Top 7 Ideas for Setting Up PC: Easy Steps to Do
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Top 7 Ideas for Setting Up PC: Easy Steps to Do

|Jul 17, 2022

Gamers and streamers love to plan their PC setup themselves. A basic PC setup is not a tough task if you know the right ways of doing so. Knowing the right steps and guidelines is enough for planning and working on the full PC setup. It is seen that PC gamers and streamers love having a customized experience when it comes to gaming and streaming.

Do you think that your PC does not cater to your needs as a gamer? Have you felt the need to make any additions to your PC components to make them more advanced? Such views are normal for gamers and streamers as they love a personalized experience. If you build your PC on your own, it will be easier to ensure that your setup caters to your demands.

Nevertheless, novice gamers and a few intermediate gamers believe that creating a customized PC gaming setup is a tough task. Most of them are not aware of how to set up a gaming PC to get the best gaming desk setup.

That’s why we are here for you! In this article, we have shared the best ideas for setting up a PC for gamers. Since this is a step-wise guide, we suggest you read it till the end to understand the whole PC setup. Now, let's begin without any further due. 

Gather the PC Build Tools

Gather the PC Build Tools

Gathering the PC build tools ahead of time comes in handy to help you have a smooth PC building experience. Therefore, ensure that you have all the relevant tools with you before you execute your PC building steps. Since this is a hefty task, you will need a large workspace to run the assembling procedures. Ideally, a bamboo standing desk would be suitable for this task.

It will be better to place the work desk on a carpeted floor to avoid accidental electrostatic discharge, which may potentially damage the sensitive PC components. However, you should stand on an uncarpeted surface.

In addition to this, you must ensure that you have a set of screwdrivers as that will come in handy to remove the case and fix the PC components in their places. It will be helpful if you have a magnetic screwdriver as that will not let your screw fall and help you work more smoothly. 

Get Yourself Multiple Light Sources

It is suitable to do the assembling task in a well-lit area to avoid losing any screw or important component. Ideally, you should get a headlamp to avoid any blockage of light. However, a desk lamp or flashlight will help you do this task too. 

Choose Your Gaming PC Case

Choose Your Gaming PC Case in PC setup

You might be thinking that you should go for getting the PC components now; however, it is better to get a gaming PC case before doing anything. You should at least have a rough estimate of how big your PC case should be to help you accommodate all the relevant PC parts.

At a basic level, it is your PC’s final location that determines how large of a PC case you can have. You may decide on this part while evaluating the size of your gaming desk; however, it is your motherboard’s size that defines how big your PC case can be technically.

If you have a large L-shaped desk, you can accommodate a full-tower PC. However, if it is a DIY gaming desk that you designed of a particularly smaller size considering the gaming station space that you had, you should go for either a mid-tower or a mini-tower PC. 

Prepare a Gaming PC Build Checklist

In our opinion, it is better to create a gaming PC build checklist before going to the market to get the PC components. Creating a checklist helps you evaluate how much budget you can allot for the PC setup.

You may either create your own list of some game-specific PC components by doing some research or search for a premade gaming PC build checklist to help you get an idea of which components you may need for a basic PC setup. 

Get Your Gaming PC Parts Together

Get Your Gaming PC Parts Together

There are certain Gaming PC parts that you should now get together to assemble your PC. The list of PC essentials entails:

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • CPU Cooling fans
  • Motherboard
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Storage (SSD or HDD)
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • Operating System
  • Gaming Peripherals (Controllers, Keyboard, Mouse, etc.) 

Assemble the PC Parts

The only major task that is left now is the assembling of the PC parts that you would have gathered. You must unpack the PC parts and begin assembling them. If you don't know how to put the parts together, you may watch online videos that guide you to the exact position of each component.

It will be better if you do a test run of the system before you put the assembled components in the case. Doing so will help you make any corrections in the assembly without much hassle. 

Create Your Full-Fledged Battlestation

Create Your Full-Fledged Battlestation

Once you are through with the assembling procedures, it’s time to create your full-fledged battlestation. The bamboo standing desk you used as the workspace would be a great option for your gaming desk as well. Invest in the right gaming furniture and gaming peripherals and place them in your gaming station.

You may think of giving a more personalized touch to your gaming setup by using LED strip lights. Gamers even use the LED lights to decorate their CPU cooling fans and the gaming desk to give it a futuristic look. 

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