will be ready for use.

Dimensions 27.5”L x 19.5”W
Material ‎Aluminum & MDF
Height range 3” - 14”
Color Black, White
Weight capacity 20 lbs
Warranty 3 months

7.  Modernsolid Mobile Laptop Cart

This folding laptop table for a couch is an excellent option for those that don't require too much space to work comfortably. The base includes a heat-dissipation design that will help you keep your laptop at optimal temperature at all times. Plus, it is height-adjustable and can support up to 35.1 lbs. It also includes an additional compartment for your mouse, which you can adjust along with the laptop base.

Dimensions Product: 27.56”L x 27.56”W x 53.15”H
Laptop holder: 11.42"D x 15.75"W
Mouse tray: 7.09"D x 8.66"W
Material ‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loading Up to 11 lbs
Color Black
Warranty 2 years

8.  Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter with Gas Spring

The next choice can be a bit more comfortable for people who require more space. You can place two monitors or a laptop and one monitor together. It also includes a keyboard tray with enough surface area for you to place your keyboard and mouse without problems. You can adjust its height from 6.25” to 16.5”. Although it is a bit smaller than most options, it has an improved weight capacity of 37.5 lbs and grants you a wider work area for you to place the accessories you need.

Dimensions Desktop: 36.25" x 22"
Keyboard tray: 26.75" x 9"
Height range 6.25" - 16.5"
Color Black
Weight capacity 37.5 lbs
Warranty 10 years

9.  Mount-It! Mobile Cart with Monitor Mount & CPU Holder

The next choice includes several adjustment options for you to find the best settings according to your preferences. It is compatible with screens of up to 32” and 17.6 lbs. Plus, you can adjust the monitor bracket height from 37” to 69”, which grants it a higher range than most of the options listed. The keyboard tray is height-adjustable too, from 35" to 66.5". All of these features make it an excellent deal, and the inclusion of a CPU holder makes it a good choice for desktop users.

Keyboard tray height 35" - 66.5"
Keyboard tray dimensions ‎25.7"W x 9.6"D
Monitor bracket height 37" - 69"
Color Black
Warranty 10 years

10.  Mount-It! Sit-Stand Desk Converter with Dual Monitor Mount

The last folding standing desk we’ll list also comes from mount it. This time, it includes a dual-monitor mount that supports screens of up to 33 lbs and 27". The main surface has enough space for you to place several desk accessories and your peripherals, and the overall desktop height can be adjusted from 6.25" to 16 inches. This folding laptop table for a couch can be a great choice for those who would like to continue using their dual-monitor setup in a compact setting.

Dimensions Top surface: 36.25" x 22"
Keyboard tray: 26.75" x 9"
Desktop height ‎6.25" - 16"
Color Black
Weight capacity 33 lbs
Warranty 10 years

The Bottom Line

We have listed ten different options you can choose from for a folding laptop desk. If you would like to take into account even more options, we recommend you take a look at some corner standing desk converters so you can have a better insight into how to improve your workstation and make it more comfortable.

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