Top 7 Amazing Office Wall Decor Ideas to Boost Productivity
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Top 7 Amazing Office Wall Decor Ideas to Boost Productivity

|Sep 24, 2021

Your success at work is much related to your physical and mental health and that of your colleagues. Demotivation, low morale, or more can bring down productivity drastically. Don't forget the increased absenteeism and missing targets and goals that can affect your business on the downside.

What can employers do to assist employees' overall health and well-being? Covid has brought many best practices, including physical fitness sessions for employees and their extended families, and more.  As employees look to return to work, what are some things that employers could do for employees’ morale and health? With a normal employee spending forty hours or more in an office, the work environment has to be positive, energetic, and inspiring your employees to work at their best.

While you have many choices, one of the most ignored areas in the office wall décor, available in abundance, office walls are usually ignored, making little use of them. So what good can decorating an office wall do?  Well, research seems to suggest that as you decorate office walls appropriately, the effects are worth a note as employees’ stress goes down, you see folks full of energy and vibrancy, energy levels increase, and more.

Let’s explore the top seven ideas for wall decorations for the office.

Top Seven Amazing Office Wall Decor Ideas to Boost Productivity

If you are wondering what some wall decorations for the office are, here are some unique ideas. 

1. Company’s Brand Story

Company’s Brand Story

Off the various office wall ideas, highlighting your company’s history is an excellent choice. Consider starting at the office lobby or a customer reception area.  Some employees would have long forgotten the details of founders, how they set up the company and important milestones, and more. Promote your company brand appropriately. Let employees feel that vibe and energy of your brand and what your company stands for. Some companies even provide an office chair near such a large display board on office walls so that visitors to your office can take a seat to go through the presentation.

2. Tone at Workplace

Tone at Workplace

Human beings are known to respond better when they have been subjected to stimuli.  As it has been experienced, the best one is visual stimulation.  Displaying various schemes and colors, you can easily help employees feel the energy and vibrancy of the place or make them feel dull and mundane with the type of graphics you hope to display. Effective use of the psychology of colors will help boost productivity. Some companies order wholesale office furniture that has company messaging on them for commonality or per office floors or often arranged as per the clients the teams serve. 

3. Wall Art

Wall Art

Decorating your walls with wall art is a brilliant idea. You may either hang a painting, have productivity booster statements, or more on the walls, anywhere in the office. Think and consider using one that relaxes your employees, inspires you and others to work, and more. As you see them, your body relaxes or gets inspired. Some companies change the messaging as per the area from the company's lobby to the chairman's office, from the meeting rooms to the common spaces like a playing room with table tennis or a board game, and more. Many companies have chosen a gallery office wall décor which is a nice way to display what you wish to. You could look at many options from the below:

Photos of Loved Ones

Your wall is your space to make you feel settled at work. Decorating the walls, you can use the pictures of your family and friends, greeting messages, certificates of reward and recognition awarded to you, and more. Some folks decorate their wall spaces with their travel pics, pets, and more.  Whatever be the pics, it is a reminder of what inspires you, makes you happy and peaceful, or your life's inspiration. If you are based out of a home office, inspire yourself with home office wall art.

Wall Grid Panel


How to decorate office walls? That’s quite easy. Some office cubicles could be missing a fabric wall.  A fabric wall enables you to hang your stuff and personalize your desk. Don't be glum! Add a fabric wall or a wall grid panel easily, using large metal binder clips or bulldog clips. Go ahead and add your photos, notes from friends and office colleagues, messages of inspiration, or add a climber plant to add a touch of greenery.

4. Make your Mark!

Make your Mark!

Here is another office wall décor idea. Some companies hold employee engagement initiatives to boost employee morale from time to time. For example, they encourage you to decorate your desk according to a theme (Best clean desk/ best decorated for summers) or festivals like Christmas/Easter, and more.  As employees set up their desks, it brings in a different kind of buzz.  This increases your ownership of your cubicle or the workspace of steam, bringing employees closer emotionally, increasing productivity and positivity.  So get going and set up your standing desk with something unique.  For those working out of a home office, many companies had adopted work-from-home policies. Such policies assist with employee purchase programs that cover part or full costs of a home office setup.  

5. Memo Boards

Memo Boards

A very popular method for desk wall décor is to pin up your to-do lists, get inspired by reading your most favorite soccer players' messages or pics, and more is to use a memo board.  While most folks prefer a corkboard for ease of use, you can always try a chalkboard too.  Today you have trendier memo boards that use a magnet to stick/unstick your messages. You could always leave a message for a colleague when they aren't available at their seat on their memo board. Seeking the latest trends, don't be surprised to see some employees adding minor wall grids made from metal or bamboo or even metal wires wrapped in trendy and colorful threads adding energy to the workplace.

6. Mirrors


For exquisite and elite offices, consider hanging different mirrors with various types of frames. Of course, you could always use a Victorian frame, or a vintage one, depending on what goes with the office decors.

The best part with mirrors is that they make the room look bigger, and as they reflect light, the room looks brighter.

7. Wall murals

Adorn your office wall décor with scenic pictures of nature, countryside images, a view of the sea or the town side and more.  These murals are a welcome treat to the eyes of those seated constantly in front of computer systems or engaged in high decision meetings that require a strong focus.  Stay productive as you take your mind away to nature, relax and unwind yourself before you get back to your goals. As an example, you have probably already read about the company Virgin Money. They installed pictures of the sky and clouds around their office to assist employees in staying fresh and feeling rejuvenated. Wonderful, isn't it? 

Here are some ideas for a trendy office wall


As you decorate your office walls, you have many options to increase positivity for yourself and your colleagues. Use a blend of ideas depending upon the space available and what works for you and your teams.

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