Top 15 Best Black Office Chair with Armrests for Ergonomic Workplace
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Top 15 Best Black Office Chair with Armrests for Ergonomic Workplace

|Nov 24, 2020

If you're looking for an ergonomic office chair, there's no shortage of choices on the market. Multiple options are available to meet your needs as closely as possible. 

Indispensable to work properly, the office chair is your excellent companion to promote your concentration and your motivation while working. 

For this reason, you need to find the perfect chair that suits you properly. The risks of staying too long in a chair are numerous: lumbar and cervical pain, stiff necks, or even migraines. Some of the negative effects of poor comfort can become chronic. This can considerably ruin your efficiency.

Unlike a traditional chair, an ergonomic office chair has different adjustment settings and options for sitting comfortably. 

This article lists 15 different black office chairs with armrests for an ergonomic workplace. Find out the key functions of each office chair. 

Why Choose an Office Chair with Armrests?

An armrest allows a user to rest their forearms and shoulders on a structure, providing relief for the body. Therefore, it causes less fatigue. By leaning on the armrests, you allow your back and lumbar muscles to relax which black office chairs without arms can’t archive.

Why Choose an Office Chair with Armrests?

You can choose fixed armrests (no adjustment is possible), which is more suitable for the office chair's occasional use. Or choose adjustable armrests: There are four types, which offer you even more flexibility and comfort. 

  • 1D armrests

Only the height of the two armrests of the chair is adjustable.

  • 2D armrests 

The height and depth of the two armrests of the chair are adjustable. By playing on the depth, you can move forward or backward each of the two armrests to find the ideal place for your forearms, according to your morphology. 

  • 3D armrests 

Each armrest's width can be adjusted, allowing you to occupy more space for maximum comfort. 

  • 4D armrests 

In addition to the height, depth, and width of the armrests, you can also define an orientation for each of the two armrests. 

Armrest Adjustment for Ergonomic Chair

Adjusting the armrests is too often overlooked and yet very strongly recommended by ergonomists because they allow two different uses:

  • To rest the top of your torso, arms, and forearms to avoid pain in your back muscles. 
  • The armrests are real support for the user. They guarantee better stability and prevent jolts and settling of your intervertebral discs. 

Active sitting contributes to dynamic thinking. A well-seated employee can experience increased motivation, creativity, and commitment to the company. An ergonomic chair thus becomes a profitable investment that offers enhanced productivity

Armrest Adjustment for Ergonomic Chair

Top 15 Black Ergonomic Chair with Arms

Comfortable seating is essential for concentration and work. It is therefore important to select the best office chair. There are many types of office chairs available, and it is not easy to make a smart decision. Here is a guide to help you find the best black adjustable mesh office chair with arms.

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

The customizable chair Autonomous Chair Ergo from Autonomous has a five-wheel base and an improved lumbar and neck support, giving you ultimate safety. The tilt feature allows you to adjust this black ergonomic office chair's support and resistance. The Autonomous Chair is a perfect alternative for someone who works long hours at home. 

Autonomous Chair 2

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is Autonomous's best ergonomic chair. The back is composed of a specially crafted TPE material arranged in a fishbones pattern that provides greater comfort. It is available in a variety of colors to match any working environment. 

Also, the Autonomous Chair Ultra is incredibly adjustable with a backrest that reclines up to 25 degrees and presents many other key adjustment features for outstanding ergonomic support. 

Kinn Chair

3. Autonomous Chair Recline

The Autonomous Chair Recline is accessible in black or cool gray colors, making it an excellent choice for a professional setting. The tool is stylish enough to fit every home office's esthetics. It provides an optional headrest feature that can be customized to meet your requirements and ensures that you are sitting and working ergonomically during the day. Its breathable mesh back is designed to keep your back comfortable and offer great support. The Autonomous Chair Recline is also a good reclining seat you can choose for your office space.


4. AvoChair

The AvoChair is one of the finest office chairs from Autonomous. This chair is great for daily use and is much smoother than many other highly adjustable office chairs. However, it also demonstrates multiple adjustment features and provides a deep, supportive cushion for ultimate comfort. AvoChair is available in a wide range of color options, making it suitable for any home or office use.


5. Ergonomic Office Chair - INTEY

Today, you can choose a comfortable seat that can eliminate many problems for you, especially with this ergonomic office chair, offering optimal comfort. 

The office chair INTEY combines an excellent design, ideal convenience, and usability for long working days, ensuring a consequent life span. The headrest and backrest are made of high-quality mesh. 

It integrates lumbar support that reduces pressure on the spine. Also, the armrests can be adjusted to meet your different needs. 

Ergonomic Office Chair - INTEY

6. Black Ergonomic Chair Armless - TecTake

At an affordable price, you can also get a black chair that is comfortable and ergonomic. This is what the TecTake office chair is all about. Useful, functional, and efficient, this office chair has a certain comfort with its upholstery. This makes for a healthy sitting position. The backrest, simple but effective, also offers a lot of comfort for your back.

Even if this black office chair doesn't have armrests, this model meets all expectations in terms of well-being. The price, very advantageous, justifies the functionality of the product, which remains very good quality. 

Black Ergonomic Chair Armless - TecTake

7. Ergonomic Office Chair - IntimaTe WM Heart

This office chair is one of the most ergonomic on the market. With its headrest and lumbar support, you preserve your cervical and spine, even after hours of sitting still. The mesh backrest has the property of being very breathable, making it particularly suitable for prolonged use. Moreover, the cover is very durable. 

The foldable armrests of this black ergonomic chair can be adjusted to suit your position at the desk. The polyester backrest makes the product lighter and provides optimum comfort for your back. 

Ergonomic Office Chair - IntimaTe WM Heart

8. Black Office Chair - HJH Office Ernesto

Ernesto is a complete ergonomic chair, solid and durable. Its fabric seat is comfortable. Its shape and the backrest are perfectly adapted to find the right posture to work for several hours in a row without getting tired. 

For perfect mobility, the legs are equipped with five pairs of double self-braking casters. As for the chrome steel base, it ensures excellent stability for the user. 

The Ernesto offers the possibility to adjust the seat's height and depth, the degree of inclination, or adjust the backrest's lumbar support to relieve the strain on your back. But that's not all. There are also 4D armrests (horizontally, vertically, radially, and width-adjustable) and a height-adjustable headrest. 

Black Office Chair - HJH Office Ernesto

9. Black Ergonomic Office Chair with Casters - Songmics

For optimal comfort and mobility, this black office chair with casters from Songmics is ideal. It is upholstered in a high-density sponge, which gives it good elasticity. Its double casters are made of PU, so they make less noise, and adapt to hard floors such as marble, wood, ceramic tile, and PVC. 

The armrests are fixed but at least have the advantage of being ideally positioned, arched, and above all, very soft.

All the materials are environmentally friendly with elegant design. The chair also has an adjustable tilt mechanism and an adjustable height, with anti-release screws. 

Black Ergonomic Office Chair with Casters - Songmics

10. Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe

The Topstar Open Point SY Deluxe chair is a comfortable and elegant model with many features. Its contemporary design seems to have been well worked with smart and professional aesthetic and interesting ergonomic features. 

In terms of functionalities, some options allow this chair to adapt perfectly to your morphology with all the adjustment of the seat height and its depth, the size of the backrest, armrests on two axes (height and width). This mechanism can be locked at any time to maintain the desired angle of inclination. 

The materials' quality is also excellent, with parts certified for their safety and compliance with German standards. 

11. Professional Office Chair- Hjh Office Pro-Tec 200

This excellent black office chair with armrests is particularly adapted for intensive use. It is a durable and comfortable professional product. 

Despite its high price, the Hjh office chair combines strength and ergonomics for professional use, at home or in the office. 

Firstly, the quality of the materials is outstanding. It consists of a sturdy aluminum base, a highly abrasion-resistant 100% polyester coating, and thick seat padding that provides great comfort. 

The office chair manufacturer designates the mechanism as "synchro-relax," which gives an ideal and relaxing position of the body and legs even when you recline the backrest. 

The Hjh Office Pro-Tec 200 office chair is a fairly expensive product but can be a smart investment in the long run. 

 Professional Office Chair- Hjh Office Pro-Tec 200

12. KLIM eSports - The Best Black Office Chair for Back Comfort

This office chair plays a very important role in protecting your health. Indeed, it is designed for your comfort after hours sitting in front of your screen, thanks to its high-density foam and lumbar and cervical cushions. This helps you to take care of your back. 

The chair and backrest are specially designed to allow you to sit upright and comfortable all day long. You can completely relieve your shoulders, arms, and wrists with the adjustable armrests. 

The KLIM eSports office chair has the best materials: reinforced steel structure and sturdy castors. This brings you the best experiences. 

13. Noblechairs HERO

In the high-end gamer chair market, the Noblechairs brand is famous for developing exceptional ergonomic chairs with a radically different look. HERO is particularly well suited for extended playing sessions. The backrest's special design ensures that it adapts to the natural curvature of the spine, which helps distribute the user's weight better and maintain maximum comfort. 

Moreover, this Noblechairs HERO office chair uses a combination of high-end materials that contribute to comfort while preserving their quality over time. The chair is available in several colors and elegant designs. 

Noblechairs HERO

14. Black Office Chair- Mfavour

This chair fits to properly support the back. The seat has a wide range of adjustments. 

The backrest is topped by a headrest whose height is adjustable and its inclination. The lumbar support can also be adapted to each individual. The armrests are adjustable from top to bottom, from front to back, and over a rotation angle of 30°.  

Also, the chair is made of breathable materials, with a thick cushion. So the seat is comfortable and friendly. This allows you to have maximum comfort during eight hours of work. 

Black Office Chair- Mfavour

15. Comfortable Office Chair- Femo

This office chair has a multifunctional headrest and helps you find the ideal position for your neck. The weight load is excellent, and you should have no problem sitting in the chair. The armrests are also adjustable. 

It is equipped with a breathable mesh, ensuring a comfortable feeling even when sitting for hours. Lumbar support also plays a very important role. It helps you relieve pain and other problems. 

The chair with a five-point base is designed to provide the necessary stability on all surfaces. The wheels ensure portability, and the construction is robust. 

How Can I Prevent the Office Chair from Damaging the Floor?


To prevent the casters from damaging the floor, a carpet should be installed under the chair. The rubber castors are designed to protect the floor. 

Should I Choose an Ergonomic Chair?

Back problems are usually caused by poor posture or poor work gestures. To overcome this, it is necessary to avoid sitting for too long, take breaks of at least five to 15 minutes every hour, and exercise regularly. Nevertheless, an ergonomic chair can help you to prevent back problems or, if necessary, relieve them.

Ergonomics is not only a question of adjustment and functionality but also of design and conception. 

Final Thoughts

Black matches with just about anything, so it makes sense to use black office chairs in a professional setting or even in your place. An office chair should be elegant and smart while offering you the features you need to accomplish your tasks. With or without armrests, the black office chair is a beautiful addition to any workspace. Don’t forget to check out other black smart office furniture like a standing desk, anti fatigue mat to upgrade your office in the minimalist way.

Autonomous Chair Ultra - First 3D-Printed Chair

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