Top 10 Laptop Desks for Bed for Those Working from Home
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Top 10 Laptop Desks for Bed for Those Working from Home

|Nov 16, 2022

Working from home has become quite common in today’s world. However, as good as it may sound, it can be a bit hard to be productive at home without the proper equipment. It's also important to take into account that everyone has a different working style. Some people like to work sitting at a desk, while others prefer working from their beds.

If you prefer to work in bed with your laptop, maybe a laptop desk with a standard desk converter for bed can help you be a bit more comfortable while you're at it. It can help you turn your bed into a convenient workstation for those days when you don’t feel like leaving such a comfortable place.

Top 10 Laptop Desks for Bed

If you’re looking for a bedside laptop table, here we have a few options you can take into account.

1.  Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk: Lockable Casters

Here we have one of the most versatile options on the list. This mobile standing desk on wheels is an excellent choice for a bedroom workspace. The height adjustment and lockable casters make it easy to set it up anywhere you'd like. Plus, it comes with a few extra features that make it more complex than a regular laptop stand for beds, including a tablet holder and cable holes for easy wire management. It can hold up to 33 lbs with ease, and you can raise it up to 37.8 inches.

Desktop dimensions27" x 20" x 29" - 41.75"
Material‎Steel, aluminum, MDF & PVC
Height range29" - 42"
Weight capacity33 lbs
Warranty10 years

2.  Mount-It! Mobile Cart with Monitor Mount & CPU Holder

The Mount-It! store has several adjustable laptop desks for beds available, and this one happens to be one of the most customizable. It includes an adjustable keyboard tray, which includes a 180º swivel so you can find the perfect position for your peripherals. Plus, it is height-adjustable up to 70 inches, making it an excellent choice for tall users. It supports screens with a size of 17 inches and up to 32 inches and includes security belts for both the monitor and the CPU.

Keyboard tray height35" - 66.5"
Keyboard tray dimensions‎25.7"W x 9.6"D
Monitor bracket height37" - 69"
Warranty10 years

3.  Modernsolid Mobile Computing Cart with CPU Holder

Next up, we have a mobile computing cart that works perfectly for people with enclosed spaces but who prefer using desktop computers. You can use it with screens as big as 27 inches and 13.2 lbs, and it is compatible with VESA mounts.  It has enough space for you to place your peripherals and work without disturbances. Plus, the keyboard tray is foldable and includes a wrist pad. You can also adjust the angle of the keyboard tray and the swivel of the screen mount. It’s an excellent mobile height-adjustable desk for all users.

DimensionsProduct: 27.56”L x 27.56”W x 72.83”H
CPU: 1.97" - 9.45”W x 19.69”H
Mouse tray: 8.43"W x 10.11"D
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Monitor mount loading2.2 - 13.2 lbs
CPU holder loadingUp to 11.02 lbs
Warranty2 years

4.  Modernsolid Mobile Laptop Cart

The Modernsolid Mobile Laptop Cart is another good option for people with little space available, too. It has a sturdy construction and a relatively compact size, making it quite easy to place it anywhere. It can work great in bedroom workstations, too. It includes a burglar-proof security bar, a burglar security bar, and a heat dissipation base that can help your laptop maintain its temperature regulated. Furthermore, the castors include a break to keep your workstation stationary when and move it when needed.

DimensionsProduct: 27.56”L x 27.56”W x 53.15”H
Laptop holder: 11.42"D x 15.75"W
Mouse tray: 7.09"D x 8.66"W
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loadingUp to 11 lbs
Warranty2 years

5.  Modernsolid Rolling Computer Cart: Height Adjustable

The Modernsolid Rolling Computer Cart is not only height-adjustable but also quite convenient for those who want extra storage space for stationery, like pencils, rulers, or scissors. Furthermore, it includes a slide-in-and-out keyboard tray that can contribute to the organization of your workstation. It includes a mouse pad and burglar bar for security, a common addition to many of the mobile computer carts available in the Modernsolid store.

Dimensions16.54”L x 19.61”W x 46.03” - 55.87”H
Material‎Aluminum alloy
Laptop holder loadingUp to 11 lbs
Height adjustment46.03” - 55.87”
Weight capacity11 - 22 lbs
Monitor mount loadingup to 17.6 lbs
Warranty3 years

6.  Mount-It! Bamboo Laptop Tray Bed Stand

Sometimes, you don't feel like sitting but work while laying on your bed instead. However, it's not exactly comfortable to put your laptop on your lap and work. However, this Mount-It! Bamboo Laptop Tray Bed Stand can make things easier for you. Besides being cost-effective, it tilts your laptop's screen to the right angle to make sure you have a good field of view. Plus, the spacious surface allows you to place multiple items at the same time and enjoy your work session while lying in bed.

Dimensions11.75"D x 19"L
Height adjustment6.75" - 9.5"
Material‎Bamboo wood
Weight capacity22 lbs
Warranty10 years

7.  LapGear Home-Office Lap Desk

Whether you prefer to recline on the bed or perhaps lounge on the couch, the LapGear Home-Office Lap Desk is a good choice. It'll allow you to comfortably place your laptop, phone, and perhaps an external mouse with it. Plus, the design of this computer bed desk makes it quite convenient for people who are constantly working from different places. You'll be able to work comfortably wherever you are!

LapGear Home-Office Laptop desk for bed

8.  SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk

 The SAIJI Laptop Bed Tray Desk is quite stylish and comfy. It has enough space for you to place most laptops and a mouse. Plus, it has two small storage spaces that you can use to store, for instance, your earphones or similar small items. It has a portable design and is available in three different colors. It’s a bit unsteady on softer surfaces, but it works perfectly fine in most spaces.

9.  Inbox Zero Adjustable Eight-Position Laptop Tray

If you truly want to be comfortable while working from your bed, this laptop stand for bed is for you. It includes a soft cushion for improved comfort, and it can also work wonderfully for books. Although it lacks height adjustability and has a basic design, it can be a nice option for those who prefer keeping things simple.

Inbox Zero Adjustable Eight-Position Laptop Tray

10.  Nnwvante Adjustable Laptop Desk

Here we have an adjustable laptop desk for the bed with several features included. You can adjust its height until you can find a position that suits you better. Plus, it includes a built-in cooling fan to keep your laptop at optimal temperature at all times. The only downside we could find for this desk is the price and its heaviness.


Most of the above laptop desks for beds aren't very expensive and have simple construction, making it quite easy to set up your workstation and start taking care of your responsibilities without hesitation. Now, let's pick out your favorite one and start shopping with us!

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