Top 6 Motivational Game Ideas to Play with Employees

Top 6 Motivational Game Ideas to Play with Employees

|Nov 5, 2022

Working in an office can become quite stressful, especially when you are not getting any free time during work. Such a work environment never creates a healthy office, as workplace interaction other than office tasks is vital to keep the employees happy. Nevertheless, selecting the right motivation game for employees can help you here.

Have you ever thought about how your employee will deliver his hundred percent if he is not motivated to work anymore? Following the same routine at work and doing the same daily tasks can make anyone dull and bored from what they are doing. But when you have some fun motivational games for employees, they are excited to come to work every other day.

Often a weak bond between employees can lead to miscommunication, which can also be bad for your team. The work motivation games keep your employees pumped up and give them some window to interact with their coworkers to build a better bond.

So, suppose you wonder how to fix miscommunication. In that case, you can use some employee motivation games to communicate games to deliver your message and help the newbies understand how they can follow workplace etiquette in the most innovative ways.

The central question that arises here is which games can be the ideal motivational games for employees. You would be glad to know that we have shared the best ones in this article to help you create a supportive work environment. So, let's have a look at them! 

6 Best Motivation Games for Employees

Here are the details of the employee motivation games that will help you happily engage your employees and keep them more active at work. 

1. Balloon Questions

Balloon Questions - motivation game

The Balloon Questions game can be a great ice-breaking activity for new or virtual employees. The game allows the employee to get to know each other in a fun-filled manner. All you need here are a few balloons, some paper chits, and a pen or pencil.

You are then supposed to give each employee a piece of paper chit and a balloon and ask them to write down a question on the chit. The chit is then supposed to be placed in the balloon, which the employees will inflate. Once they have blown and tied it, instruct them to throw it in the air and grab any one of them (not the one that they threw themselves).

Once they have that balloon, they must untie it and answer the question (whichever they get) that’s on the chit. The good thing is that you can play this game with any group size. You can make the questions funny or interesting to make this activity more interactive. 

2. Goodie Bag Skits

The Goodie Bag Skits are a great means of improving communication between employees. Usually, this motivational game requires a large group of around 20-40 participants. You must divide them into teams having 4 – 8 persons at least.

A facilitator is supposed to give titles to the teams and allot them 7 – 10 minutes to prepare for a short 3-minute skit. Such skits make employees active and let them interact better with their coworkers. An activity like this makes the employees step out of their comfort zone and showcase their creativity.

Once all the teams have performed, you may have a vote to determine the best team and give them a goodie bag as a token of appreciation. 

3. Blind Drawing

Blind Drawing - motivation game

The game Blind Drawing is for those offices where building better communication has become a challenge. The blind Drawing game encourages you to become a better listener, have good communication, and promote teamwork.

In this game, two players are supposed to sit back-to-back. You have to give a picture of the object or the word to one of them. The member holding the picture cannot tell the other what exactly is in the picture but can explain the picture using indirect hints (that’s the rule of the game).

The person with the blank paper will then draw whatever he deduces from the indirect explanations that the other person gives. The Blind Drawing Game always gives you interesting results and lets you have a fun-filled break with employees. 

4. Minute to Win It!

The minute to Win It game can be a great motivation game for employees who have become slower or lazier due to a monotonous routine. Such a game makes them work faster and have a targeted approach to every task.

You can have small strategic planning activities in this game where employees are trained on how they can plan effectively within a time constraint. You can play the game in teams to promote teamwork as well. It will help them understand the importance of time and ensure they perform better overall. 

5. Role Exchange

Role Exchange - motivation game

The Role Exchange Game is one of the challenging yet fun motivational games for employees. This game helps employees understand each other's roles and the challenges that they experience at work. The game itself is quite simple to understand.

The employees are supposed to play the functions of the other employee for a day. It helps them understand how much effort the other employee is putting in to empathize with them. Such activity also gives them a reality check and makes them more motivated to work better. 

6. How Long Can You Go On

The game How Long Can You Go On is one of the most exciting games that you can play with your employees. You need at least 2 people to play this game, but it becomes more fun when a group is bigger. The participants are required to balance a pencil between their upper lip and nostrils and lift their heads a bit backward.

Once the employee has squeezed the pencil between their upper lip and nostrils in a smooch position, the other employees are supposed to tell them jokes. It becomes a challenge not to laugh and hold the pencil. The one who holds the pencil the longest wins. 

End Note

These six exciting employee motivation games can do wonders when it comes to making employees more active and interactive at work. You can select the one that you find the most exciting motivation game for your team and make them happier and more productive at work.

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