Top 5 Small Computer Corner Desks to Fit Your Corner
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Top 5 Small Computer Corner Desks to Fit Your Corner

|Jan 24, 2022

While working, one has to move around quickly and reach the farther corner to grab an important file. The need to get up every other second in a workplace might be a way to escape their workstation for some, but it could be the biggest cause of frustration to others. Especially when you are involved in work and want to grab a file quickly, you might loathe getting up. This also wastes time and might be a blockage for productivity in the workplace, among many other factors.

In such cases, a small computer desk corner is the ultimate solution, all thanks to its shapes. A small L-shaped computer desk isn't just a workstation that resides in the corner, but corner desks for small spaces offer many benefits all at once. Below, we will cover some types of L-shaped standing desks, their benefits, types, and the best standing desks or corner desks for small spaces.

Types of Corner Computer Desks

Learning about the basic types and shapes of a small L-shaped computer desk can help you choose the best desk for you while ruling out some decks that don't fit your needs. Here are some common types of L-shaped desks.

1. Corner Desk with a Hutch

Corner Desk with a Hutch

These small computer desk corners have desks with an overhead of shelves or cabinets. Such desks are larger, so you may not count them as small, but one benefit is that they offer a variety of storage options for you to keep the office essentials organized. Other than extra storage, these designs are grand and exude royalty, so if you are in the mood for an entire home office makeover, then a computer desk with a hutch seems a reasonable choice.

2. Small L-shaped Computer Desk with Drawers

A desk with drawers might be a small feature to point out, but drawers in desks offer multiple benefits. Some people separately buy a desk drawer to achieve the desired space and a tiny extra storage option to keep their everyday essentials organized. An L-shaped desk with a drawer gives you a place to keep your stationery items such as pens, pencils, notepads, chargers and many other important things.

3. Small L-shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

Small L-shaped Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray

A keyboard tray is an essential accessory because it saves space on the desk by providing additional space and takes care of the workstation ergonomics. Many L-shaped desks come with an adjustable keyboard and mouse trays to cover various users.

However, if your deck already doesn't have a keyboard tray, then you can also opt for a monitor arm with a laptop tray for an added feature. 

4. Small Floating Corner Desk

Corner desks are usually height adjustable, which makes them ergonomic and applicable for wider applications. But adjustable height desks are no joke about the space they occupy and how much they cost. People who need to benefit from additional working space use a floating corner desk. These desks can be easily mounted against a corner, and you can set up your workstation there.

Best Small Computer Desk Corner for a Workplace

Because most corner computer desks are L-shaped and compact, they are ideal for small bedrooms. It will be much easier to become more productive at work because it is positioned in the corner of a room.

Because these areas are similar to secluded, remote spaces in a room, you are less likely to become sidetracked. Isn't a corner workstation a far superior option to sitting in bed with your laptop in front of you?

1. Autonomous Desk Expanse

Autonomous Desk Expanse small computer desk corner

The benefit of a Autonomous Desk Expanse over other corner desks is the less square footage with the greater work surface. Yes, a smart desk corner is a simple metal frame supporting an L-shaped platform that will keep you efficient and organized all day long. With an XL desktop allowance, you can easily keep a multi-monitor setup and switch between sit and stand with just a push of a button.

2. Vintage Computer Desk

Living up to the promise of being a small computer desk corner, this triangle computer desk from ODK fits in even awkward corners. The computer desk fits into tight spaces and allows you to take advantage of the extra storage options underneath. For the space it occupies, you definitely can get a lot of use with this tiny piece of furniture.

3. Homcom Computer Desk

Homcom small computer desk corner

Organizing the wires will be a breeze with this wooden corner computer desk. It includes built-in cable grommets for keeping trailing wires and computer connections organized. It includes storage shelves underneath, just like other triangular corner desks, offering extra space for storing home office supplies.

4. Berkeley Style Desks

Workplaces are not always about seriousness, and this concept is no longer valid for modern workplaces. Hence, this Berkeley small L-shaped computer desk is the right choice for people who enjoy a little play on aesthetics. The all-in all-metal desk boasts a sturdy design with a walnut oak counterpart.

5. Dakota L-Shaped Desks

These L-shaped small computer desk corners come with cubicles on the side to provide you with extra storage options. This is one of the most compact desks when you think about what it provides in storage options. Made in an L-shape, one edge sticks longer than the other, so you will need a proper corner to place it. The dark wood color is also pretty great for someone too serious about aesthetics in the workplace.

Benefits of a Corner Computer Desk

Benefits of a Corner Computer Desk

Corner desks are available in many shapes and sizes, and part of the reason behind this diversity is the higher demand. With various types as discussed above, l-shaped corner desks offer many advantages compared to a common computer desk.

First of all, with an L-shaped office desk, you get a lot more access to files and documents in the farther corner. You can use a multi-monitor setup without having to tilt your neck a bit too much, all thanks to the edge of the L-shaped desk.

Secondly, ergonomics encompasses more than just the location of the keyboard and monitor. To protect your back, corner workstations are easy to switch between standing and sitting. It also allows you to set the proper viewing distance from your computer screen.

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