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Top 10 Small Home Office Filing Cabinets & Tips to Choose
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Top 10 Small Home Office Filing Cabinets & Tips to Choose

|Jun 17, 2022

A filing cabinet is a very useful tool for office workers. Whether it is your work-from-home setup or a shared workspace, a co-working space, or a large office, a filing cabinet is a right solution because it is tiny, spacious for your belongings, and secure with a lock and key system. A small home office filing cabinet could simply be the best purchase you make for your office because it eliminates, let alone minimizes, the clutter in a workplace. And we all realize how imperative it is to have a workspace free of clutter and mess to get a productive mind.

Hence you might need to pick the best small office file cabinet and small cabinet organization ideas that fit into the type of work setting you wish to achieve. This article will cover the best small office storage cabinets that are both ergonomic and affordable. You can purchase these ergonomic cabinets and build your own efficient home office setup with the help of the Autonomous employee purchase program.

10 Best Small Home Office Filing Cabinets

1. Ergonomic Filing Cabinet

Ergonomic Filing Cabinet

small office setup doesn't have enough space for your storage options, but it is also the one with the greatest need for storage space. This filing cabinet from Autonomous serves the purpose well because it is as tiny as a cabinet could get. The cabinet comes with two or three drawers which you can choose based on your needs.

It has a wheeled base for easy movement, and you can slide it under the desk or out with a simple push. The cabinet is available in over four fresh colors, and it also has a lock system to keep your important documents safe.

2. 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet

A simple design with multi-purpose usage. You get this 2-drawer file cabinet for overall work-related needs. It has two drawers of different sizes so that the upper one can keep your tiny stationery items and important stuff right in your reach. The lower drawer is twice the first drawer to store your documents, papers, big files, and anything that needs a little extra room. The small office cabinet is available in two colors, gray and white, and the best part is you can also customize the divider space according to your needs.

3. Slim File Cabinet

Slim File Cabinet small office cabinet

Nothing beats this slim file cabinet for small office design ideas because it is undoubtedly one of the most space-efficient storage solutions. The slim design with customizable drawer space allows you to modify the height and storage capacity. The cabinet is made with SPCC steel material and has a gloss finish to add a modern touch. It is convenient to use with a simple installation process.

The Wistopht slender small office cabinet is a versatile workplace buddy that helps you organize all of your files in a compact form that is ideal for small spaces. Its large weight capacity doubles as a mobile table or footrest, making it an excellent multi-purpose office tool.

4. Poppin Stow Cabinet

The Poppin Stow storage cabinets have a powder-coated steel alloy exterior with a single lock that secures all of the doors simultaneously. The two top drawers are suitable for storing office supplies, while the lowest unit is dedicated to file security, making this a terrific all-around option for most workplaces.

5. Bisley 2 Drawer Cabinet

Bisley 2 Drawer Cabinet small office cabinet

Bisley's locking file cabinet is built of powder-coated steel for maximum durability and comes in various elegant finishes and colors to suit even the most demanding preferences. It works with documents ranging in size from small to large, and it comes with two keys for quickly locking away important documents.

6. Winsome Wood Cabinet

It does not fit the definition of the smallest storage cabinet, but it is a medium-sized storage cabinet that will fit all your needs. It has a two-compartment storage cabinet on one side and over five drawers on the other side. You can use the drawers to keep your stationary while the compartments can hold large storage items.

7. Closetmaid Storage Cabinet

Closetmaid Storage Cabinet small office cabinet

Get this classic wooden small office cabinet from Closetmaid if you are someone who pays close attention to looks in an office space. It's available in three colors: cherry wood, espresso, and white. The interior of this simple two-door cabinet contains two adjustable shelves, allowing the user to customize the space according to their needs.

8. Realspace Storage Stand

Your printer, paper, and office accessories all can be stored in the Realspace Stand. The smallest of the three open shelves can be slid out to provide room for a laptop computer. At the bottom of the unit are two big filing drawers and a smaller drawer for printer paper, ink, and other supplies.

9. Bird Rock 2 Tier Storage Cabinet

Bird Rock 2 Tier Storage Cabinet

Not the ideal definition of a storage cabinet but this funky style storage item is suitable if you need a light, fun look in your home office. The drawers of this small office cabinet are made in the form of baskets which you can slide into specific compartments. It is easy to use and versatile but not the best choice for long-term use.

10. Monarch 3 Drawer Cabinet

It has two smaller drawers with one large drawer underneath; hence it can fit all your different types of stationery items. It also has wheels underneath for easy movement, and the cabinet is portable due to its small, versatile size.

How to Choose the Best Storage Cabinet?

Storage options in an office setting come in many different shapes and types but choosing the right one is highly important because you don't want to compromise on space efficiency and clutter your office. Here are some tips for choosing the best storage cabinet for you.



Because office storage cabinets are essentially enormous pieces of furniture, they'll come in various materials, just like a table or chair. You can choose from aluminum locker-style cabinets to elegant dark wood and clear glass combinations. The type of material will affect the quality and durability of the filing cabinet.

Vertical Cabinets

As huge, vertical shelf units, they serve similarly to a wardrobe. They'll feature at least one set of vertical doors to open to keep as many of your office storage items hidden as feasible.

Horizontal Cabinets

These are just long, wide, and short file drawers. At least one set of doors, or a sliding door, will often cover shelves or pull-out paper file systems. They're usually around hip height. They cover more space on the floor but can be used as a footrest and, due to their short height, they can easily fit under the desk.

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