Top 5 Ergonomic Chairs that Suit You and Your Office
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Top 5 Ergonomic Chairs that Suit You and Your Office

|Oct 17, 2018

As a worker seats in the office, his/her day can be affected by the chair. Especially if the type of job requires being seated for most of the day. Such a job usually involves a computer with internet service and communicative tools. They are expected to be the only essentials for the workers to be effective in the office. But the chair is what will influence the worker’s office performance.

Yes, the business is important, but the worker’s well-being is crucial. If he/she isn’t comfortable, it could lead to poor performance at the office. Especially if the creativity is needed to do the job. This happens to be one major reason why employers of today invest in office furniture. This way they get the best out of their workers.

Why are ergonomic office chairs so important?

home office ergonomic chair

In a range of 8 hours to 13 hours of work per day, the worker could end up spending almost the whole day sitting. Which is very unhealthy. One could end up sitting for so long there would be no breaks or appointments that day. The worker experience can get worse if the chair is faulty or doesn’t work well for him/her.

Here are some reasons why ergonomic chairs are important for the good working condition:

For good posture

The posture of the office worker can be affected negatively. If the chair has poor balancing it would cause his/her back and neck to have problems. Which will leads to the development of a bad posture. The worker's walking posture will be affected. Along with his confidence and willing to finishing the job. In summary, the worker would find the environment toxic and be thinking of quitting.

With the use of an ergonomic chair that has proper balancing. The worker’s back and neck will comfortable. Thereby increasing confidence and willingness to work. The good posture will make his/her work activity very comfortable.

It creates a flexible environment for the worker

The feature of an ergonomic chair which allows it to spin and roll is known as the swivel and casters. They chairs flow well with the worker's body and it allows them to adjust. This creates a flexible environment in the office and can contribute to the worker’s productivity. The worker will be comfortable on the ergonomic chair without the disturbance of discomfort.

The chair is versatile in use

By versatile, what is meant is the ability of the chair to be adjusted to the taste of the worker. Since the height weight and size of the worker varies. Thus, the ergonomic office chairs are made in such a way that they reflect the physical attribute of the worker. The chair allows freedom to adjust the chair’s sit up, height or depth with the use of a gas lift.

The seat also has tilt tension which enables one to increase or decrease its springiness to recline the chair. With all these features the worker is sure to meet comfort during work.

It shows the appreciation of the worker

In a workplace, the most asked for furniture are comfortable chairs. This because they wish to feel comfortable in their working environment. An employer providing ergonomic chairs for his/her workers shows he/she is caring. It tends to improve employer and working relationship which is a plus. Workers who feel they are on good terms with their boss tends to be more productive.

What to consider when choosing an ergonomic chair – Here are five


A high-quality chair doesn't mean the best looking ones. What is important is the ergonomics. Sure, people would love the designs of chairs but the body is always looking to comfort itself.

Before purchasing a chair it is important to do research to find the best chair depending on one's physical attribute, it is just like buy clothing. The size, weight, and height are to be considered.

For better detail of one’s physical attributes, a chiropractor is recommended. What the chiropractor will do is scan the ones back for the shape of his/her spine. After acquiring such information it can be used to find the right chair which will gently help one adjust his/her spine to the right position. In the end, an adjustable chair is needed.


Chairs with more than just height and armrest are in demand. Chairs of this kind are in excess on the market. There are chairs with 5-way change and there are chairs with up to 14-way adjustments. They tend to be tricky to choose from, but by physically testing the chair one should be able to find his/her fit.

Lumber support

A poor lumbar support of the chair can cause a sickness called sciatica. It is a very terrible sickness. And for one to avoid this, he/she will have to get a high quality ergonomic. Which must offer you an adjustable lumbar support. So in this way, one is allowed to a just the support to the curvature of the spine and the body type. If the chair is not adjusted well one will feel little pain on his or her lower back.


Chairs with wheels really come in handy most of the time. If one wishes to move from one desk to another without standing up it is possible.

For safety one should make sure the chair's wheels are strong that glides smoothly on the floor. The harder the wheelbase the smoother the roll especially on carpets. One of the best ergonomic office chairs offer replaceable wheels

This is preferable because the wheels could be faulty and will need to be replaced.

Swivel base

This factor is as useful as the wheelbase. They go hand-in-hand with each other. It helps to change one's direction as he/she rolls to the other desk. It also helps to reduce fatigue stress of the muscles. If the swivel base isn't present, it could cause one to fall and injure. This feature of an office chair makes the environment more flexible and compatible with one's work.

Mesh material

Mesh is one of the latest materials used for used by chairs in today's market. The material makes the chair more breathable. It can also regulate the temperature of the body and distribute one's weight evenly. They are bound to make one feel more confident.

Top 5 Ergonomic Office Chairs You Should Look At

1. Autonomous Chair Ergo

ergochair 2

This high-quality chair was designed to improve one’s working experience. The chair possesses standard features. One of them is its adjustable mechanism that enables users to set the chair to his/her needs. The ergo chair can also be adjusted in a flexible 360 degrees with full-body support in all seat able positions. Thus the chair can be adjusted in almost all the angles and direction.

The mesh material used which is a breathable Korean design and it is located on the back seat. it will distribute the total weight of the user evenly while keeping he/she cool. made it clear that they are always willing to build great and comfortable products for workspace. They’ve shown their ability to do just that with the two new innovative features mentioned earlier. The combination of those features is sure to improve productivity.

Adjustable Lumber support

Autonomous provides lumbar support for relaxing your lower back specifically. All that is required is to pull the handle which will unlock the lumbar support. With this feature, one will enjoy long hours of healthy and comfortable posture. The feature is for both your spine and lower back.

The designs on this office chair are outstanding. Completely human-friendly. It tends to give the feeling of a natural more relaxing state.

2. Autonomous Avo chair

avo chair

The chair is one of flagship office chairs. It impresses with its sleek and compact design. It’s manufactured with health in mind, making it safe and supports good natural health. On the back seat, there is an elastomeric mesh which will give its user a comfortable rest and breezy comfort. Also to that, there is a waterfall style along the edges of the arm pads.

The chair possesses an aluminum alloy base. It allows locking after setting the perfect reclining tension, the height of seat and arm position. The design of the AVO chair is inspired by nature so it is eco-friendly. All its part are 100% recyclable. Companies can now go green or at least seem green with the AVO chair.

3. Herman Miller Mirra 2

Herman Miller


The butterfly designed backseat provides enough support to one’s back. The backseat is completed with gradated cutouts. It flex out to provide a better movement and circulation when moving from desk to desk. A lumber brace is also present to keep one’s lower back comfortable. The material used on the seat is AireWeave 2 mesh which is best at distributing weight and keep one cool.

Another great feature about the Mirra 2 is its passive harmonic tilt. Which enables reclining. This is possible with the four-stage flex front which changes the depth of the chair. Also to that, there is a special tilt knob that is used to regulate the seat.


It has a lightweight design

In the back seat there is the TriFlex which is durable and cleanable. It provides specific zones that support the back thereby ensuring breath-ability for comfort.


This ergonomic office chair was created to support the ever-evolving work culture. This new culture is constant motion of people who work on their laptops and mobile phones. Mirra 2 was manufactured to support such people during their work in various way.

On top of all the features possessed by this chair, the Mirra still keeps that simple and athletic look. This chair in particular, is perfect for people/workers who need a quick flex.

It may be a great chair, but it has a weakness and that is the possible stiff seat.

4. Alera Elusion


Design and features

It begins with its multi-functional mechanism coupled with a seat glide. They enable a back angle change that is relative to the seat. It also allows both the forward tilt and adjustable tilt. A breathable mesh material on the back seat is present to ensure a comfortable backrest. On the seat, there is a silhouette seat cushion with a waterfall-like edge. This will increase comfort by relieving pressure on the legs.

The armrests are both height and width-adjustable with its soft polyurethane pads sure to relieve arm stress at any height or width. Lastly, there is the high-quality caster which ensures easy mobility.


The Alera delusion is a simple and very affordable office chair with useful features and designs. It is not as good as the Herman Miller mirra2, but it can still be an effective office chair. It is suitable for business under budget or individual who just wants a cheap ergonomic office chair.

This is a good office chair but it’s lacking in some essential features like the lumbar support is not enough for back comfort. Even though you could adjust the height is adjustable.

5. Ergo stool


This stool enables its users to build their back and core strength by sitting up straight. It is without the need of supports like a chair does. This dynamic sitting takes after frequent posture changes made by its users while they stand. It leads to toning of muscles. The heavy base ensures stability which allows movement of the user while sitting.

This stool enables you to have a quick break during group work. The more breaks taking with the stool will encourage one to stand for a long time.

The design of the stool enables one to maintain health. It keeps one gently active. The seat will allow circulation on one’s lower body.

In the end, the ergo-stool helps to prevent and cure back pains and disc sicknesses. One’s posture is sure to improve.



On this post, there are five recommended factors to consider before purchasing. They are as follows: adjust ability, wheels, lumbar support, swivel base, and mesh material. All these factors possessed by an office chair is perfect enough.

The list of office chairs mentioned in the post consist of expensive and inexpensive. In case there is not enough budgeted. outranks others with its modern, eco-friendly and reliable office products. Three of the products are in this post. They include autonomous Autonomous Chair Ergo, autonomous AVO chair and ergo stools. They are all affordable and they help improve the productivity of workers.

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