Top 10 Reasons to Clean your Office Chair Regularly for Hygiene and Longevity
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Top 10 Reasons to Clean your Office Chair Regularly for Hygiene and Longevity

|Nov 4, 2018

Office chairs are among the stuff we use almost every day for long hours. Keeping your office chair clean will not only keep germs away but also increase the longevity of the chairs. Most of the office chairs are modern ergonomic office chairs that have many movable parts. Overtime with regular usage it can wear or the joints loosen. Dust and moisture also accumulate on the metal parts that can cause rust and degeneration of the joints in the ergonomic chairs. Keeping it clean and free from such substances can make the chairs last longer than usual.

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Regular maintenance of the chairs might be a good idea for keeping the office chairs germs free and in good shape. It also ensures the ergonomic chairs work the way they are intended without causing trouble to the person sitting on them regularly. Regular maintenance will also draw attention to the chairs that are losing their functionality or need a repair. It is essential, as a bad chair can be the root cause for many health problems like back pains, stress, sprains, and other such neck and back problems. A broken ergonomic chair can be more harm than good for the person sitting on it, so regular maintenance and cleaning is not something you will want to skip.

Additionally, overtime with sitting on the chairs, the seat can get smelly with sweat and moisture. Most office spaces are closed within walls and do not have much ventilation. This can make the seats get really bad and smelly from regular usage. In order to avoid the embarrassment and an uncomfortable scene in the office, regular cleaning of the office chairs is a must.

10 reasons to clean your office chairs at regular intervals

Like every other office equipment need regular maintenance and cleaning, office chairs need the same attention for a healthy work environment. Office chairs are the silent supporters in your office which handle a lot of pressure and weight throughout its lifetime without crying for help. It needs your attention to keep itself in proper shape and allow the person sitting on them a comfortable time inside the office. The person sitting on the chairs must feel comfortable to work with best efforts and increase the productivity of the whole organization.

It is Healthy

Keeping the chairs that you use regularly clean is healthy, to say the least. A chair in an office is the most used equipment that needs to be kept clean and hygienic. You are more likely to spend most of your time sitting on the same chair that overtime can get really dirty. Germs and sweat make it a grossy affair for people using it every day for long hours.

It is healthy for office workers with cleaner seats and chairs to feel fresh and motivated to work. Additionally, chairs are probably the germ carriers which we ignore constantly. They can spread germs, hairs, skin particles and other gross kinds of stuff across the office. Probably chairs are the most ignored part of any office, even tables see more dusting and cleaning than the chairs. Start including chairs in the regular cleaning jobs around the office.

Loosen nuts and joints

Most ergonomic chairs have many joints and connections that can get lose from usage over time. Regular maintenance of the office chairs will be really necessary to ensure the joints function as intended. Overtime and ignoring can make the joints loose and they won’t function well to support the back well. It can rather be useless at that point without regular attention on the nuts and joints.

Cleaning regularly will make you aware of any such lose nuts and ensure they are properly tightened. Loosen nuts and joints can cause injuries and hurt the back of the person sitting on them, which can be very dangerous for any office. Keeping the joints well oiled and clean ensures proper movement of the parts that support the body.

Accumulation of dust

Dust is one of the components which are not visible to eyes but can be very harmful to any office environment. Ergonomic office chairs come with mesh and upholstery which can attract a lot of dust. The worst part of dust is, it is only visible only when in large amount. However, trust me there is more dust on the chairs you consider clean. They might look clean but there are minute particles that can be really irritating for the people inside the office.

Dust is also one of the common allergens that can irritate the people allergic and make them really sick. Dust allergies are very common and office chairs can be the dust accumulator due to the design and material that attract dust. Office chairs are in constant contact with the people sitting on them which makes it very easy for dust particles to enter the respiratory system. If a person happens to be allergic to dust, the condition can get bad very quickly. It is always a right step to vacuum the chairs regularly to keep out the dust.

Rust formation

Office chairs consist of a metal frame to provide extra support and sturdiness for the weight they carry for a long period of time every day. The metal parts can accumulate rust over time from moisture in the atmosphere. Rust is a slow poison for metals and can damage the chairs greatly. It can hinder the smooth movement of the part and cause friction. Dust is another factor that plays into the hands of rust causing it to form even in lower humidity condition.

Regular cleaning of the office chairs will keep it dust free and prevent the rust from getting an opportunity to form on the metal portions. You cannot avoid rust completely as overtime metal will oxidize with the oxygen in the air and form rust. What you can do is, oil your chairs properly and get some anti-rust coating after few years interval if you want to preserve your expensive ergonomic office chair.

Reduce functionality and movement

If you do not take proper care of the office chairs, over time it will accumulate dust, get rusty or get loose joints. These factors combined or individually can reduce the effectiveness of office chairs, especially if it an ergonomic office chair with many moveable parts that support the body. To keep the office chair in the intended condition and functionality, it is essential for you to have regular maintenance.

Ergonomic chairs provide the optimum support to the joints and back with its ergonomic shapes and movable parts to enact the body’s movement pattern. Unless the movable parts act the way they are intended to, it can cause strain on the back. It can result in some long-term effects if the support is misaligned or provide the wrong kind of support. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure they work properly and find out any damage that might be fatal.

Wheels Jammed

This is a common issue with most office chairs that over time gets worse from the weight put on them regularly. Additionally, at times dust and hairs can clog the gears that make the wheels to move properly. Cleaning of dust and other substance will allow the wheels to act smoothly. Moreover, if you have carpets on the floor, it can cause the strings from carpet to get caught up in the casters to reduce the wheel movement.

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Regular cleaning of the casters will make them roll smoothly and prevent damage to them while trying too hard to move. In some cases, wheels can get jammed from certain elements like the hairs, fuzz or fibers which will hinder the movement of the chair. If you try harder on the wheels, it may snap off and break the caster. You may not want your office chair to be a limp, regular cleaning and vacuuming is one of the options to keep your chairs in working condition for long.

Reduce the cost of repairs

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the office chairs will reduce the chances of them getting damaged or breaking apart soon. Cleaning of the casters, joints, and seats ensure that the parts work without any hindrance in the movement. Ergonomic chairs are expensive to repair and frequent breaking of them can be very expensive for any organization.

To prevent such breakdowns and problems with the office chairs, regular maintenance and oiling of the chairs will make them last longer and reduce repairing expenses. Additionally, it also disrupts the normal working of any office and disturbs the mindset inside an office. Your chair handles a lot of weight and pressure every day. It is in the best interest for offices to regularly have maintenance on the office chairs.

Boost morale of workers

Clean office chairs are not only healthy but can make the workers feel better at work with boosted morale. Office chairs are most widely used equipment, keeping them clean make it easier for the employees to feel comfortable. The seats on the chairs can get greasy overtime from the sweat and sitting down for long.

Keeping the seats and chair clean will make the person sitting on them feel good about the chair they are sitting on. Workers perform better when they feel comfortable in the place they spend a lot of time. Cleanliness is also known to boost mood and make the person perform better in a clean environment. Why not keep your work environment clean that can enhance the performance and boost the morale of the workers.

Add to the Aesthetics of an Office

Clean office looks better and professional with clean upholstery and chairs which matches the decor and style of the office. No matter how well your office is decorated with modern furniture and decor, a dirty chair can make the whole feel of the office look shabby. You will never want a big client meeting going on and one of your clients find some dust on the chair handles.

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It will be really very unhealthy for the goodwill of the organization. Like the professional looking wire management is necessary for cleaner aesthetics, a clean office is a major part of it. It makes the office look more professional and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, a cleaner office ensures the workers feel good and comfortable in the working environment and worker harder. It builds a positive image of the brand and organization to client and outsiders. It is also not very tough to add to the aesthetics and image of the office with some cleanliness especially the chairs.

Safety and Comfort

A dirty chair can make the person sitting on them feel uncomfortable to work sitting on the chairs. It can be very unsettling for the workers to work in an environment they do not feel comfortable in. Overtime seats and chairs get loose and dirty which affects the working of the chairs. It can be very uncomfortable for the person sitting down on them for a longer time.

Safety is also an issue with chairs that are not maintained regularly. Dirty chairs that do not get regular maintenance can be loose at joints that can break or fall under pressure. It can hurt the back of the person sitting on the back who unknowing of the loose joints put pressure as usual. Sometimes it can get serious and people can get badly hurt with loose joints and nuts or dusty and rusty joints. Cleaning and regular maintenance of the office chairs will ensure the safety and comfort of the person.

Final Thoughts

Office chairs do not get the attention as other office equipment does, but they are one of the most used office equipment in any organization. Keeping the office chairs clean is not only pleasing to the eyes for the people working in the office but also adds to the reputation of yours in the eyes of clients and outsiders. It does help in keeping a positive mood in the office to motivate the employees to work harder comfortably. Your performance will be good if you feel good, it is a big mantra for the success of any organization. Regular maintenance of the office chairs is a great way to keep the office environment aesthetically pleasing.

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