20 Trendy Office Chairs That Will Make for a Stylish Workspace
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20 Trendy Office Chairs That Will Make for a Stylish Workspace

|Nov 5, 2021

Many people are opting for office designs that feature a trendy office chair. While functionality is very important, there are some who are more concerned with the aesthetic than anything else. This is especially true if they're trying to bring a certain kind of flair or design to their office spaces. 

Still, even if trendy desk chairs are at the top of your list of desires, they still need to be functional enough to do the job that they have been assigned. Otherwise, they are meant to be collector’s items that you are not going to be sitting on. 

Why even buy a chair for your workspace if that is the case? Thankfully, there are modern office furniture designs that look great and can perform. So, below is a run-through of twenty such examples that you can consider as you try to beautify your workspace, while trying to remain productive.

20 Trendy Office Chairs to Upgrade Your Workstation Looking

1. Autonomous Chair Ultra

Autonomous Chair Ultra trendy office chair

The Autonomous Chair Ultra is nothing short of a visual marvel, and it gets points for its unique design, when compared to the perception of a traditional office chair. 

The best part is you can use it for a long time without any worries since its award-winning design supersedes the ergonomic comfort provided by the standard Autonomous Chair Ergo. This is the trendy office chair that moves and adjusts itself constantly to maintain the most optimal level of support possible. 

2. Autonomous Chair Ergo

Autonomous Chair Ergo trendy office chair

Autonomous is a trailblazer on the market for its many ergonomic designs. Among these is the Autonomous Chair Ergo. Though the composition is designed along the lines of providing comfort and support to customers, you would be very unfair if you were to ignore the sheer visual masterpiece that has been crafted here. 

On the ergonomic side, there is foam seating, recline support, an adjustable headrest, a mesh backrest with adjustable lumbar support, an adjustable armrest, etc. This ergo office chair is a perfect option for you.

3. Yoyomax Task Chair

The Yoyomax Task Chair starts things off, and it's not the top ergonomic design by any stretch of the imagination. Even so, it does manage to combine style with some level of an ergonomic experience. For example, there's a mesh backrest to keep you cool, and you can adjust your seat height. 

Armrests are present, but they are of the static variety. You can see that the main idea here is to bring a certain look to the office, as this simple design manages to be incredibly attractive. 

4. Daily Chair

Daily trendy office chair

This is an office chair that is designed to be visually stunning while mitigating back pain. The backrest is contoured with lumbar support and a mesh design for maintaining a comfortable temperature. 

You're getting a well-padded cushion from this fashionable desk chair, which allows you to work for long hours, even if you are forced to sit through the experience. Still, it manages to have a great look that can slot itself into many contemporary office designs. 

5. Art Leon Mid-century Modern Swivel Accent Chair

There are no wheels here, so don't expect a bunch of movement. Even so, you do get a 360-degree rotational capacity atop the unit's stationary legs. There are a host of colors available, which means you can grab something that should fit your layout incredibly well. 

You can tell that the objective with a design such as this one is to pull attention and stay at the center of it. 

6. Baldwin Midback Faux-leather Chair

Baldwin Midback trendy office chair

This is another trendy office chair option that allows you to swivel, but this time it has wheels so you can move around your office on the chair as well. The design is incredibly simple, but it brings a level of sleekness to the office that is much appreciated by those who are more interested in the visual side of things. 

The faux-leather upholstery contributes to this look, and you even get adjustable seat height and lumbar support here. Of course, the polished gold armrests and base also reinforce how stylish the unit looks. 

7. Orren Ellis Twelveoak Conference Chair

The name of this trendy office chair would make you think that there is wood involved in the design, yet there is none. Instead, you have a base and arms that feature a very sophisticated metal finish, combined with a seat and backrests that are exclusively made up of faux leather. 

Like the last time, there is lumbar support and adjustable seat height, along with static armrests. it's not impossible to find this one extremely comfortable, as you sit down to get some work done. 

8. Eames Aluminum Group Executive Chair

Eames Aluminum trendy office chair

This modern executive office chair is Michigan-made and looks very recognizable while managing to have a unique appearance. Based on the layout of the backrest and the way the static armrests are placed, it feels like something you have seen before. 

However, when you pay attention to the curvature of the backrest and seat of this fashionable desk chair, as well as the mechanism that affixes the said seat to the base, it's like you have seen nothing like it. 

9. Camden Leather Office Chair

As far as fashionable desk chairs go, this one makes your office fancy just by being present. It's incredibly pricey though, so naturally, it means that you have a sturdy design on your hands. There's a high back, which is suitable for both those who are quite tall and others who are of average height. 

It even combines organic principles with glamour with its burnt oak arms and incredibly premium leather upholstery. If you're interested in making a statement with your office design, it's hard for you to get much louder than this. 

10. Corrigan Studio Harkness Executive Chair

Corrigan Studio trendy office chair

This modern office chair is something directly out of the future. How can a chair look simple and like it has an intricate design at the same time? Corrigan did extremely well from the aesthetic side of the spectrum. 

The trendy desk chairs design was well thought out, and the seat and backrest yield tremendous comfort as you work. Even the positioning of the low, static padded arms should not be an inconvenience for most. Incredibly, it also comes in three wonderful colors, which are coffee, camel, and cream. 

11. Latimer Office Chair

This trendy office chair style is incredibly similar to a couple of other options that made the list for their needs and streamlined visual appeal. However, this one gets the edge on a couple of the competitors since they feature more than just a pretty face. 

Not many fashionable desk chairs can yield the required amount of comfort throughout an entire workday, but this design by Latimer manages to do just that. Additionally, the metal base present is sturdier than you may think, and it makes the unit one of the most durable options on this list. 

12. Albaugh Executive Chair with Headrest

Albaugh Executive trendy office chair

Even if your position at work is not that of a boss, you are going to be feeling like one if this is the chair you choose to complete your look. The high-back leather design is both futuristic and along the lines of the most premium visuals you can feast your eyes on. 

It swivels, allows for seat tilt, and there is even a recline function present. Lower back support, which is also incredibly important, is offered here, and it is nothing short of a beautiful unit. What more could you ask for in a trendy office chair? 

13. COMHOMA Desk Chair

If you're trying to get that great look, but you are also on a budget, you may want to give some attention to this trendy desk chairs design from COMHOMA. You are not going to believe the low price that you are getting here, especially when you think of how supportive this modern ergonomic chair is. 

There are vertically adjustable armrests, a mesh backrest, a well-padded seat design, as well as seat height adjustment and tilt tension. It's incredible that there is even a respectable measure of durability here too. 

14. Argos Home Omari Mesh Ergonomic Office Chair

Argos trendy office chair

This high back design is again suited to the taller people who want a modern office chair that looks great too. There is a double-layered mesh backrest trendy desk chair, which is geared towards providing lumbar support while preserving the integrity of the structure for a long time to come. 

While it is a visual stunner, it's also a basic ergonomic design that should not cost too much. The tilt tension, seat height adjustment, and the inclusion of a headrest round out a more than desirable seating package. 

15. Made Denham Office Chair

It's not hard to imagine this trendy office chair showing up on the set of any talk show, based on its look, feel, and composition. You're not getting casters to roll around, but you are getting a sort of 70s look that is probably well sought after today for vintage equipment lovers. 

Still, it manages to maintain a semblance of a visual flair while being respectively comfortable. 

16. Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Herman Miller trendy office chair

This Herman Miller design kind of sits on the opposite side of the spectrum, based on the trend that you have seen with this list. Instead of attention being paid to the visual side of things with the presence of some ergonomic features, you have a modern office chair here that does it the other way around. 

A documented series of developments have led to one of the best ergonomic designs on the market today, that happens to be visually unique and stunning. 

17. Humanscale Diffrient World Office Chair

Humanscale is not new to the market, and it's more well known for its ergonomic designs than its visual style, though it does not do a bad job where the latter is concerned. It provides ergonomic support to your back and your arms, which are two of the most fundamental and critical areas that need to be supported. 

You can tell that the upholstery takes advantage of quality materials, and it's nice to have trendy desk chairs that adjust to support its users at any level of recline. 

18. HOMCOM Linen Office Chair

HOMCOM Linen Office Chair

If you're trying to bridge the gap between style and comfort, this might be the way to go. There is no denying the level of visual effort that has been put into this unit, so much so that it almost commands attention. 

While it's not the most ergonomic line on the market, you can tell that it did not sacrifice all its comfort just to look good. You can adjust your seat height, and the padding on the backrest should make for a pleasant experience. 

19. Herman Miller Cosm High Back Office Chair

Here is yet another design that looks as if it walked right out of the future, which is no surprise when you are dealing with the Herman Miller brand. It's incredibly popular with those who are interested in something stylish that looks different from the typical executive office chair you would expect to see. 

Of course, with the high price tag that it attracts, there is also a level of ergonomic support provided to buyers who want to outfit their office spaces with one of these units. It's incredibly breathable, durable, and the suspension used ensures that it can fit and accommodate various body types. 

20. Flynn Office Chair

Flynn Office Chair

The Flynn modern office chair looks like the result of someone thinking that sofas are so comfortable that it would be smart to make a workplace design that looks like one. It's fully upholstered, with a swivel base that allows for respectable motion. 

A highly adjustable design means being able to facilitate people of different heights very effectively. Additionally, should seat depth be at the top of your feature radar, you might find that this is the chair for you. No one is going to walk into your office space and not glance at this unit at least thrice. 


A trendy office chair is well sought after by those who are looking for a chair that brings a great aesthetic to their office spaces. Unfortunately, sometimes this goal is sought to the point of ignoring the required ergonomic features in a design. 

Thankfully though, as you can see from the listing above, it is possible to do both to tremendous effect.

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