Top 5 Employee Benefit Trends in 2024
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Top 5 Employee Benefit Trends in 2024

|May 6, 2021

Coming back to work in 2022 can be a bit of a risk, with the pandemic still rolling around, and all the changes and craziness that has spawned. Even with all of the changes happening, employers are still trying to bring their employees back with new employee benefits. Employee benefits are only getting more and more popular as time goes on, and that isn’t slowing down.

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There are a lot of different  employee benefit trends that are only growing in 2022, and you need to be aware of them as an employer. That way you can continue to support your employees and provide them what they need with your business. If you don’t keep a thought for the trends for the benefits you give your employees, your competitors are going to.

Pros and Cons of Following Employee Benefit Trends

Pros and Cons of Following Employee Benefit Trends

  • icon checkEasy for employees to get behind
  • icon checkSimple to implement
  • icon timesTrends change rapidly

TOP 5 Trends In Employee Benefits In 2022

What are employees looking for nowadays, and what employee benefits trends are going to become part of the norm in 2022? Here are some of the top trends that employers are offering their employees in 2022.

1. An Increased Focus On Mental Health

Let’s be honest, 2020 was the poster child for mental health issues. With the global issues of a worldwide pandemic and the local problems in your country or state, it seemed like everyone was just a little depressed. Employees were the same way, and they are looking for companies to help them through it all. This is the perfect way to foster employee engagement and build trust with employees.

An Increased Focus On Mental Health

Mental health issues were brought to the forefront in 2020, and they aren’t going away in 2022. Employees want benefit packages with plenty of mental health resources so everyone can manage their mental health a bit better. This can include therapy, socialization, and paid for meetings and sessions with a licensed therapist.

Most of the mental health issues are also going to focus more on telehealth visits and telemedicine rather than being strictly in person. Since the majority of the workforce might still be working from home in 2022, the benefits can reflect that while still providing support for mental and emotional needs. It is one of the most gowing employee benefit trends this year.

2. An Emergency Savings Fund

The pandemic has certainly shown us the frailty of our wallets! Emergency savings funds are becoming more popular than ever as everyone wants to save some money in case the next crisis hits. Financial emergencies are always going to happen, regardless of a pandemic or not. Most employers are starting to share some of the information about how to make an emergency savings fund as one of the ways to motivate employees.

An Emergency Savings Fund

The benefits tied to the fund don’t just share how to make one, but also allow you to have a portion of your paycheck automatically placed into the fund. With the pitfalls of not saving enough being exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic’s first shots against the world, saving is now more important than ever.

3. Workplace Giving Programs

Another employee benefit trend that employees are looking for actually doesn’t benefit employees at all, but it allows them to benefit others. With everything bad in the world that 2020 exposed for us, it also showed us that we need to give to the causes we believe in. Employers expect their employees to give to charitable causes or offer a type of giving program. It creates a more supportive organization culture.

Workplace Giving Programs

Employees want to know that they can give back to both their community and the causes that they care about. If their employer gives them a chance to do that, then more power to them. The giving is only going to get much bigger as things continue to recover, so make sure your giving channels are open! Find a cause that your business can get behind, and then see if there is a way to give to it.

4. Expanded Childcare

Most parents have become stay at home parents and teachers overnight. They are also spending more time on household chores and child management, often without any source of help or support. This puts a massive strain on their work performance, and it is becoming a problem for adults who can’t keep the work-life balance in check.

Expanded Childcare

One of the biggest employee benefit trends that is coming out of this is that employers are offering better access to childcare for their remote workers. Originally, a small number of employers offered onsite child care services but this was actually pretty rare. However, now businesses are starting to offer in home childcare, and bulk office furniture orders.

They are also offering other services to help ease the load on working parents, making sure that they don’t burn out and can juggle the increased stresses of work and life. That’s easily one of the most important benefits on this list!

5. Benefits for Medical Care

While the Telehealth and Telemedicine industries have really exploded due to the reluctance of many Americans to go to the hospital, the premiere focus on COVID has meant that most employees are putting off going to the hospital for other things. Including checkups, cancer screenings, and routine exams.

Benefits for Medical Care

This top employee benefit leads to its own set of problems, and employers are trying to reverse this trend by encouraging their employees to go safely see a doctor. Even during the times of COVID-19, neglecting the rest of your health isn’t something you should do.

Keeping An Eye On The Benefits

As an employer, you need to do two things. The first is to keep an eye on all the benefits that your company is offering your employees. The second is to see what your employees need, and you can do this with a survey or questionnaire. Making sure that you are offering everything you can in terms of benefits because this is going to bring employees to you like a moth to a flame. Just make sure to assess employee competency first! Messing up with new hires is not fun.

Keeping An Eye On The Benefits

Employees should want to work with you, and the benefits that you provide them are going to keep them working with you. Plus, they are going to be less stressed and eager to come into the office every day either physically or virtually.

Don’t be afraid to see what top employee benefits you can offer, and then get started with offering them! If you keep your finger on the pulse of the employee benefit trends in the office world, you can be one step ahead and able to really help your employees out.

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