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Top 10 Remote Working Jobs in 2021
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Top 10 Remote Working Jobs in 2021

|Apr 23, 2021

There’s a huge market for people looking for remote working jobs in 2021, and it looks like many of those jobs are here to stay, even as the pandemic begins to fade away. Find out what some of this year’s top career choices are for remote workers, and see if one of them suits your skill set. Experience the freedom of remote working with these great ideas.

You are not alone if you find yourself continually wishing that you could ditch the conventional job model for something new. Telecommuting has been made increasingly easy by technology, contributing to the emergence of the boom in remote work.

A whopping 69 percent of companies encourage workers to work from home, at least sometimes, according to the Society for Human Resource Management annual survey of employers. They offer a taste of the lifestyle to their employees, but many want more.

Fortunately, it is possible to have occupations that are totally distant. With some of the best work at home, you really never have to set foot in an office. Grab your reading glasses and get cozy, if you find that appealing. It's time for these chances to find out more.

1. Contact Center Representative

Contact Center Representative.jpg

Are your skills in communication top-notch? Then, a contact center agent could be one of the best remote jobs for you. Most firms hire work-from-home staff to manage customer inquiries and problems. They can take phone calls, talk via chat software with customers, or even respond to requests for assistance from social media.

A median pay rate of $16.23 per hour is brought in by customer service staff, which is not too shabby given all you need is a high school diploma to get started.

2. Social Media Manager

Social media manager is a newer entry on the best list of remote workers. Companies also employ savvy people to keep their profiles and posts going, ensuring that they can interact with their audience (and market to them).

Social media managers will respond to comments and DMs along with designing and scheduling posts, as well as monitor trending hashtags to see whether the organization may benefit from linking to them. You might be able to get into this new sector if you're a social media dynamo with some marketing chops and could make $50,661 a year along the way.

3. Translator


Translation skills are valuable in today's increasingly interconnected world. If you are multilingual, you will find jobs focusing on that skill from home employment.

You will receive written or audio materials that will be translated from one language to the next. You could earn a median annual salary of $49,930 for your troubles, as long as you are precise and secure a great reputation.

4. Tutor


While tutoring in person is definitely a choice, it is a job that can be done remotely as well. You will find remote working methods, if you want to help children in the region develop their skills, teach English to adults in foreign countries, or help college students excel.

Usually, a solid internet connection, a quality headset, and a webcam are everything you need. There could be some software to install if you work for a corporation, but that's about it. You could hit the average income of around $39,300 with that, and to make that possible, you don't necessarily need a college degree.

5. Medical Transcriptionist

In hospital settings, a surprising number of medical transcriptionists don't function. Instead, businesses that let them work from home employ them.

The employer sends digital copies of recordings in these positions that need to be transcribed. The worker is listening and writing down what they are saying. Although it sounds easy, it is an ability. You'll usually have what it takes after a brief stay at a trade school or community college and will be well on your way to earning $16.72 per hour.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer.jpg

It's quick to do several computer-based tasks remotely. With graphic design, you use your skills to create visual designs that attract clients, mixing art and technology effectively. This could involve everything from logos and so much more to product mockups.

You would be able to work, raking in around $50,370 annually, from home. By entering the gig economy, you will also take complete control of your workload, giving you the ultimate in versatility.

7. Bookkeeper

You're in luck if you're able to pursue any post-high school education, but don't want to complete a Bachelor's degree. Typically, at a community college, you will get all the training you need to become a bookkeeper, helping you to get started in as little as one semester.

You will help businesses keep track of their financial lives after taking the courses, which is an important part of running every operation. A $40,240 a year salary is a real possibility if you get your foothold.

8. Virtual Assistant

Graphic Designer.jpg

The conventional assistant for the office went digital. You can lend a hand to an executive or entrepreneur as a virtual assistant, performing a variety of computer-based everyday activities that keep the business going forward, such as data entry, email response, writing reports, and doing research.

Usually, the tasks are fast-paced, but in most situations, the work itself is easy to understand. You can typically get started with as little as a high school diploma, and start with your skills to pull in $15.72 per hour.

9. Outbound Sales

An outbound sales position could help you launch a great career if you are good at maintaining conversation and are not afraid to communicate with strangers. You will constantly search out new potential buyers and exalt the virtues of the goods or services of your employer, working to make a sale.

Typically, a high school diploma will get you started. Depending on your niche, as you gain experience, you will work your way toward a median annual salary of more than $50,000.

10. Grant Writer

Grant Writer.jpg

To finance their activities, a slew of businesses need grants. They recruit grant writers to do that aspect for them instead of handling the application themselves.

These professionals are familiar with the method and extremely qualified with the written word, raising the chances of receiving the funds they need from the company. You will pull in $48,541 a year, all while working from home, with the right talent, which you can get through a community college.


Ultimately, some of the best remote workers around are all the positions above. They can be profitable and do not usually need a lot of schooling. These jobs have the potential to become safe remote careers in many situations, enabling you to earn a solid income from your home's comfort. Why shouldn't you keep them on the table? After all, some time soon, the world will not become less interactive, so take advantage of the technology and craft the professional experience of your dreams.

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