Top 20 Workspace Gadgets for Digital Artists
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Top 20 Workspace Gadgets for Digital Artists

|Nov 12, 2020

Digital artists need a lot of accessories to be in place to produce the masterpieces they work so hard towards. Having the right workspace gadgets goes a long way in achieving that outcome. However, it seems like there are so many things to choose from that you are left to wonder what your best options are.

It just so happens that there is a list below of 20 of the most useful ones available. Hopefully, this should clear up a lot of the confusion you have and make things more productive

20. Wi-Fi Router

Wi-Fi Router

It's always good to be near an access point, so you don't have to deal with any lagging in streaming, downloading, or uploading content. Get yourself a Wi-Fi router that can support gigabit internet speeds. 

19. Laptop Docking Station

Laptop Docking Station

A docking station allows you to plug all your peripherals into it, and connect it to the laptop when you want access to them. No more having to plug everything in and out of your laptop whenever you arrive or leave your desk. 

18. Air Puffer

Accessories that contribute to comfort are always great for an ergonomic setup. Air quality deserves more attention than you may think, which is why having some measure of control with an air buffer is a plus. 

17. USB Hub

USB hub

There is no other way to describe this than as a cool gadget for your workspace. Have you ever felt as if you don't have enough USB ports? If so, turn one into four, five, or even eight with a USB hub. 

16. Graphics Tablet

Graphic Tablet

A graphics tablet is one of those workspace gadgets that comes with an artist's territory. It's one of the most efficient pieces of equipment in helping you realize your visual goals. 

15. Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

The wireless keyboard is to allow you a sense of freedom as you work. Sometimes, keyboard cable length and entanglements can be a real pain. Break free with Bluetooth technology. 

14. External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a great place to store physical backups of your work. Additionally, if you ever want a portable storage device with great performance and storage, it's hard to go wrong with a USB-powered external drive. 

13. Magnetic Note Holder

If you ever wanted a convenient way to store your paper-based notes, the magnetic note holder has you covered. It firmly grasps any paper you slide into it, but allows you to remove pages very easily. 

12. Magnetic Cable Organizer

What's the best way to address untidy cables? Using a magnetic cable organizer can make things more visually appealing and convenient. Not many workspace gadgets help you tidy up that well. 

11. Secondary Storage Dock

Hopefully, you never have to deal with losing information to a crashed PC. A secondary storage dock has a slot for your hard drive. You can then connect it to another PC via USB to extract your data. If your primary PC isn't turning on, this method provides an excellent last resort in retrieving your information. 

10. LED Desk Lamp

Adequate desk lighting goes hand in hand with the principles of ergonomics. There are not many better desk accessories than an LED desk lamp. It's recommended that you go for an adjustable variation since light requirements change.

9. Two-finger Glove

For those who use touchscreens, you may get worried about sweat, oil, and dirt getting on the display. A two-finger glove allows you to cover your fingers, so you don't have this problem. 

8. Electric Pencil Sharpener

While the bulk of your job doesn't revolve around manual drawing, a digital artist needs to pencil things out from time to time. An electric pencil sharpener makes for a speedy workflow. 

7. Digital Camera


A digital camera is another useful office gadget for a digital artist. Try to get one with great memory card support and connectivity options to your PC. 

6. Balance Board

If you use a standing desk, you may feel a slight pain in your joints after standing too long. While a balance board doesn't have the same internal components as electronic workspace gadgets, it makes up for it by providing you with a comfortable and safer work experience. 

5. Vertical Phone Charger

Vertical Phone Charger

Even when your phone is charging, you may need to use it sometimes. A vertical phone charger keeps your mobile device in an upright position and supported at the back. Therefore, you can use it effectively without removing it. 

4. Keyboard Cover

While a keyboard cover is not a gadget in the traditional sense, it's very useful to a digital artist. Protect your keyboard from liquids and debris by using this simple accessory. 

3. Posture Belt

It's hard to overstate the importance of proper posture while you work. If you need assistance staying in a natural position, get a posture belt for your workdays. 

2. Office Chair

Office Chair

Even if you use a standing desk, you should be alternating between seated and standing positions. Get an office chair that supports your neck, shoulders, and spine well. 

1. Standing Desk

Standing Desk

Before you think about essential standing desk accessories, you need a proper adjustable desk. Smart features are assets since they can help you to remain productive and healthy.

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