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Top 5 Modern Desk Setup Ideas That Inspire Productivity

Avatar of Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 8, 2021

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As you work from home or your office, the way you set up your desk can inspire productivity.  Any desk setup should include and manage your preferences about the way you work, style preferences for desks, seating you desire, and more. Have you thought about a modern desk setup?

Your work is greatly impacted primarily by the floor plan layout and the way you set up your desk. Add a modern workspace design to your office for best results.

As you spend ample time at your desk, it is only fair that the desk setup is to your liking.  Some folks like to keep it clean and tidy with a minimalist setting. Others like to decorate it with pictures of their loved ones, their achievements, and more. These mementos inspire and give such users motivation to work.

Have you considered what kind of desk you would like to have? Don't forget that you can have the right environment for work with modern furniture for the office.

Well, the desk set-up you chose that must inspire should also give you great comfort.  Have you considered a standing desk?  Also known as stand-sit-stand desks, these desks provide you with a feature to adjust the height.  You can sit for your work and later turn it to a standing desk with the mere flick of a button. Revert to the original sitting position for work once you are tired. The health benefits of standing desks are widely known. 

Top 5 Modern Desk Setup Ideas for Your Workspace

As you explore the best modern desk ideas, do not miss our review of office desk décor.

1. The Space Saver

The Space Saver

Many folks tend to have more than just laptops, mice, and a notepad on the working desk. A large monitor, a pen stand with pencils, pens, erasers, or more, and other office stationery can clutter your desk. Save yourself storage space by choosing to use the vertical space of the wall, should your desk be against a wall.  If your back is against the wall, perhaps you may choose a corner to gain an advantage of the vertical space of the wall to store small items.  Many stands and shelves are easily available that can be installed just at the right height to keep mementos and pictures that you cherish.

Hang that monitor screen on the wall to use space effectively.  Please attach it to a laptop or a tab to see large fonts while retaining your data in your tab.

Add a small desk or use a desk drawer to store the printer that can help you get a print quickly.  For an area free of wires, use a cable tray management or use a wi-fi enabled printer. 

2. The Bright Desk

The Bright Desk

A bright desk with ample light can make working easy as you search for a modern office setup.  With the right amount of light, your eyes are strained less. A desk by a window is a good option to get natural light during the day. As you work through the day, you may get caught up with your work priorities. Having a desk by the window enables you to take a break from work and rest your mind as you look at natural surroundings. 

Place your desk in a room filled with natural light.  If the amount of natural light is limited, you can always add more light with a simple desk lamp.

You can always look at a modern desk setup with minimalistic additions to give you space for thought. Store your things under the desk to keep the top clutter-free.  Drawers or cabinets under the desk make for great storage.

Using a white colored desktop will help the natural light reflect across the room, giving you a feeling of spaciousness. Also, it is bright and easy to clean and maintain as you work during the day with a white surface. 

3. An Ergonomic Desk Set-up - The SmartDesk Pro

An Ergonomic Desk Set-up - The SmartDesk Pro

Don't miss the best modern desk setup you can create with the SmartDesk Pro for your health and well-being.  This standing desk comes in various colors to match your office/home office décor. Available in more than 14 desktop prints and colors, you can be sure to get a choice that suits you the best. In addition, the regular desktop size of 53" x 29" makes for a large working space.

With this standing desk, you can be sure to manage your health needs. Set up this desk to enable a visitor to plugin using the same desktop space. You can always consider a corner standing desk that gives you a larger area if you need extra space for activities. Add a printer under the table as you place a sleek table for the printer. 

If you are planning on using the desk for gaming, you may not need any storage space underneath. As you look for modern PC desks, add space designs to your walls, add a string of lights to change the ambient lighting as you chase warships through the space zone.  

4. The Green Set-up

The Green Set-up

There is nothing better than having a modern desk setup where you have some natural green plants on your desk and in your room.  If the weather permits, add a dash of natural surroundings to calm your mind, expand your thinking with greenery.  Green adds space and vastness to your mind space, giving you extra room for innovation and being creative.

As you set up your desk, add a small riser/shelf towards the back of the table. Add small office desk plants for terrariums to add the natural looks.  Some folks like to add a goldfish bowl to their table to see the fish swimming. You could also choose to have planters in your room or wall-climbers for soothing effects.

Remember, apart from the greenery, you also benefit from fresh oxygen with plants inside the room. If you aren't much of a natural plant person, you may wish to adorn your walls with paintings representing natural surroundings. 

5. Peaceful and Serene with Blue

Peaceful and Serene with Blue

Looking for a peaceful and serene décor for your modern desk setup? How about trying a pastel shade or a blue? Blue represents water and vastness and calms your mind.  Blue also talks about energy as waves come in full force, crashing against rocks. So hang a painting, add color to your walls, engage with the oceans by adding a blue desktop, or add a waterfall tableau to your table.

Whatever be your thought, as you work through challenges at the workplace, getting periods of calmness to make important decisions is vital to your success.

Add a piece of music with the waterfall tableau of hand the windpipes to clink, adding mystic music to your background.

Final Thoughts

It is important to be happy to be productive at the workplace. Therefore, suit yourself with the right desk, a modern desk setup and settings that give you energy and tranquillity to work productively.

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