Top 18 Back Support Computer Chairs of 2024
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Top 18 Back Support Computer Chairs of 2024

|Sep 21, 2021

Finding an office chair that alleviates back pain can be a challenge for office workers. Most manufacturers claim to make chairs with proper back support, but distinguishing the good options from the rest is quite hard. 

Fortunately, this article does most of the job for you. Come and look at the best options you can find for a back support computer chair. Here, you can also find some of the features and characteristics you should consider when browsing for a chair with proper back support. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Desk Chair with Back Support

Things to Consider

It’s a good idea to consider a couple of things before purchasing a chair to relieve yourself from back pain. Here are some things to consider when you are looking for back support for an office chair.

The way you sit in the chair is more crucial than you think. Not every user works the same way. Some have the correct posture, and others tend to slouch. Maybe you like to cross legs or lean to the side while you type. Understanding how you sit is essential if you want to find the perfect work chair with back support. 

Don’t try to adapt to the chair. Most habits are hard to break, and some of them aren’t too bad. No one expects you to sit perfectly throughout the workday, so as long as the chair provides proper support for you, it is likely to improve your posture over time. 

If you spend a lot of time reclined, ensuring the ergonomic chair has proper support while tilting is vital, especially if you have back issues. Even if a chair correctly supports you while sitting upright, it doesn’t mean that it works just as well while reclining. 

The lumbar feature of a desk chair with back support can make or break them. Chairs with height and depth adjustable support are ideal as it’s essential to ensure the lumbar system provides an adequate fit. These features effectively allow you to add and reduce the amount of pressure it applies to your back. 

It may also be good to consider how the lumbar support in office chairs moves with you. A backrest that adapts to most of your movements and provides continuous support is excellent in most situations, not only for people with back pains. 

Finally, the material can significantly influence the feeling of the lumbar support. Some are more flexible and contour your back better, and others have a padded backing. These are stiffer but offer better support in a specific area. 

Your best chair for back pain depends on your current needs, and certain features might be better than others. Nonetheless, it’s always nice to have an entirely adjustable or flexible lumbar support system. 

Top 18 Back Support Computer Chairs

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo

The Autonomous Chair Ergo is an excellent lower back support chair thanks to its flexible lumbar system. It has a simple handle that lets you tweak the amount of pressure it exerts, allowing you to tailor it to your needs. Additionally, you can push it up and down within a 2.4-inch range. 

The backrest moves with you at an ergonomic ratio of 2:1, letting you recline without pressuring your legs, thighs, and lower back. Moreover, it has a height and angle adjustable headrest with 45 degrees of flexibility, improving the overall experience. If you want to buy an ergonomic chair with superb back support, this is one of the best options available. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

This desk chair with back support is one of the most flexible chairs from Autonomous. It has a frameless build that enables natural movement. Moreover, its adaptive spinal support provides every user the ideal balance when sitting. The chair can encourage you to adopt a proper sitting posture over time, improving your well-being and activating your body’s core.

Although the Autonomous Chair Ultra doesn’t have cushions, the thermoplastic elastomer material it uses is comfortable enough. It’s also significantly durable, easy to clean, odor-resistant, and environmentally friendly. Overall, this office chair for upper back pain is an excellent addition to any modern office. 

3. Herman Miller Embody

This chair from Herman Miller has a unique backrest technology that allows you to achieve a balanced posture easily. The lumbar support contours your back and adapts to your movement as it’s designed after the human spine. Over time, it completely adjusts to your back, providing constant support even while reclining or tilting forward. 

The Embody also has a remarkable technology on its seat called Pixelated Support. It’s notable even when you sit on it for the first time as it gives off a perfectly balanced feeling. This feature allows the chair to conform to your body’s micromovements and distribute weight evenly. It’s an excellent chair with back support that may very well be worth its luxurious price.

4. Steelcase Leap

Steelcase Leap

The Leap chair is a high-performance lower back support chair. It’s one of the best options for people who value ergonomics, comfort, and productivity. The backrest features a unique technology called LiveBack that allows its lumbar support to move in tandem with your spine as you shift positions. 

You can adjust the height in a five-inch range to provide specialized back support. Furthermore, the chair has an easy-to-reach dial that lets you adjust the firmness of the lumbar support. 

5. Humanscale Freedom Task

This award-winning back support computer chair has synchronously adjustable armrests and a weight-sensitive recline. Overall, the chair provides robust support when sitting upright. Its backrest is also height-adjustable, which lets you fine-tune the place where it helps. 

When you move around in the chair, the lumbar support sticks to your back, which is a boon to your sacral and lumbar regions. This support is also present when using the automatic weight-sensitive recline, so consider getting this work chair with back support if you enjoy working in a reclined position. 

6. Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG

Raynor Ergohuman Chair ME7ERG

Raynor’s desk chair with back support shifts the mid back vs high back chair argument in favor of the latter. It offers numerous features besides the remarkable height-adjustable lumbar support, which you can raise or lower to make it fit your spine’s curvature better. Some people might think that the chair might not suit them, but its adjustable features make such concerns irrelevant. It has enough flexible features to fit most people. 

7. Steelcase Amia

If you want a chair with a sophisticated design coupled with remarkable ergonomics at a more accessible price, the Amia is just for you. It’s significantly more affordable than the Leap model and has many features that let it stand up to it almost in equal measure. The chair’s LiveLumbar system actively supports your back. Moreover, you can adjust its height by four inches. 

Moreover, this lower back support chair has numerous additional features. These include four-dimensional armrests, adjustable back tension, seat height, and seat depth. Finally, it has a superb mesh backrest that flexes while moving, keeping you fresh at all times. 

8. Nightingale CXO 6200D

Nightingale CXO 6200D

This stylish and highly comfortable back support computer chair offers generous lumbar support that enables dynamic movement. You can adjust its height and depth, tailoring it to your body and receiving excellent support. Other features of the CXO include adjustable armrests that move in every direction, a height and depth adjustable seat, and a waterfall seat design. 

9. Herman Miller Mirra 2

The Mirra 2 offers dynamic sacral support due to its PostureFit technology. This feature keeps your spine aligned at all times when you sit. Also, the backrest is well-supported and highly breathable, letting you work comfortably for long periods. 

Another tech present on the chair’s backrest, the Loop Spine, allows it to offer some torsional flexibility, enabling you to reach and stretch laterally with ease. Furthermore, this back support computer chair lets you recline in one smooth motion. If you liked what the Embody chair had to offer but found its price too steep, this one might interest you. 

10.  La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive Office Chair

La-Z-Boy Bellamy Executive Office Chair

The La-Z-Boy doesn’t offer a lumbar support feature. All it provides is highly comfortable lumbar cushions. Their layered memory foam that adjusts to your body over time can support your back in any posture you can imagine. 

This chair can support 250 lbs and has most of its one-touch adjustable features within reach, including its adjustable recline, height, and tilt settings. Overall, this executive work chair with back support may be the best high back office chair available among those without a specialized lumbar support feature. 

11.  Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

Duramont made this chair for people who require back support, so it’s one of the better options available. It has highly adjustable lumbar support that you can move up, down, in, and out. Moreover, the chair has an outstanding recline feature that provides a generous tilt angle. You can consider buying this back support computer chair if you’re looking for an affordable option that can reliably deal with your back pain. 

12.  HON Exposure Task Chair

HON Exposure Task Chair

If you’re looking for a chair that can take care of your back, the HON Exposure is up to the task. You can adapt this chair’s height-adjustable lumbar support to your back and improve your sitting posture in no time. 

Additionally, it has other great features, such as a 2-to-1 synchro tilt control and 2D adjustable armrests. This fully adjustable desk chair with back support is a comfortable and affordable chair that can take care of most of your issues. 

13.  Hbada Office Chair

This lower back support chair features an ergonomic design that encourages a correct sitting posture. You can adjust the lumbar support’s height to make it fit your back better but only by two inches. Fortunately, that is usually enough in most cases. In addition to that, it has a sizable 125-degree recline angle and 90-degree flip-up armrests, allowing you to stow it away under most desks. 

14.  SIHOO M18 Office Chair

SIHOO M18 Office Chair

This office chair has numerous ergonomic features meant to help you find the best sitting position, including its height-adjustable lumbar support. This feature, along with the chair’s S-shaped backrest, relieves your spine’s pressure and turns sitting into the comfortable experience it should be most of the time. If you’re looking to enjoy a comfortable chair, this back support computer chair can help. 

15.  Space Seating Deluxe Chair

The Deluxe chair from Space Seating doesn’t provide adjustable lumbar support. However, its firmness and comfortability make it stand out from several options. This lower back support chair features the unique AirGrid seat and backrest, a material that makes it highly breathable and considerably cozy. The backrest, in particular, has a 2:1 synchro-tilt ratio with adjustable tension that makes reclining bliss. 

16.  SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair

SUNNOW Ergonomic Office Chair

This high back ergonomic chair has excellent lumbar support that encourages a good sitting posture while remaining pretty comfortable. It is height and depth adjustable, allowing it to fit most body types. Furthermore, the backrest’s 135-degree reclining angle is lockable in three positions. 

The seat has a soft, spongy material that’s 2.75 inches thick and a waterfall edge design that improves circulation.

17.  Gabryllly Ergonomic Chair

This chair provides three well-made supporting points, including armrests, a headrest, and lumbar support. However, it doesn’t offer much in terms of adjustability. Still, the lumbar support is highly dependable and comfortable. You can also flip up the armrests and change the headrests angle and height. 

This desk chair with back support has a good reclining angle of 120 degrees and a breathable mesh backrest that keeps you fresh as you task away. 

18.  Zenith High Back Desk Chair

Zenith High Back Desk Chair

If you have a strict budget, you might like this chair. It has built-in lumbar support that helps you adopt a correct sitting posture, relieving some pressure from your waist and neck. Moreover, you can adjust its height four inches up and down approximately. 

This back support computer chair has several other helpful features, including a tilt-lock mechanism and flippable armrests. However, one of the better characteristics is its incredibly comfortable four-inch-thick cushion which pairs nicely with the mesh back. 

The Bottom Line

People who experience frequent back pains can benefit from a back support computer chair. These chairs have lumbar support, which encourages a proper sitting posture and enhances your well-being over time. 

However, picking one from the rest can be pretty challenging, considering the sheer number of available ones. Fortunately, the listed top 18 chairs here can help you deal with any issue regarding back pain after you use them for some time.

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