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Top 20 Desk Chairs in the UK (with Reviews and Ratings)
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Top 20 Desk Chairs in the UK (with Reviews and Ratings)

|Sep 30, 2021

Choosing a desk chair can be difficult. You may be bombarded with adverts that all claim to have found the perfect one, so it can be confusing to decide which one is best for you. 

If you need help selecting an ergonomic desk chair in the UK, here is a list of the top 20 chairs you can buy. Reviews and ratings have been included so that you can use this list in full assurance.

20 Best Desk Chairs in the UK for Your Workstation

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra

Because of its adaptive, innovative lumbar support technology, the Autonomous Autonomous Chair Ultra is the best computer chair for long hours. It has a stylish fishbone-patterned backrest that is breathable. 

Luxury chairs that include both comfort and superior ergonomic support are often highly priced, often exceeding 700 pounds, but with Autonomous chairs, you get luxurious comfort of the best desk chair for less. 

These are also excellent programmer chairs for those who spend several hours at their desk every day. The best part is that Autonomous ships to the UK for free and offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. 

Users found this chair comfortable to sit on and had positive reviews from customers who purchased the product through the Autonomous online store, earning a 4.5-star rating.

2. Autonomous Chair Recline

Autonomous Chair Recline

The Autonomous Chair Recline is another excellent reclining ergonomic chair for the home office or office environment. Like the other chairs in the Autonomous range, it gives you great value for money, making it one of the best budget ergonomic chairs on the market. 

It is incredibly comfortable, and you can choose to add a head and leg rest for even greater support and comfort while working long hours at the workplace. The chair earned a 4.7-star rating from customers who purchased it from the Autonomous online store, and a 4-star rating from Techwalls.

3. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo Desk chair in the UK

This is the best office chair for back pain, as it provides a significant level of support to the lumbar region of the spine. The EgoChair Pro comes in several different colours, and is completely adjustable, with an eco-friendly design and tons of features. 

Thanks to its outstanding quality and comfort, this office chair in the UK has earned a 4.5-star rating on the Autonomous website, and a total five-star rating by several online bloggers, giving you all the more reason to buy this ergonomic chair in the UK. 

4. Vitra Physix Alberto Meda Desk Chair

Alberto Meda's Physix Office Chair is compact and lightweight, with a streamlined mesh backrest and seating. It also includes a swivel base and is crafted to provide fantastic comfort. 

A high-tech fabric panel is extended between two adjustable side components. Its understated personality makes it an ideal addition to any office setting. With mostly positive reviews, it earned a rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot. 

5. Humanscale Diffrient World Desk Chair

Humanscale Diffrient World Desk Chair

This chair is one of Humanscale's first all-mesh task chairs. The designer aimed to create the most minimalistic, functional task chair on the market. This chair's innovative design and fast shipping earned it a 4.5-star rating on TrustPilot, with most of the reviews being positive. 

However, there were some complaints about the online store not letting users track their orders, which you would expect from a high-end office chair supplier. 

6. Herman Miller Cosm High Back Desk Chair

The High Back Cosm desk chair from Herman Miller provides incredible comfort in the workplace. It responds instantly to your body's movements and posture no matter what seated position you assume, and it is highly functional and carefully shaped to offer complete ergonomic support. This is one of the best desk chairs in the UK you must try.

Furthermore, the John Lewis & Partners online store earned a full 5-star review from all of seven reviewers, and received a 7/10 rating from BTOD, with several positive comments about the product's quality. 

7. Herman Miller Sayl Desk Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Desk chair in the UK

The Herman Miller Sayl has a unique look that stands out the moment you see it. It does not offer the most comfort, and many may not prefer the chair's unusual design and price tag. However, it is eco-friendly, with all its materials being recyclable. 

This chair earned itself a 4.8-star rating from TechGearLab and an 8/10 rating from IGN. Some of the main complaints were that it does not hold its form for many years, like other chairs in this price range, and others complained about poor quality. 

8. Knox Retro Chair

If you value looks more than ergonomics, or need a chair for occasional use, the retro chair from Knox may be the one for you. It has a sturdy metal frame and wheels to help you get around the office, with a fabric back and seating. 

However, many disliked its quality or value for money, as the chair earned a mediocre three-star rating. 

9. Flynn Office Chair

Flynn Desk chair in the UK

The Flynn is another attractive-looking office chair in the UK built more for comfort and aesthetic appeal than for ergonomic support. That being said, it is a good-looking chair that can give a home office setup a more homely feel than other chairs would, but what did users think about it? 

This chair earned a 4.4-star rating on the company’s online store, with many customers praising it for its great comfort, quality, and style. 

10. Herman Miller Setu Desk Chair

With its third appearance on this list of desk chairs in the UK is Herman Miller’s Setu Desk Chair. This modern piece incorporates modern trends with ergonomic support to provide one appealing, supportive mesh-back chair. 

The chair comes in a choice of alpine or blue, and received a 4.7-star rating from its customers, with most complaints addressing poor quality and value for money. 

11. Comhoma Desk Chair

Comhoma Desk Chair

This ergonomic chair in the UK can be found on Amazon UK. While it may not be the most visually appealing office chair in the UK, it is certainly worth a mention. A distinguishing feature is the chair’s raisable arms that let you store it snuggly under a desk, or as arm support during work hours. 

It earned a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with the main complaint being about its poor quality, which indicates that it may not provide several years of use like other chairs would. 

12. Habitat Omari Ergonomic Chair

The Omari chair helps to keep you cool while you're busy at work or taking a break to enjoy an online game. This chair has an extended mesh backrest with a cushioned headrest that supports your head and neck. 

Thanks to the mesh back, it was designed to resemble a gaming chair, but it is more breathable than most gaming chairs. It is also easy to clean and maintain, ideal for those who prefer to eat lunch at their desks. 

However, this computer chair in the UK received average ratings from customers, with an overall 3.9-star rating. Customers complained of being uncomfortable after long hours, and about the build quality of the chair. 

13. Nova Office Chair

Nova Desk chair in the UK

At just £70, this chair doesn’t break the bank. This low-cost computer chair in the UK is small and non - intrusive, making it ideal for infrequent use, and brief periods at your desk. It is upholstered in a pliable faux leather that is both stylish and easy to maintain, and it is also height-adjustable to accommodate different users. 

The chair earned an overall 4-star rating for customers, who appreciate that it was not advertised as a chair for long hours and use it happily when needed. Most agreed that it was not comfortable for extended use and offered little in the way of ergonomics. 

14. Flash Furniture Ergonomic Chair

This quality ergonomic chair includes several ergonomic features, such as back support and a headrest. It also has flip-up armrests, so you can tuck it comfortably under your desk when it is not in use. 

The chair received an overall 4.2-star rating on Amazon UK, with 61 percent of users giving it a five-star rating. Common complaints were poor quality, and even holes in the backrest that could become more damaged over time. 

15. West Elm Leather Office Chair in Copper

West Elm Leather Office Chair in Copper

The West Elm office chair in the UK is another entry from John Lewis & Partners and is an attractive chair more suitable for a home office. It has a shorter backrest and includes armrests and a height adjustment feature to get you to the optimal position. 

Its copper leather seating, which gives it a mid-century appeal, so if you are looking for something more traditional, you may be happy with this one. There were only four reviews available for this chair, so it did score low with a 2.3-star rating, with complaints about it being expensive, noisy, and uncomfortable. 

16. Dada Office Desk Chair

This well-designed chair is modern, with raisable arms for both support and convenience. It includes a breathable mesh backrest designed to support your back and prevent backaches. The desk chair in the UK also has adjustable pneumatic seat height and tilt tension for comfortable, supported seating. 

It is sold by Hbada on Amazon UK, receiving an overall 4.2-star rating from Amazon customers. The biggest complaint was that the chair does not hold its shape for an extended period, making it uncomfortable after being used for a while. 

17. John Lewis Anyday Leather Chair

John Lewis Anyday Leather Chair

The Anyday Leather Chair from John Lewis & Partners is an excellent option for a home office chair in the UK. It is upholstered in faux leather, giving you a feel of luxury for a better price. It is height adjustable and has a well-cushioned seat to make it comfortable. 

An overall 4.1-star rating was awarded by the customers who bought it through the John Lewis & Partners online store, with the significant complaints dealing with a lack of instructions for assembling the desk chair in the UK. 

18. Kaifeng Office Chair

This is a multifunctional computer chair in the UK with a raisable arm design and mesh back for breathability and support. The Kaifeng chair has a solid build and is made from durable materials. However, it only includes lumbar support and non-adjustable armrests, leaving much to be desired in ergonomic support. 

Many seemed to love this desk chair in the UK, but some reported defects, poor quality, and uncomfortable seating. It earned a 4.5-star rating on Amazon UK. 

19. LifeEase Ergonomic Chair

The LifeEase chair is a more ergonomic option for those living in the UK. It features adjustable armrests, which most other chairs on this list lack, with a padded seat and mesh backrest for comfortable support throughout the workday. 

A noteworthy feature of the backrest is its Y-shaped reinforcement that gives you more robust support for your back. Users loved this desk chair in the UK too, with a 4.9-star rating, with some of the only complaints being about the wheels not moving as fluidly as they ought to. 

20. HNN Home Modern Fabric Chair

HNN Home Modern Fabric Chair

This chair is one of the more unique options for your office. It has comfortable fabric-covered seating with a geometric design but should not be used for long hours because it offers little ergonomic support. 

Nevertheless, it does have a fun, appealing design and may be better suited to individuals who need a more visually appealing desk chair in the UK. It also comes in a range of colours, so you are sure to find one that matches your setting. 

The chair received an overall rating of 4.3 out of five stars, but reactions to it were mixed, indicating that it may not be for everyone. Most users praised it for its visual appeal and overall comfort, while others were not impressed with its stability and feel. 

Final Thoughts

Sitting down on a comfortable chair that cares for your body just as much as you do is essential. While many of the chairs on this list were good-looking, they did not offer much support. 

We recommend an ergonomic chair in the UK  from Autonomous, as they fit the bill in terms of both appearance, functionality, and support, providing a feel of luxury at a more affordable price.

Some of the best Autonomous desk chairs in the UK include the Autonomous Chair Ergo and Pro+, and the Autonomous Chair Recline.

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