Top 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Office
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Top 10 Ideas To Decorate Your Office

|Mar 1, 2021

The decision to decorate your office is the first step to improving your work environment and boosting productivity. Not only is it a great decision for your productivity and mental health, but it is also just a lot of fun.

If you’re at a loss as to how to decorate an office without spending too much money or effort, then here is a list of convenient office decorating ideas!

1.   Lighting

Lighting is integral to any living space. It is even more important in a workspace. When you decorate your office, make sure to bring in different light fixtures or decorations to maximize the brightness of the area.

Proper lighting lessens the strain on your eyes when you’re working. A bright space also keeps you focused and less sleepy and drowsy. Save the blackout blinds and dim yellow lights for your bedroom, and get some pretty lamps and light fixtures to brighten up your office space!


2. Area Rugs

A great office decorating idea is to bring area rugs or carpets. Even if it is a small space, having a nice rug or carpet can make the workspace more comfortable to work in. The rugs don't have to be extremely elaborate. A simple white rug can do wonders to brighten up space.

Area Rugs

3. Snack Jars

Everyone gets a little peckish during office hours. All that work can get you hungry faster than you think. While not on your lunch break, you can quickly eat a snack from a handy snack jar. Snack jars can be full of anything you’d like, candy, biscuits, dry fruits, the works!

Alternatively, they serve a decorative purpose. Pretty snack jars on your adjustable standing desk can be a fun way to decorate the work desk. You can find any sort of jars for the purpose; you can even make your own!

4. Greenery

Even if you truly despise nature, you’re not immune to the allure of a house plant or the occasional succulent. Plants and flowers are the perfect way to liven up the office space, purify the air, and get in touch with nature without the bugs.

Greenery is the perfect office decorating idea as it is the simplest. A small succulent or a vase of fresh flowers don’t have to be chosen according to the aesthetic and work as decorations on their own. Not only are the plants themselves decorative, but the pots, vases, and containers serve a decorative purpose.


5. Practical Storage

No amount of drawers, shelves, or baskets are ever enough storage space. Instead of struggling for storage space, you can invest in practical yet beautiful storage options. You can invest in some floating shelves or some office supply storage options.

There is a range of storage jars, organizational baskets, cute trays, and magazine holders that you can invest in. Even something as simple as a pen stand can decorate your office. Not only do they serve functional purposes, but they work as great decorative pieces.

Practical Storage

6. Scents

The sense of smell is incredibly important. Bad-smelling office space can significantly lower productivity and make you seem like a slob. Even if your office space doesn't smell bad per se, having scented candles and such can serve multiple functions.

When you decorate your office space, keep a few scented candles around. Maybe it is on that cute floating shelf you got or right on your desk. They will look incredible and make your office smell great!

If scented candles pose a fire hazard, essential oil diffusers are a great alternative. Scents like peppermint work to energize and motivate you. So, if you find yourself lazing around, your favorite scent is bound to wake you right up!


7.   Pillows

With your comfortable ergonomic chair should come some additional comforts. As much as you appreciate the lumbar support the office chair offers, there’s nothing wrong with a throw pillow to increase the comfort level.

A throw pillow is a perfect mixture of comfort and fashion when decorate your office at work. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles. They’re not too big to have around in your office either; they can sit nicely on your chair without bothering you.

You also have a comfortable pillow for that much needed afternoon nap!

Throw pillows are available in almost every store and don’t require a large sum of money to purchase. You can also just take a pillow from your own house for that added comfort factor.

8. Art

Art is the ideal way to decorate your office at work. You can get some office desk DIY art pieces, or you can hang them on your walls. Regardless of where they are placed, they instantly decorate a space without any additional requirements.

The choice of art depends completely on what you prefer. It could be framed photos you found at a flea market or a local artist’s paintings. Make sure to get a nice sturdy frame that matches the aesthetic you’ve chosen for your office space.


9. Office Furniture

The best office decorating idea has to do with your office furniture. There are no hard rules concerning office furniture. If you want an office desk in white oak with a bright pink office chair, then go for it.

Your office furniture can work as statement pieces in your office decorating. They serve an important function while also being decorative. This isn’t to say buy a desk purely for the aesthetic, but it doesn’t hurt to choose a good looking desk or chair.

Office Furniture

10. Pictures

The quickest way to decorate an office is with pictures. Pictures add some warmth and homely feeling back into a work environment. Being able to see your friends and family or happy memories can definitely motivate you to work a little harder.

How to decorate an office with photos: photo frames, bunting, and more can be used to display the pictures and serve as decoration. Pretty photo frames on your desk or a few note holders with your favorite pictures can help brighten up your office and your day!


Decorate your office space wisely, spend some time making the decisions as you’re spending a significant amount of time in the space. Getting some comfortable throw pillows or some pretty light fixtures make the workspace more inviting. You won’t need to struggle to find the motivation to work with a nicely decorated office!

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