Top 6 Wireless Chargers for iPhones in 2024
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Top 6 Wireless Chargers for iPhones in 2024

|Mar 9, 2022

It makes sense that you'd want to find a quality wireless charger for your iPhone. you obviously can't be a mobile user surviving without your charger, and having a well-designed one is always a good idea. 

When selected correctly, it allows for greater convenience and a boosted charging experience too. Phones have come a long way from their larger and less functional counterparts to newer, impressive units able to take advantage of wireless charging stations. 

Technically speaking, many of the designs on the market are quality brands that leverage their popular Qi standard. The real issue that you may face is managing to decide on one when there are so many incredible designs characterized by incredible specs. 

After extensive testing of many of the models available, this wireless charger for iPhone list aims to direct you effectively by illustrating which ones are standing just above the rest of their contemporaries. 

It's obviously not just a matter of using whatever the manufacturer gave you. That's not to disparage Apple as its designs are incredibly outstanding. However, it's not just shipping you a wireless charger with your purchase, so you do have to take the plunge and go find your own. 

The wireless charging protocol is not as potent as its cable-based counterparts, so don't expect the same kind of performance as a standard fast charging unit. However, these options were partially selected because of their ability to charge your devices at a respectable rate.  

Of course, another big part of the appeal is the convenience of not having to deal with cables as the aesthetic of a small pad that probably has some additional bells and whistles is way more desirable. 

Additionally, the testing included multiple rechargeable devices, so a more balanced perspective could be present. Without any further ado, why not get into the recommendations?

Top 6 Wireless Chargers for iPhones You Should Have

1. Fledgling Spruce Charger

Fledgling Spruce Charger

The list is kicked off tremendously with the Spruce Charger by Fledging. It allows you to charge up to five devices, thanks to a multiport GaN design, featuring a dual coil wireless pad. Its claims to fame include speed and eco-friendliness.  

From an aesthetic standpoint, you can purchase the unit in black, white, or gray. Take advantage of 140 watts of smart power delivery, Gallium Nitride technology, and a one-year warranty to protect you.  

Though you can charge up to five devices, it's important to point out that the wireless area only accommodates one device at a time. The other four would help to take advantage of the three USB-C and one USB-A port available. 

With that said, it does mean that this is a strong contender for the best wireless charger for iPhone and Android. As a 5 in 1 wireless charger, it does have the ability to seamlessly accommodate either brand. 

The form factor of the device is quite respectable, taking up no space at all. Safety is a must, so you can rest easy knowing that cutting edge materials are used such as the aforementioned Gallium Nitride, which is four times as effective as silicon. 

Charging speeds for the wired devices are incredible, and the wireless charging is seemingly impressive too. Note that the unit stays cool throughout all of it, so it's never going to burn you when you touch it. 

Connecting it to a power outlet should be no inconvenience at all come on thanks to the incredible AC cable that measures a staggering 2 meters long. Of course, it does mean that you are going to have to plan and lay the cable neatly, but you are likely going to be very grateful for such a long and accommodative option. 

2. LumiCharge Universal Charging Dock

LumiCharge Universal Charging Dock wireless charger for iphone

LumiCharge has quite a few electronics under its belt, so seeing this wireless charger for the iPhone is no surprise at all. It's a 10-Watt, Qi-certified wireless charger that maintains safety standards while delivering outstanding speed and power. Note that you can purchase this as a single or twin universal charging dock puck.  

Its form factor is also very impressive, and you may wonder how it can pack this kind of performance into something so small. Its users are always appreciative of the space-saving design and the smart algorithm that automatically finds and applies the correct wattage to your phone or any other Qi device you may use. 

From a build quality standpoint, prepare to be impressed again as only super high-quality thermoplastic polymer abs material is used, and the durability is enhanced even further by the inclusion of silver in the infusion. None of this makes the dock heavy, as the LumiCharge universal wireless charger still maintains a lightweight feel, even with its build. 

You can charge up to three devices at the same time, and support goes beyond the iPhone, even spreading to Android models, such as Samsung and LG too. There is a dial included, and you can simply turn it to match your phone type before placing the unit on the dock to charge. 

The twin pack is often selected as people want to be able to have one Lumicharge unit at home and one for use on the go. 

3. Lexon City Energy Charger

Lexon City Energy Charger wireless charger for iphone

This is another best iPhone wireless charger for you. The City Energy charger by Lexon is next on the list, and its claim to fame is its fast, efficient, and convenient wireless charging capabilities to all Qi-enabled smartphones. Additionally, there's a built-in Bluetooth speaker and a microphone that allow you to listen to music, enjoy videos, and even enjoy crystal clear phone calls hands-free. 

From an aesthetic standpoint, the options that Lexon offers are very impressive. Instead of your standard white or black, you can purchase this one in grey, green, or soft gold. At a glance, you can see an Art Deco European design that is complemented by a solid aluminum composition. 

It's Qi-certified as you can imagine, and it's even Quick Charge 3.0 certified as well. You are getting 10-Watt fast charging here and a one-year warranty, just in case any manufacturing faults could become an inconvenience for you over time. 

Some designs of this wireless charger for iPhone are only suited to one place or another because of their limiting aesthetic. Since Lexon decided to go for a sleek and stylish office layout here, it can bring a touch of elegance to both your home and your office. A very welcoming small footprint reinforces its ability to be anywhere. 

Any Qi-enabled device you have that can take advantage of a USB-C port can enjoy the tremendous wireless charging capability. You can also charge on a quick on the Quick Charge 3.0 certified power adapter or USB DC 5V/9V protocol.  

You may think that the speaker included in such a small unit is nothing to write home about. That is until you realize that it can fill your room with sound quite easily. Surprisingly, you also don't have to bring your face right up to the microphone for people on the other side of your hands-free calls to hear you. 

Overall, it's one of those cool computer gadgets that does what you expect it to do and even offers you a bit of extra to sweeten the pot. 

4. Lexon Wireless Power Bank

Lexon Wireless Power Bank wireless charger for iphone

The Lexon wireless power bank proves that the manufacturer is not done with this list just yet. It's a 5,000 mAh unit, which already tells you what kind of capabilities you can look forward to. However, unlike the standard power bank that allows you to charge multiple cable-connected devices only, this one can be used as a wireless charger too. 

If you do need the standard cable-based charging, then this wireless charger for the iPhone can certainly stand out. However, if you need a wireless charger for an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 13 wireless charger within your power bank, then you should certainly take advantage of this one. 

Thermal cooling is built into the operational capacity, and this is supported by a competent power management system. The design is elegant, and the build quality is also durable. The aesthetic choices here are between the colors white and black. 

While you have probably seen round designs before, the simple inclusion of etched lines makes for quite an outstanding visual. It's not just an aesthetic touch though, as it dissipates heat, offering greater protection to your battery. 

What makes this wireless charger for your iPhone so durable? Well, strong polycarbonate is the secret to both the longevity and the unit's ability to maintain its white or matte black external look and feel for a long time to come. 

The USB-C power adapter is Quick Charge 3.0 rated, which means you can go from empty to full in as little as three hours, which may not seem impressive from a wired quick charge perspective, but it is highly regarded in the wireless charger for iPhone world.  

Many of the options on the market are not too compatible with phone cases. Well, this one allows you to charge your device efficiently, permeating through cases of up to 3 mm. 

The aforementioned 5,000 mAh capacity means there is diverse compatibility for just about any Qi-compatible smartphone. Additionally, you can always use your cables to expand the functionality of the unit, with its inclusion of built-in USB-A and USB-C ports. 

5. Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe wireless charger for iphone

Maybe you want a wireless charger for your iPhone manufactured by Apple. If that sounds like you, then you are in luck, as the Apple MagSafe Duo is just that. However, the disclaimer must be given that you are dealing with quite an expensive design here, though it is a highly portable one. 

You are getting up to 14 watts in this minimalist design that accommodates multiple devices. Its high portability comes from its foldable feature, which allows you to carry it around even more conveniently than usual. 

As you'd expect, this wireless charger for the iPhone is for avid fans of the Apple brand since it can charge your iPhone 13, your earbuds, and even your Apple Watch simultaneously. 

A wall adapter is needed to complete the functionality and it's not shipped with the device that costs around four times as much as other solid designs on this list.  

The real benefits here are they claim to fame associated with the Apple brand and the multi-device capability if you have multiple Apple products 

6. Logitech Powered Three-in-one Dock

Logitech Powered Three-in-one Dock

Logitech is another manufacturer that is known for numerous electronics that span various applications. From headphones to mouse and keyboard combos, to even racing wheels for gamers. 

It's safe to say that this is a brand with a lot of experience under its belt, so you can expect a quality design in its wireless charger for iPhone use. 

Both iPhones and Android devices are supported with wireless charging. However, while Android can take advantage of a 10-watt experience, iPhone users only get 7.5 watts. It's not as expensive as the previous unit and allows you to charge your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch at the same time. 

That way, you can just walk in, drop off all your devices at your charging dock, and go about your day. One of the major drawbacks here is the footprint. While it is not large by any stretch of the imagination, it is a bit bulkier than any of the designs covered here today. 

Therefore, the convenience that you may expect in being able to carry it around may not necessarily be there. You don't have to remove your phone case though, as the charger can handle up to 3 mm with no challenge.  

One of the best parts is the way the stand design is done, allowing you to use your phone while it's charging if you so desire. Maybe someone important has decided to FaceTime you as your phone charges. 

Final Remarks

Finding a wireless charger for your iPhone is not the most difficult thing in the world, though you don't get one in the box. Certainly, you have become well acquainted with some of the top wireless chargers for this need. 

All of them have a respectably small footprint and seem to be able to accommodate multiple devices. Of course, the one branded with the Apple name does not support Android or other Qi-certified platforms. It's also quite expensive. 

From here, it's up to you to weigh the pros and cons of each device, so you can make an adequate selection to move forward.

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