Top 5 Gaming Chair Problems Every Gamer Should Know
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Top 5 Gaming Chair Problems Every Gamer Should Know

|Mar 18, 2021

Having the right equipment is non-negotiable for any fulfilling video game session. One of the elements that sits at the center of this is your gaming chair. While the style of this fixture has remained all but unchanged over the years, it doesn't mean that the design is an optimal one. Gaming chair problems are well documented, which is why some gamers have given serious thought to switching to other office chair designs. 

Are gaming chairs comfortable? Though they are popular, you must ask yourself, “do gaming chairs help with physical needs?” When you think about it, you find that these chairs fall short in various areas. Here's a look at five of the most prominent gaming chair problems you're likely to experience in your private gaming sessions or while you stream for your audience. 

A Review of “Normal” Gaming Chair Problems

It's vital to understand the use of the word “normal” here. Realistically, you shouldn't be suffering in certain ways for wanting to enjoy a video game session using your chair. However, these problems are categorized as typical because almost any gamer using one of these specially designed chairs is likely to deal with them. 

1. Uncomfortable Side Bolsters

The typical design of gaming chairs looks way cooler than it feels. The padding on the chairs tends to be minimal, and they sit on a metallic design. It's not easy to avoid them with your legs, and when you don't, you're going to be incredibly uncomfortable. Since the middle area is not the widest in the world, not having to deal with the side bolsters is almost impossible for most people.

This design choice comes from the fact that gaming chairs are often built to mimic racing-style bucket seats. of course, even professional racing car drivers aren't going to be sitting in one of these for a very long time. The bolsters tend to be present on both the backrest and the seat, and either set present the same kind of discomfort for you. 

A Review of “Normal” Gaming Chair Problems

2. Not Conducive to All Body Types

As noted in the previous point, not everyone can reliably avoid the side bolsters. The midsection of the gaming chair not being very wide is a real problem, as that means it is more conducive to slimmer people. If the difference was negligible, it would not be such a problem. However, it's not hard to see the kind of small, slim build that most ergonomic gaming chairs are intended for.

The typical weight capacity also tends to be no more than 220 pounds. Many gaming chair designs even go below this. While many gamers who fall in the body type and weight category exist, this is not true for another large part of the gaming community. Some persons are tall, wide, or weigh more than 220 pounds. Unfortunately, it means that not only is the side bolster design a hindrance, but it's also compounded by an accommodative gaming chair problem. 

3. Adjustability Features Are Limited

Gaming chairs are not built to be very adjustable. You can make slight changes as you attempt to make your playtime that much more comfortable, but you are going to run into limitations every step of the way. Many of these chairs offer a basic tilt mechanism, which doesn't take advantage of quality of life features, such as a forward seat tilt and a multiple-position tilt lock. 

An adjustable backrest is also a feature that tends to be left out of the gaming chair arena. Even with its slender design, a greater degree of adjustability would have made sense for several different body types. 

Armrests also reinforce this point. Many gaming chairs feature armrests that cannot be adjusted. In the ones that do, the adjustment tends to be vertical only. 

Adjustability Features Are Limited

4. Lumbar Support Is Poor

Here is one of the biggest offenses that gaming chairs commit. There is often very poor or no lumbar support at all. The best they do is offer a bound cushion that is supposed to help you achieve a better sitting position. Straps often affix the pad to the chair, and you can move it up and down. 

While no one can say the pillow does not help, it's not enough to make up for proper lumbar support that pays attention to the natural spine curvature, which helps to prevent chronic pains and other negative medical developments. As an even more unfortunate icing on the cake, the pillow that is included to help make things more comfortable often does not remain in its place since the straps are not always the most reliable.

Lumbar Support Is Poor

5. Sedentary Lifestyle Encouragement

Research has and continues to uncover the downsides of falling into a sedentary lifestyle. Though most of these studies reveal information about working conditions, gamers often find themselves dealing with the same kinds of challenges. One of the biggest gaming chair problems in this regard is the limitation imposed on your range of movement as you use one.

While office furniture has progressively leaned towards designs that encourage movement and standing, gaming chairs continue to encourage lounging around and remaining seated for long periods. 

Sedentary Lifestyle Encouragement

Use an Ergonomic Chair to Solve Them

When you think of the office chair vs gaming chair debate, an ergonomic chair is often seen as a piece of furniture that is relegated to the office. However, there's a reason why ergonomic chair gaming is becoming such a large trend in the modern world. Why do you think that is? 

With the progressive design of office furniture, it's no secret that these chairs are way more conducive to longer sitting periods than gaming chairs are. Additionally, they encourage the kind of movement that the body needs, which makes gaming sessions healthier and more comfortable.

Use an Ergonomic Chair to Solve Them

Choosing to buy an ergonomic chair online can often be an overwhelming decision with the various options available. The Autonomous Chair 2 and the Autonomous Kinn Chair are two of the most solid options on the market. Not only do they accommodate a range of body types, but they include various ergonomic features, such as high adjustability. Using one of these chairs is the solution to the typical gaming chair problems discussed above.

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