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Top 13 Mouthwatering Deals for this Black Friday

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 29, 2018

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It’s finally near, that time of the year where one can actually go crazy with spending. It is also the day businesses put out their mouthwatering deals. It’s Black Friday!! All the kinds of stuff people always wanted to buy comes at a cheaper price. Missing this opportunity will be a waste. 

​​​​​​All these amazing products but very little time to make a decision. This article will help in narrowing the list of quality products to snatch up at an affordable price.

mouth watering deals for this black Friday

I’m going to give a list of top quality products you can buy on Black Friday along with their prices from the lowest to the highest.  They will be tagged in a way that it shows where they are best used or what they are used for.  

Here are the top 13 products you should look to buy when shopping on Black Friday:

Cable tray (office/home) - $19

This is used in conjunction with the smart desk,. It helps to reduce the frustrations of arranging the wires up making the desk look less cluttered with wires. It is able to hold wires, the tray has enough space of up to 30”. 

Cable tray (office/home) - $19

Anti-fatigue mat (office/home) - $29

For better comfort in the workplace or home use the anti-fatigue mat. It is designed to go with any of the desk mentions on the list. The reason is the fact that those desks are standing desks. While a user for longer hours while working without the use of the anti-fatigue mat, he/ she could develop pains on the feat and hills. Or pains in areas like the lumber and pelvis of the body.

The mat will help to prevent all these pains with its 2inch rigged surface which ensures a good posture along with a massaging of the feats. This product is best for people with hills in workplaces. They get to be comfortable while working on a standing desk with the help of the anti-fatigue mat.

Monitor adjuster (office/home) - $45

This product is essential, especially for users that have any of smart desks on the list. The product allows the users to set their monitors to the perfect angle for viewing their work display. It is able to help attain the perfect angle with its ability to rotate the monitor horizontally in 360 degrees and vertically in about 20 degrees.  

Monitor adjuster (office/home) - $45

Air Bar - $50

This is a sleek, lightweight device that has the ability to turn a regular laptop into a touchscreen. All that is required is to attach the device to the bottom of the laptop’s display either through magnets or USB. For interacting with the screen touch modified laptop, it is best to get something like a Glover's finger or paint brush.

The device is compatible with macs and window 10 laptops. This is device is great for both individual and businesses. For small businesses. It will help to improve the effectiveness of their worker. The device improves activities like video conferencing, meetings and presentations. 

Ergo stool (office and home use) - $89

Another one on this list is autonomous ergo stool. Despite its lack of a backrest like a normal chair, it can still keep the posture and ensure comfort.

The user’s back and core can be built up if he/she seats up straight and wobbling a little while sitting. This is a dynamic way of sitting as it emulates the user’s frequent change in posture while he/she stands. It will lead to the natural toning of the user’s muscles. The stool has a heavy base which will ensure stability. It allows movement to be possible while the user sits.  

If you are a user of a standing desk, this is the product that will go with it. All those hours of standing and working may be easy, but in the end, you need to rest. The ergo stool can serve as the way the users can take a quick rest between work hours.

The design of the stool is also health-friendly. It may not have a backrest, able to ensure the greatest comfort and good posture of the user.

The stool may not only be used for work, but you can also always buy it for different reasons. It does not stop giving the user quality.

Ergo stool (office and home use) - $89

Bright link pro interactive displays - $106

This is a projector that allows interactive display. It shares and links information from several sources and it displays them. Usually like a digital whiteboard, video conferencing display or as a large tablet if connected to your laptop.

Bright link pro interactive displays - $106

Filling cabinet (office/home) - $129

This product is designed to make your paperwork much easier to access. It is sleek and durable with its cold rolled steel plate and its anti-rust treatment. It consists of movable drawers that allow the tailoring of space for one’s needs. The cabinet is also easy to move around with its wheels, there is no need to lift the cabinet if heavy. Also to its portability, it can be secured with a lock present.  

The cabinet is also compatible with any of the smart desks on the list. It can be fixed onto them so comfortably it will look natural. This helps to reduce the excess paperwork on the table.

Filling cabinet (office/home) - $129

Autonomous Avo chair (office/home use) - $199

Here’s another product to snatch up this coming black Friday. It is an autonomous Avo chair. The chair is leading when it comes to the eco-friendly materials used to design it. The chair is sleek and compact in size with all the parts it possesses which very impressive.

Every part of the Avochair is designed to give the greatest support to all users. Autonomous designed the chair with the user’s health in mind. The backrest has an elastomeric mesh. This mesh material is of high quality and is sure to give its users a good rest and a breezy comfort.  Also, the arm pads have a waterfall design along the edges to ensure the comfort of the user’s arms.

The base of the chair is made of aluminum alloy so it is expected to give a good lock. After the user has found the perfect reclining tension, height and arm position.

The manufacturers of the chair where inspired by Mother Nature herself that why it’s so eco-friendly. All its parts are a 100% recyclable.

The product is beneficial to both the user and the environment. It’s a win-win for everybody.  Be sure to snatch it up this black Friday.

Autonomous Avo chair (office/home use) - $199

Autonomous DIY kit - $249

 This is a DIY desk here users are free to design it according to their taste. It encourages customization which is preferable for people who like to add their own features that suits them.

One of the features is the table size, the users can fix a table size of their choice. Enough to contain all their essentials. The table could be wide or small on small it all depends on the user.

Another is its ability to lift a load comfortably below 300lbs with the help of the solid wooden frame at the base of the desk. The frame is the DIY kit in which the user can build on.

The desk is similar in parts with the autonomous smart desk 2 except the tabletop and other accessories like the keypad. This gives the user enough freedom to customize the kit according to his/her taste.

Like the other smart desk on this list, the DIY kit has the ability to switch between a sitting and standing desk. This means the DIY kit not only good for its customization, but it is also good for the health and comfort.         

Autonomous ergo chair 2 (office use) - $299

For the best comfort and health in the workplace here is the autonomous ergo 2 office chair. Buying this chair on black Friday is a smart decision, considering its quality.

This is a high-quality office chair appreciated for its features and functionality. Its features, it possesses the quality of a great ergonomic chair. 


Let’s start with its adjustability, this feature contributes to the reason why it so valuable. It is the mechanism that allows the users to adjust the chair to their needs. The chair is able to spin 360 degrees and still give a full body support.

Lumber support

There is mesh material located on the back seat of the chair. It helps to support the user’s lumber comfort. And this is done by the even distribution of the user’s weight. The user will be more relaxed.

Now you can enjoy long hours of office work with the autonomous ergo 2. You are sure to enjoy the following:

•    Good posture – the design of the ergo 2 office chair is outstanding and human-friendly. Structure of the backrest consists of a mesh material which evenly distributes the weight of the weight of its user’s back. His/her posture will be corrected.

•    Good health – as the chair provides good lumbar support, users can avoid all office sickness like neck pain, back pain and so on.

•    Productivity – the seat allows easy circulation of blood around the body which will keep the mind sharp and better at creativity.

Autonomous ergo chair 2 (office use) - $299

Autonomous smart desk 2 – home edition (home use)-$299

Like the other two desks on this list, it too is also capable of transitioning between a standing desk and a sitting one. Making the user's comfort and health possible.

In terms of health, the home edition desk 2 encourages movement which is key to ensuring circulation form the body to the brain. The movement also helps to prevent the user from getting back pains, neck pains, and other desk-related sicknesses. It ensures a good posture.

The difference between the home edition and the rest on this list is the customs 4 option setting. It involves the transitioning speed between the sit and stands function. The user can set which speed he/she requires for maximum productivity.

The table is of size 52”, which is spacious for most the office essentials. Although, it has a limited lifting capacity of 220lbs. it’s not as much as the business edition it can still be acceptable.

Autonomous smart desk 2 – home edition (home use)-$299

Autonomous smart desk 2 – business edition (office use) - $399

The best feature about this desk is the automatic sit to stand feature. Users can switch between a standing desk and a sitting one at any time. It is not as automated as the previous desk on this list, but it possesses features that useful.

One of them is its compatibility with most of the tools one would need to do a job. Making it easy to work and there is no need to make extra connections for tools needed to complete work.

Another feature is the wide table of 71”. With this, there is enough space for office essentials and other extra items. The max weight the table is capable of carrying is 300lbs.

Autonomous Smartdesk 3 - AI standing desk (office use) - $499

This artificial intelligent stand to sit desk is really a good choice on Black Friday 2018. It happens to be the only desk that cares and measure the activity of its users. It also gives the users bits of advice of when to stand up, sit down and take a break. The health of the user is important and the smart desk 3 is sure to maintain it.

Another feature is the desk’s ability to detect when it the user is hungry.  Instead of risking work hours to get something to eat, the smart desk 3 has a feature that allows its users to order for meals like pizza and so on.

Time is key and the desk 3 understands that fully. As the user allow the smart desk 3 to sync with the Google’s calendar the desk 3 will have a full scope of his/her schedule. Thereby allowing the smart desk 3 to schedule breaks and remind users about upcoming events and meetings.

The desk is AI – adjustable, it can switch from a standing desk to a sitting one easily. This feature encourages the movement of its user. It ensures circulation of blood from the body to the brain which is good for a creative and focused mind. The user won’t have to be stuck in that same boring position.

New software and shortcuts can be gotten for the smart desk 3. With the help of the autonomous design OS platform, it receives updates from the desk 3 community. There will always be updates. And it’s because the community comprises of the autonomous desk 3 developers and the users of the desk 3.

The exchange of information and ideas can lead to new innovative creations. Also, the desk 3 has the ability to create apps since it is an SDK.

Done with work? Need a ride home? The smart desk 3 gives its users access to companies like Uber. So there is no need to worry about transport.

Snatching this product on Black Friday is a steal!

Autonomous smart desk -3 AI standing desk (office use)-$499

Over to you

The list above consists of products that can be used in the home, office or anywhere. All of them are worth looking at this coming black Friday. It will be a miss if don’t buy them on. All these products are sure to bring major changes into your life. Both in the workplace and in the comfort of your home. They are not short of quality or reliability. Wouldn't it be better to spend your money this way? The decision is up to you now.

You want to get coupons for this black Friday? This way you can save money. Leave your email in the box below to subscribe. So you can get coupons and updates from Autonomous. Now it’s up to you make the decision.    

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