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Top 5 Standing Desk Apps That Go Well with Your Smart Desk

Top 5 Standing Desk Apps That Go Well with Your Smart Desk

|Oct 18, 2020

One universally desirable objective of work is to maintain the highest possible standard of productivity. While you may not have thought of combining your desk with handheld technology, a standing desk app can be the missing puzzle piece to improving your output exponentially. 

Note that this premise does not necessarily speak to a desk control app. The idea is for the software to support you as you work at the office. Therefore, the application could be one that has nothing to do with interfacing with your standing desk.  

Mobile Applications to Support Your Work 

The idea behind the technology is to make life and work easier. Why not take advantage of that philosophy as you work in the office? Autonomous customers, for example, would be familiar with the incredible line of standing desks. Models, such as the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Premium, have revolutionized the way that people work.  

Mobile Applications to Support Your Work

However, the new Autonomous SmartDesk 4 combines incredible design with a host of smart features and mobile technology. The possibilities are endless when you consider the options that you have for a standing desk app. What are some of the ones you should be looking out for? Check out the answers below.  

1. Autonomous App 

It would be a travesty to start the list with anything but the Autonomous mobile app. This smart desk application connects with the SmartDesk 4 to make your workflow smoother and more convenient. It's the best desk app because it allows you to control your desk, and it also has built-in functionality for productivity and good health.

Autonomous App

 The app allows you to change desk heights, lock the desk in place, schedule sit-stand sessions, use instructional exercise videos to reach activity goals, browse new deals, shop online, manage orders, and watch instructional videos. 

Bear in mind that the desk can also track your activity through the app and sync the data to your mobile health app of choice. The result is that you get one comprehensive application that makes your office life easier and healthier on various levels.  

2. Focus Booster 

The Pomodoro technique is one of the most popular productivity strategies that exist. It revolves around segmenting your day into time slices of activity and breaks. Having frequent breaks allows you to maintain a sharp focus, which leads to greater output.

It's not uncommon for a time management-based standing desk app to use the Pomodoro technique in its operation. The Autonomous app, for example, does have Pomodoro-based features.  

Focus Booster

Focus booster is another such application, but its entire purpose revolves around time management. The idea is to help you become more organized, maintain a sharp focus, and develop better habits. It's simple to use, and once you remain within the confines of the time slices, you are going to be surprised by how much more efficient you become.  

3. Serene 

While your standing desk is designed to help you maintain productivity through healthy practices, a standing desk app is dedicated to helping you achieve more in other ways. Setting and sticking to daily goals, for example, is another key part of the productivity equation. 

That's where Serene comes into the picture. You could theoretically make a list of the goals you wish to achieve for the day and stick it on your standing desk. However, using a smart desk application, such as Serene, makes the process potentially more successful. 

Serene app

Every day, Serene requires you to set a single goal. You must then break the goal into several tasks that you need to get through. Therefore, you stop getting distracted by things that do not contribute to the main objective that you have set. 

Additionally, you use timed sessions and short breaks to help you feel refreshed as you hit your targets.  

4. Loop – Habit Tracker 

Forming good habits, such as effectively using sit-stand sessions, is very important to stay on top of things in the office. Loop uses an interesting system to help you to track your habits and make changes where necessary.  

While there are other standing desk app alternatives that may try to curb your less desirable tendencies directly, Loop does not go that route. Instead, it encourages you to spend as much time as possible, forming better habits. 

Loop - Habit Tracker

Of course, it requires you to do a bit of data entry to indicate where you would like to improve and what you want to do more of. Whether you want to reduce your shockingly large inbox or spend more time with your family, Loop can help you get there. 

What kind of habits and tasks can the app facilitate? The answer to this is only limited by your imagination. While Loop is an excellent office tool, you could even use it to develop better habits in your personal life.  

5. Spark 

Chances are that you must interact with email as a part of your job description. Unfortunately, many circumstances can lead to your inbox growing out of control. Many people who have this problem find that trying to stay on top of communication becomes a productivity killer. This problem is even more amplified because some of these messages don't necessarily need to be attended to. 

Spark brings artificial intelligence with a system that filters your email for you. You can assign any email account to the app, and it categorizes your messages, which means you can pay attention to the correspondence that matters.  


You can even create delayed alerts, assign email messages to team members, share your drafts, and even schedule email sending.  

Having email management problems defeats the purpose of having a desk that is trying to help you remain more productive. Thankfully, a standing desk app, such as Spark, can save the day. 

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