Top 20 Small Computer Desks to Fit a Bedroom
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Top 20 Small Computer Desks to Fit a Bedroom

Autonomous|Jul 26, 2022

A lot of people are working from home. Whether it's from a home office space or in their bedroom, a sturdy small computer table is essential. Depending on the space available, you can choose various options.  

Finding the perfect small PC desk doesn’t have to be a chore. You can have a little bit of fun selecting a desk and decor to match your bedroom ambiance. Before looking at the best 20 small compact desks, let’s first dive into factors you’ll need to consider before selecting a particular desk. 

What You Need to Consider When Purchasing a Small Computer Desk for a Bedroom

A desk is a staple for any office and acts as a focal point. Did you know that a desk may also be a great centerpiece for your bedroom office? It’s a nice addition to your bedroom, which allows you to get some work done. If you’re interested in adding a compact small desk to your bedroom, then it’s imperative you consider the following factors: 


small computer desk Space

The space available for a small office set will affect the type of small PC desk you go for. It’s important to measure the area where you want to fit your desk. This will enable you to buy a small computer desk that fits adequately and goes hand in hand with your bedroom layout. 


Another factor you need to consider before buying a computer desk for a small space is the intended use. If you’re buying a small computer table to get some work done, you’ll need to find one with enough surface space.


Style of small computer desk

It’s wise to pick a small compact desk that matches your style and layout with other furniture in the room. Buy a small computer table that’ll complement the room but is also equally functional. There are various tables with different designs and colors on the market, so it wouldn’t be hard to find what you need. 


A budget controls what you’re willing and able to buy without pinching your pockets. It’s, therefore, important to put down a budget that’ll guide you to the type of small computer desk you can afford. 

With that said, let’s look at the best small computer desk for a small space to buy in 2022.

Best Small Computer Desk for a Bedroom

1. Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charge Pad

Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charge Pad

The best computer desk to go for in 2022, hands down, is the Wistopht CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & Wireless Charge Pad. It allows users to control the setup at the workspace directly. This small computer desk has a clever glass tabletop consisting of touch screen keys, a digital display, and an inbuilt wireless charger.

They are minimally chic, with clean, sleek design lines plus a monochromatic palette, which fits nicely in your bedroom. This small, compact standing desk has a 45-inch length and 23-inch width, giving users enough space to work professionally. It can power up to five devices with four ports, a wireless charger pad, and convenient cable management. You can go on and on about its features; it's a must-have desk for your bedroom.

2. FENGE CompactDesk Ultra Long: Drawers & Bag Hook

FENGE CompactDesk Ultra Long: Drawers & Bag Hook

At first glance, you’ll notice its ergonomic designs. Users can relieve work pressure through a scientific method of sitting and standing alternatively. The small computer desk for a small space also promotes blood circulation, ensuring you evade nerve compression and low back pain due to a prolonged sitting posture.

Overall, the FENGE CompactDesk Ultra Long: Drawer & Bag Hook standing desk is designed to provide a high-quality desk with innovative designs and warm services. There’s a hook at the edge of the standing desk where you can hook things like headphones or backpacks. Moreover, it has added canvas drawers that help you to keep your workspace tidy. It has an adjustable height of 29.5 inches to 48.2 inches, suitable for both adults and teenagers. 

3. CompactDesk by Wistopht: Programmable Keypad

CompactDesk by Wistopht: Programmable Keypad

You can easily transform your bedroom space into an ergonomic haven with the CompactDesk by Wistopht: Programmable Keypad. Whether you go for a full or minimal loaded small computer table, it’ll do the heavy lifting for you. Moreover, the small computer desk has a compact design plus a simplistic aesthetic that allows users to fit it nicely anywhere.

It has a 47-inch length, 28-inch width, and 1-inch height, providing more than enough workspace for users. On top of this, it has certified durability as the small PC desks are engineered to withstand a load of 265LBS. The small computer table also has a noiseless dual motor that helps you adjust the desk's height.  

4. Mount-It! Rolling Desk: Tiltable Desk

This is yet another small computer desk for a small space you can go for. It has rolling wheels that allow you to move the desk anywhere in the office. Additionally, the movable computer desk has a sturdy desk that features a moist-resistant maple finish that compliments a room's aesthetic. In addition, Mount-It! Rolling Desk: Tiltable Desktop has an adjustable height of 26.25 inches to 37.75 inches to suit your needs.

5. LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top

The LifeDesk is another adjustable desk that allows all-day productivity and increased well-being. It easily fits into a corner in a bedroom. The LifeDesk SmartLegs 1 ER with Top has advanced legs with extended range height adjustability. Moreover, it has integrated ergonomic applications for memory reminders and sit-to-stand settings. 

Additionally, the small home office desk has patented wellness-while-you-work technology, ensuring proper posture and an ergonomically correct setting for various positions. The small PC desks have an ideal shape and size to suit your bedroom room space efficiently.

6. Apex CompactDesk: Touchscreen Control & USB Charging Port

This small black desk is designed for people that love elegance. The 47-inch Apex CompactDesk: touchscreen control & USB charging port desk has a tempered glass desktop with an electric standing desk stability. It's quite stable and can hold a load of 130LBS. Moreover, it has a large work surface that gives users enough space to work and place their work essentials.

This ergonomic design is perfect for remote workers who love adjusting their desks, as it has a height adjustability of 30 inches to 47.7 inches.

7. Northread CompactDesk: Basic Keypad

Northread CompactDesk: Basic Keypad

The small computer desk has two preset buttons that allow users to set their height from 26 inches to 46.7 inches at high speed. It also has a large workspace area, which allows users to put a monitor and other work essentials. Moreover, it comes with a lift system with sturdy steel that can hold a weight of 170LBS. It’s a nice addition to a bedroom office. 

8. The Office Oasis Premium Small Computer Desk: Built to Last

This is yet another small compact desk you can easily opt for as it's built to last. The sturdy frame comes with high-strength tubing twice as thick as traditional desks. Its desktop is over one thick inch, waterproof, providing 36 inches X 22 inches of usable workspace.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in cable tray organizer for efficient cable management. This small compact desk can easily fit into small spaces and still provide enough space for writing and reading on your computer. 

9. CubiCubi Study Computer Desk 32 Inches

CubiCubi Study Computer Desk 32 Inch

The small compact desk offers enough workspace for your computer and other work essentials. You can easily fit it in a small space in your bedroom. It comes with a storage area where you can put additional work items you need. The CubiCubi desk is definitely a nice addition to your bedroom study area. 

10. 4NM Folding Small PC Desks

This is yet another option you can go for when you need a study desk in your bedroom. The small compact desk falls on the smaller side with an inch size of 31.5. It's made of eco-friendly particleboard, making it a more sustainable option. With this small computer table on board, you’ll definitely get value for money. 

11. OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray

OneSpace Stanton Computer Desk with Pullout Keyboard Tray

The small compact desk is simpler in design and style. Coming in at 30.5 inches, the OneSpace Stanton computer desk with a pullout keyboard tray is suitable for small spaces. It comes with extra storage on the bottom shelf. In addition, it has a designated keyboard pullout tray, which is a great space saver. 

12. Eureka Ergonomic Small White Desk

This particular small PC desk has a more modern and lighter color scheme. It's quite sturdy and comes with white and light wood options, plus black and darker wood options. The Eureka desk has a workspace area of about 31.5 inches, allowing users to put their monitor and other work essentials. 

13. TopSky Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

TopSky Computer Desk with Storage Shelves

If you’re looking for a small compact desk with suitable storage, then the TopSky mid-length is the best option to go for. It comes with a workspace area of 46.5 inches, which can take up more room in your bedroom. These small PC desks are intended for people who want a larger workstation in the bedroom. 

14. Viewee Computer Desk, Laptop Table

This is yet another small compact computer desk you can opt for when you want a study table in your bedroom. The 39-inch desk has more room for users to put their monitors and important work essentials. It’s highly rated due to its sturdy nature and easy assembly process. 

15. Mr. Ironstone 31.5 Inch Foldable Desks (Laminate Marple)

Mr. Ironstone 31.5 Inch Foldable Desks (Laminate Marple)

Another classic desk that can easily fit into a small space in your bedroom is Mr. Ironstone. The Marple-inspired small compact desk has a golden accent finish that compliments the interior decor of a room. It's sturdy enough to hold a monitor and other work essentials. Moreover, it doesn’t compromise when it comes to style and gives off an expensive taste, sprucing up the room's ambiance. 

16. Costway Corner Computer Desk

The Costway corner computer desk is the best option if you're trying to maximize space. This small computer desk has a solid construction with a more traditional style. It has enough drawers to stash away work essentials from your workspace area to keep the workstation neat. 

17. HOOBRO Ladder Computer Desk

HOOBRO Ladder Computer Desk

Another state-of-the-art desk is the HOOBRO ladder desk. Its uniqueness allows users to repurpose it into a ladder shelf. The desk is suitable for people who don’t want a dedicated office desk in the bedroom that screams computer desk. Its streamlined leaning design is suitable for small spaces like the bedroom. 

18. Mid Century Modern Style Desk

This small compact computer desk doesn’t have a visual heftiness, which makes it the perfect addition to the bedroom space. Its wood and compact design finish complement the entire ambiance of the room. The desk is definitely a keeper when you want to incorporate a study table in the bedroom. 

19. IKEA Adjustable Computer Desk

If you’re looking for a small compact computer desk that easily works for you, then the IKEA adjustable desk is a suitable option. You’ll easily adjust the desk to accommodate your working position, whether you’re sitting or standing. It allows users to get things done swiftly. Moreover, it's sturdy and doesn’t wobble, allowing you to work efficiently.


20. Floating Nook Desk

The Nook desk is certainly pretty. You can easily turn it into a functional small computer desk in the bedroom. Ideally, it’s a custom floating desk that easily fits in a small space. It can be incorporated well in odd angled corners of a room. These pieces are specially designed to fit awkward fits, making them a perfect set when working with limited space in a room. 


The above small PC desks give that tucked-away work-from-home setup that easily fits your bedroom. Before jumping into the market to look for an ideal desk, it’s wise to consider the space, budget, and purpose of the small computer desk. It’ll help you to get one that meets your style, comfort, and sturdiness needs.

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